Project Management Practices In Contracting Organizations Construction Essay

The purpose of research is to make a comparative survey for the proper execution of Project Management Techniques in Kuwait ‘s Construction industry through designation of execution procedure and solutions for possible challenges and barriers that a undertaking administration may confront while implementing PM Practices.

Research Aims

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Project Management Practices In Contracting Organizations Construction Essay
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The primary focal point of research is Kuwait building industry which is actively involved in the procedure of following Project Management Practices. Research will analyze the current attempts towards the execution of PM in contractor administrations along with designations of challenges and barriers that have been faced while PM techniques execution. The comparative survey of both states will ease the contractors for execution of PM Practices in Kuwait ‘s building industry by proposing possible solutions for execution hurdlings. The aims of the research are:

To set up the apprehension of Project Management

To find the range of PM execution for undertaking administrations

To analyze the attempts of execution of PM in Kuwaiti building industry

To place possible challenges/barriers and their possible solutions while implementing PM Practices in building industry

To place the procedure of PM Practice execution through analysis of informations in the industry

To bring forth a comparative statement of both the catching administrations of Kuwait and UK


To do Kuwait good established in the field of building amongst all other Middle Eastern states, PM Practices need to be polished. Therefore it is indispensable to analyze the PM patterns of both states in order to place the similarities and differences and to emphasis these patterns in both little and big companies for successful completion of undertakings within prescribed clip and estimated cost as per specifications in order to avoid undertaking holds.

Literature Review

Project Management is the application of different tools and methods ( most popular are the Critical Path Method and Matrix Organization ) which are used to decently use the in order to carry through complex undertakings within exact clip, cost and quality ( Ritz, 1994 ) . Each undertaking needs a peculiar composing of these tools and methods structured such, to suit the undertaking environment and the life rhythm of the undertaking. The cardinal function of undertaking direction is the successful execution of the undertaking. It has been established in the countries such as planning and control of clip, cost and quality.

Harmonizing to CharvatA ( 2003 ) , the chief map of the undertaking direction is specifying the needed work, allotment of the resources needed, be aftering the work activities, supervising the work advancement and accommodation of the divergences from the work program. Most companies merely utilize limited figure of methods, tools and techniques with undertaking direction package and Gantt/Bar chart which are really common in the building industry ( Lewis, 2002 ) . No uncertainty there are some drawbacks of these tools and techniques and methodological analysiss. In project direction activities past experience counts a batch. Project direction is now good established which covers all facets of pull offing undertakings from the generation to the completion but still it remains a debatable enterprise. By using undertaking direction tools and techniques undertaking success is obtained which meets client ‘s demands, completed within budget and estimated continuance with quality and safety demands ( Chileshe and Haupt, 2005 ) .

Undertaking Planning has been defined as the first measure of the undertaking and with the early engagement of the Project Manager into the building undertaking helps to ease up the ulterior procedures ( Frigenti and Comninos, 2002 ) .

The undertaking direction patterns in a developed state like Kuwait is still in its initial stage and needs a batch of betterments as the catching organisations are following the traditional direction patterns. The catching organisations are besides confronting batch of jobs in the building industry of Kuwait. These jobs need to be removed and need for the criterion undertaking direction patterns in the catching organisations should be introduced for the successful completion of the undertakings.

Harmonizing to a recent research done by Butcher and Sheehan ( 2010 ) , the openness of the UK contractor in forepart of their clients and clients is the key to success for the contractors. The contractors have no vacillation in exemplifying their weak and strong point in forepart of the clients which non merely shows their committedness to the assigned undertaking, but besides shows their willingness to betterment. This type of pattern can non be seen in the Kuwait ‘s contractor organisations and therefore if this pattern is adopted, can heighten the working of the organisation.

Construction undertakings are completed successfully if project direction rules and methodological analysiss are employed and whole of the control is within the custodies of Project Manager ( Chartered Institute of Building, 1982 ) . There are many opportunities of undertaking failure all over the universe but there are more opportunities in a state like Kuwait, where undertaking direction accomplishments are non to the full developed in working squad members. Project direction is in its evolving phase in Kuwait, where the current economic crunch had inauspicious consequences on the building undertakings and al the undertaking planning have been shattered.

Political and societal systems, cultural blocks and deficiency of fiscal support from the Bankss are the chief factors which act as a barrier to the successful executing of project direction patterns. Furthermore different jobs originating with the stakeholders are besides barriers to effectual Project Management ( PMBOK, 2000 ) . These can be mitigated by effectual execution of undertaking direction and besides through transportation of undertaking direction expertise state like UK. Lack of effectual and modern undertaking direction preparation for undertaking directors, professionals, staff and undertaking squad members result in hapless undertaking public presentation.

Harmonizing to TinNirello ( 2000 ) , Project Management is non merely restricted to the building works and motion of staff, machinery, finance, etc but it besides has a immense impact towards the relationship amongst the squad members. For successful completion of undertaking, effectual squad apprehension and development must be present in order to avoid eventualities.

Along with the different tools of undertaking direction, other tools of direction such as: Scope direction, Risk direction, Human resource direction, Communication direction, Procurement direction and Integration direction besides play a critical function in the success of the undertaking. Such issues will besides be addressed in the research study.

Research Methodology

Research procedure involves aggregation, analysis and reading of the informations in order to react the specific research subject. Research is ever successful if a suited research methodological analysis is used in order to run into the research aims and aims.

There are different research methodological analysiss which are used for research undertakings. Different research methodological analysiss were reviewed critically for the choice of research methodological analysis for this specific research subject maintaining in position the research aims and the nature of the information which is to be collected. Following two research methods are used for this research undertaking.

Literature Review

As stated earlier, literature reappraisal will be used for concrete logical thinking and apprehension of Project Management Practices and Techniques. Different books, Engineering diaries, Project Management diaries and research documents will be used to back up the literature reappraisal.


To finish this portion of the research, both qualitative and quantitative day of the month will be collected by carry oning a study within houses and professionals involved with PM Practice in little, average catching companies both in Kuwait every bit good as in UK. A inquirer will be developed for this intent, which is likely the most common signifier of roll uping primary research informations ( Naoum, 1998 ) . Questionnaire will incorporate unfastened ended and closed ended inquiries to research the PM related issues and besides to acquire direct positions of respondent about specific focal point of research.

The ground of choosing this technique is that as it a common signifier of research and broad scope of response can be collected irrespective of distance restrictions through its circulation by web, cyberspace and electronic mail. Secondary information will besides be used from cognition database and several company/ industry studies about their PM experiences. The inquiries will include different facets of undertaking direction patterns, procedures and tools & A ; techniques including application of latest computing machine package.

Once the information is collected from the building industry, it will be analysed in order to find the way of the survey. The information will be summarized and organised in most effectual manner.


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