Project Of Golf Course Gurgoan Iffco Square India Construction Essay

In the present epoch Gurgoan is known as unfastened topographic point for concern and one of the emerging topographic points in the province of Haryana in India, systems that are subjected to great trade of alteration. Iffco square is one of the topographic points where all chief offices of different ( MNC ) from all around the universe are located. Iffco square golf class is a two twelvemonth undertaking in the Gurgoan India. There are many grounds for doing a golf class. The golf classs include all the installations of 5 star hotels and resorts. On the other manus, a golf class in the locality enhances the existent estate value of the environing residential secret plans pulling golf players and leisure lovers who by and large tend to be stand foring the higher income subdivision of the society. A golf class is ever carpeted by green grass with beautiful trees and the H2O organic structures in it which in bend attract the nature lovers and wellness retreaters. The golf class makes net income for company by provide catering services for their nine member and besides attract visitant.

In the Gurgoan golf class undertaking we should cognize some issue such as:

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Project Of Golf Course Gurgoan Iffco Square India Construction Essay
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How much land we need?

The cost of the undertaking?

How much clip we need to do the undertaking?

How much staffing we need for the undertaking?

How much land we need -The most golf players think a golf class should hold the 9 holes and the green country for pattern and practise scope. The golf class requires 120 to 140 estates of useable land ( William w Amick since 1959 ) . There are some more installations can be included in the golf class such as Gymnasium, swimming pool, parking tonss, nutrient and drink installation for the nine member.

The cost of the undertaking – The cost of the undertaking is depends on the type of dirt and quality, how much Earth must be moved, the method of building the green country, any major drainage required, the type of irrigation system require, who will make the building. The cost of golf class in the recent scenario per holes approximate $ 50,000 dollar to $ 170000.Gymnasium, swimming pool and the parking batch country and nutrient and drink installation for nine members will be $ 120000 to $ 190000 approximate.

How much clip we need to do the undertaking – Keeping in head the uneven conditions status, employment of heavy machinery, handiness of working labor ; the full undertaking may take more than 2 old ages for completion. As golf class is a big undertaking we besides keep in head that, we require blessing from the authorities organic structure before start any building in the any metropolis such as gurgoan India.


How much staffing we need for the undertaking – In the golf class undertaking we need to construct different squad to accomplish different undertaking seasonably with cost efficiency, the squad such as building squad, be aftering squad, commanding squad. As DLF India is universe category existent estate developer, so they do non necessitate to engage staffs from any private building company. They have their ain machinery, ain contractor, adequate labor and the direction to kick off the undertaking of golf class in gurgoan.


The aims of golf class undertaking are following ;

The aim of the undertaking is to complete undertaking on clip, lower cost, utilizing minimum resources available.

The most of import aim is to develop the golf class strive to be one to protect environing environment from the pollution and the furthering the biodiversity, back uping wild life home ground with the golf class care ” the best practise that minimise the usage of irrigation, fertiliser and other chemical.

If we look at the economic aim of the undertaking, the golf class are economically feasible endeavor that meet the demand of the of its nine member and supply the best golf experience that is gratifying for all the golf players.

If look at the societal aim of the undertaking, the golf class contributes to the societal well being of the community by continuing and protecting environment by generate green infinite. The golf classs generate the economic activity and supplying recreational comfortss that enhance the quality of life in a community ( David Hueber ( 2010 ) .

In this undertaking we will cover the building of the secondary school, swimming pool, parking batch, and nutrient and drink installation.


In the present epoch leading is more about completion of occupation how to make thing in the squad. Leadership in the squad present vision, inspire and cheerleads to accomplish ends before deadline of undertaking. Leadership in squads inspire other squad member to execute their responsibilities and duties expeditiously. Leadership is everyplace no 1 can look to find or calculate out what makes up good leading ( smith and Krueger: 1933 ) .

In the modern universe the leading in undertaking is every bit denoted to the direction to complete any undertaking expeditiously on clip. However the direction is believed that who, when, where in the undertaking and leading is believed on how we do thing in any peculiar work in squad. The leading is besides give way to leader to thing strategically for hereafter of squad in the undertaking. Leadership can non come from any individual individual ; therefore it is an activity of squad and members of the squad ( Bass & A ; Stogdil ‘s ; 1990 ) .



Employee Culture


In the leading procedure chiefly three major mechanism are involve, foremost of leaders, employee and the civilization. These three things are related to each other to do leading efficaciously and complete undertaking expeditiously on clip. If the leaders can non be able to do the relationship of these three mechanisms in undertaking, so leading can be fail to run leading for long clip efficaciously ( Netherlander: 1978 ) . Traits of successful leader is that understand that the most valuable plus for the undertaking. In the modern universe leader should hold the ability to command their subsidiary and actuate them without seting any force per unit area or give them clip to clip duty of work. For case the virgin group ” Mr Richard Branson “ personally used to see to their undertaking sites and used to portion new thought for the improvement of his trade name image in the market and repute among the employee.

Every leader must be able to reply the cardinal inquiry such as ; what is our concern? Who is are our clients? What does the client purchase? What will our concern be? What should our concern be? ( Cangemi, Kowalski & A ; khan ; 1998, p.20 ) .


The direction activities and procedures in the undertaking is the aggregation of tools and techniques used to accomplish the aim of the undertaking. The direction of the undertaking activity will take the undertaking into right way and besides maintain on path. Undertaking director and leaders besides need to pull off the procedure and techniques of undertaking in good structured and they will use the same in the gurgoan class undertaking. Management activity of the leaders in undertaking done by undertaking life rhythm, it includes induction of undertaking, planning of undertaking, executing of undertaking and closing of undertaking.


( A ) Undertaking INITIATION

The direction activities of squad leader include the induction of the gurgoan golf class undertaking. In the induction portion of undertaking nonsubjective are already set in the first portion of the study by the undertaking trough and we are to the full cognizant of all the undertaking specification, undertaking etc.

( B ) Planning OF GOLF COURSE

To build an outstanding golf class is consequence of first-class design, proper vegetive steps, good idea of operations and care. Proper planning of the golf class undertaking design and building practise will assist in the hereafter to cut down care cost, such as H2O drainage direction, saving of good dirt, first-class quality of grass to cut down the emphasis on the works and negative wet balance. It is besides keep in head that clime will impact on the building and direction practise.


As we have selected site of the golf class undertaking in Gurgoan India. Gurgoan Golf class will busy 120 to 140 estates of land including hayfield, wetland, forest, and nutrient and drink installation. Land include natural resource wildlife home ground, a thorough analysis of all environmental societal and economical the golf class should execute harmonizing to program.


In this subdivision we need to place factor mapped for the planning of golf class such as ;

The belongings boundaries to protect from the foreigners.

Water resources, such as surface and land H2O.

The function of dirt by the authorized contractor.

The clime status like heat by Sun, air current orientation, rain etc.

From where we acquiring resources for the buildings.

We have to set the route linking the building site for the good flow of resources we are utilizing to build golf class.


The careful planning of land such as wetland, ecosystem, and alone home ground will find their consequence on the golf class. The layout must be done in the proper mode to build first-class golf class. The H2O surface must be used to better stormwater and H2O quality benefits prevent fertiliser and pesticides from come ining next H2O resources.


There are three sort of stormwater direction consider to do successful golf class undertaking are following ;

Detention – detainment of the golf class is done control through basin, pools and wetland system. The detainment of the stormwater largely control H2O measure every bit good as better the quality.

Filtration – filtration is done utilizing concept wetlands.

Infiltration – infiltration is done of wetland basins, and bio-filtration countries.

These three things should be done in the first stage of building to give competitory border to the undertaking.


The irrigation of H2O is one of the critical issue and one of the of import as good for golf class. The good supply of the H2O is really of import for the care of green country in golf class. The first-class design of class should allow for irrigation demand through usage of warm season grass and tolerant grass in unsmooth country of the class.


The plantation of the golf class site can heighten the beautification and H2O quality benefits. Particularly the tree can be incorporated into the features of the golf class, impacting shooting devising scheme and heightening outward visual aspect.


The compass reading of Sun and air current is another consideration. Longer holes can be positioned to take advantage of wind way and non favorable impacted with lifting or puting Sun.


The building of nutrient and drink installations, parking tonss, Gymnasium, swimming pool and care country to maintain all heavy batteries, house chemical, oil and lubricating oil. Particularly to build all care country will be good to salvage our H2O organic structures and the environing viridity of the golf class. To build parking tonss particularly we should hold to utilize first-class quality of stuff because of traffic flow


The undertaking based budgeting is plays a critical function to kick off the undertaking expeditiously, at effectual cost and on clip. The undertaking based budgeting besides aid to project director how much money they are puting on one to one activity in the undertaking. In the gurgoan golf project the estimated budget of the green country and land is $ 29000 including 35 labors and 1 accountant. In the devising of all H2O direction estimation cost $ 20000 including squad 14 pipe fitters and 1 accountant. The irrigation of H2O to maintained decently green country of golf class is much higher because it is most important, proficient and clip devouring work so the estimation of irrigation of H2O $ 34000 including squad of 20 pipe fitter and an irrigation H2O applied scientist.

In the golf class constructing installation including secondary schools, nutrient and drink eating house, swimming pool and auto parking installation need a immense investing, the estimated cost to develop all that installation in the gurgoan golf class is $ 110000 including two squads of 20 labors and a building director. Plantation is non an expensive one estimated cost of plantation in all over the golf class site is $ $ 10000 with 8 nurserymans and a caput nurseryman. In the golf class undertaking the undertaking director has estimated $ 15000 for other activity such as nutrient canteen, care of the equipment and machines etc.


While developing golf class undertaking the subject is plays a critical function for the successful outstanding golf class undertaking ; the subjects include those inside informations of all countries operation, end and nonsubjective. Most critical is the choice of undertaking director and suited squads for the undertaking, if the undertaking director and leaders are qualified, have experience, can manage all certainties and can pull off hazards expeditiously.

Time – Pull offing the estimation clip for the undertaking is really of import to construct outstanding golf class, if the undertaking is non completed on estimated clip can ensue increase in budget. For case Gantt chart

Cost – The pull offing the finance allocated for the undertaking should pass on undertaking resources, undertakings, and service for employee etc.

Human resource – The human resource factor is one of most of import factor to construct outstanding golf class, because human resources help direction to pull off and give proper preparation to persons, squads allocated for undertakings.

Quality – Pull offing quality to construct outstanding golf class is really of import, there is some choice consideration is set for case criterion runing process ( SOP )

Procurement – Right direction of geting procedure of goods, services, machinery and equipment to accomplish end and aim of undertaking.

Communication – Pull offing the communicating in between all the section coordinates all activity taking topographic point in the undertaking is really of import to complete the undertaking on clip expeditiously.

Better communicating can take undertaking in the right way and do work coordination consistent.

Issues and Acceptance – pull offing all issue related to the undertaking such as employee, alteration in the planning, job with machinery and equipment utilizing to develop golf class.



Once planning is done decently there is demand to make the executing undertaking, to kick off the undertaking on clip. Execution of undertaking is 3rd stage of undertaking direction life rhythm ; it is a really of import stage of the undertaking, here the undertaking director will organize all work activity and utilize all resource to accomplish aim of the undertaking program. Chiefly the undertaking director is responsible to pull off all activity and job on the undertaking, chief key to complete expeditiously undertaking merely merely follow the undertaking program.

In the executing stage of undertaking squads really perform work to bring forth deliverables. Deliverable word means no affair which the undertaking deliver for their client for case golf player used all the installations such as secondary school, swimming pool, auto parking and nutrient and drink etc. Undertaking director occupation is to make work and co-ordinates with squad leaders to accomplish aims, undertaking director besides track public presentation of any single and squads. Execution face of undertaking is aid to maintain undertaking on path besides help monitoring and accountant procedure to accomplish undertaking aims set by the top direction. In the executing stage largely director indentify some alterations looking at the public presentation and quality control informations. Gathering studies of the undertaking aid to director find where the job is and besides helps to repair it.


Change control is a portion of executing stage in the undertaking, when undertaking trough finds any job so can non merely do alteration, because there is need to look at the consequence of alterations such as can be expensive, clip consuming and the quality. If director want make any alteration in the program of any undertaking, there is demand to bespeak for alteration with the “ alteration control board.

Change control board is a group of people who consider the alteration in the undertaking but before doing any alteration in the undertaking, command board ever consult with the undertaking patron or direction for reappraisal and blessing those alterations document by undertaking director. Undertaking director besides document what demand to be done, by whom and when in the alteration petition.

Fig 1.4: A Picture show that the undertaking trough demoing to command board the papers of alteration in the undertaking

In this stage undertaking trough sometimes happen a manner to kick off the undertaking on clip, when undertaking is running behind the agenda by “ Crashing ” . Crashing the agenda mean in the undertaking direction adding resources and cut down but crashing ever increases the cost of the undertaking or this is non necessary it ever worked. If budget is fix so this techniques is deserving to kick of the undertaking on clip because crashing of agenda additions overall cost of undertaking.

Execution stage of the undertaking besides present one more direction activity to kick of the undertaking expeditiously on clip by making “ Fast trailing ” of undertaking. Fast tracking agencies to finish two activities in the same continuance of undertaking. Manager besides can document both the program and can take in the hereafter which program is better, after making comparing of both techniques to kick off the undertaking on clip expeditiously. The aim of the undertaking have been physically constructed and accepted by the direction and by client so the undertaking is ready for closing.


The closing of the undertaking is last stage in the undertaking life rhythm, this is critical to kick the undertaking in the formalise mode ; it is besides critical to successful shutting of the undertaking. At the clip of closing of the undertaking the manger maintain full papers sing to project safe for future mention. The closing stage of the undertaking besides helps to direction how to over come job, hazard and uncertainness while developing any undertaking. If the undertaking is successes full, director besides does staff developments, cardinal larning from the past error at the clip of undertaking.

When the undertaking agenda is made undertaking director ever thing about the undertaking activity need to execute expeditiously and decently shut the undertaking. The closing activity of the undertaking include following activities:

CONDUCT PROJECT CONCLUSION MEETING – A meeting of the undertaking closing should go on with patrons, stakeholder to officially reason the undertaking. In run intoing the trough include the public presentation of squads to do undertaking successful, project review, documenting strength and failing of the undertaking and the procedure of undertaking direction. Discourse the alterations have done in the undertaking: discuss ground for alteration, what was the alteration, by whom and when. Discourse the cardinal acquisition of the undertaking with everyone in the meeting and Key acquisition ‘s that seem to work systematically on many undertakings, in many fortunes, might be raised to the degree of a best pattern and be utilized for all similar undertakings.

In the last stage of the undertaking, the undertaking manger list of thing for the decision meeting should concentrate on what the undertaking was supposed to accomplish and what the undertaking really achieved. The list of thing include following ;

Discuss the intent of the meeting

Develop land regulations for the hereafter undertaking

List what the undertaking should hold achieved

Describe what the undertaking really achieved

Agree on a set of lessons-learned for future undertakings

List and document any staying work required to shut the undertaking

DECLARE SUCCESS OR FAILURE WHILE CLOSURE – Sometimes it is clear the undertaking was perfectly successful and in other instances the undertaking is a entire failure. However, in many instances, there are assorted consequences. For case, the major deliverables such as irrigation of H2O may hold been finished, but the undertaking was over budget because of some alterations. Or, the undertaking squad delivered on clip and within budget, but the solution merely met 80 % of the concern demands.

TRANSITION THE SOLUTION TO SUPPORT ( IF APPLICABLE ) -A If the solution will be outside of the undertaking, it should be transitioned to the suited support organisation. The passage includes cognition transportation to the support squad, completion and turnover of all certification, turnover of the list of staying work, etc. For case if the undertaking is existent estate so they can portion knowledge from out the state such as American company who built the same sort of undertaking.

CONDUCT PERFORMANCE REVIEWS -A If the undertaking was successful or may non by any ground, it may be necessary to make public presentation reappraisals after the undertaking completion. In instance of successful completion of the undertaking, the undertaking patron evaluates the public presentation of undertaking director. The undertaking director reviews the whole squad and direct studies to the direction about the good public presentation of any squad or any single. Occasionally the squad is rated as a whole and squad members comes subsequently to utilize the squad evaluation as input into a personal public presentation reappraisal. On the other manus, the squad members may hold single reappraisals based on merely their ain parts.

It is a premier duty of the undertaking director to kick off all undertaking activities on clip expeditiously include in the undertaking life rhythm. The undertaking is non considered complete until the closing activities are performed.


This really of import to construct an outstanding undertaking and kick off expeditiously on clip, largely the direction follow undertaking direction life rhythm to do it successful. The undermentioned recommendation can do undertaking more successful in all facet:

Puting the start day of the month of the undertaking

Set work calendar of the undertaking

Set working clip of squads working

Set the undertaking based budgeting utilizing undertaking worksheet

Use work dislocation construction ( WBS ) and put milepost

Puting THE START DATE OF THE PROJECT – This is truly really of import to put the get downing day of the month of the undertaking and discus with allocated squads by the direction for case 2nd July 2010. The puting the start day of the month of undertaking helps to teams set to allow perform work physically and heedfully. Undertaking director should utilize the current day of the month to track the undertaking advancement and he should besides enter the advancement of every undertaking scheduled to be in advancement.

Setting OF WORK CALENDAR – Puting the work calendar is critical and of import undertaking to do undertaking more successful. The undertaking director should hold usage the Gantt chart to demo all the activity in the undertaking and discourse advancement of work with squads. A Gantt chart, named after the applied scientist ” Henry Gantt ” who pioneered the process in 1990s is a chart used to be after the clip graduated table of the undertaking. For case Gantt chart will expose the clip relationship between work activities of undertaking and demo that the existent clip of every activity. The undertaking trough should utilize Gantt chart to demo all activities clearly and project advancement. For case in the instance of gurgoan golf class the undertaking trough should demo all activities and advancement with the continuance of undertaking:



Calendar months

Start date2ndJuly 2010 finish date- 2ndJuly 2012

July- A S O N D J F M April- M J J A S O N D February M A M J J

Green country

? — — — — — — — — — — -a

Storm H2O direction

? — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — -a

Irrigation of H2O

? — — — — a


? — — — — — — — — -a

Building and auto parking

? — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — a


? — — — -a

Above Gantt chart is shown that the times graduated table of activities in Gurgoan golf class undertaking. The green country including doing land utile to root grass on it takes July 2010 to process 2011. If we look at the storm H2O direction takes long clip, because most of import or important work is provide H2O for the green organic structures in the golf class and maintain it keep for long clip, so storm H2O direction take most of clip November 2010 to December 2011 to kick off storm H2O direction work. Irrigation of H2O supply for green organic structures in the class is takes June 2011 to November 2011. After finish all H2O direction and irrigation of H2O, now it is a comfy clip to kick off the work of plantation including flower workss make the beautifications of the class site to pull people. Constructing including such as secondary school, nutrient and drink installation, swimming pool, and auto parking is a critical for the golf class undertaking. Constructing all these installation will give the long term return in the hereafter. Other activity such as constructing a way to siting electronic auto to sit from one portion to another portion in the class, built nutrient canteen for employees etc.

Setting WORKING TIME OF TEAMS WORKING – The work direction of squad is besides really of import to do undertaking more successful. Working hours of every employee, working in the undertaking should be specified clearly nevertheless the decrepit roll should pull off by the squad leader and with aid of undertaking director. Finally it should be clear how many employees is on vacations and how many employee working in the undertaking.

SET THE TASK BASED BUDGETING – The undertaking trough should make task based budgeting utilizing budget worksheet, to demo that on which task how much should we pass including stuff and labor cost to kick off any peculiar activity. The trough should utilize top down method and bottom down method of budgeting, exceed down budgeting is done by the senior direction of the company, by looking at the similar undertaking undertaken by company and bottom down budget is done by undertaking director after confer withing all squads based on undertaking that make up the undertaking ( The budget can be changed because of addition in the labor cost and the stuff cost ) . For case the budgeting work sheet of the undertaking ;


Undertaking Name – Golf class undertaking Date Worksheet Complete – 10thDecember 2010

Undertaking Manager – Vikas Tewathiya


Responsible Staff Member

Estimated Labour Cost and Material Cost

Green country and land

Stormwater direction

Irrigation of H2O


Building auto parking


With the assisting of budgeting worksheet above, undertaking director should do the programming of undertaking harmonizing to undertaking, requisition of the staff required for the undertaking and the estimated cost of stuff will be usage to accomplish undertaking aims every bit good as support in head the labour cost of the undertaking. Once the budgeting is done undertaking director should do the work coordination between squad member and their squad leader, this is because teams leader straight study to project director discuses the work advancement and the job of the undertaking.


The work dislocation construction ( WBS ) should utilize by undertaking director to do undertaking more successful its utile tool now yearss apply by the undertaking director to kick off the undertaking on clip. They should work by interrupting down undertaking work to different squad and apportioning the duty every bit good. It besides helps to analysis the work require to finish the undertaking into manageable constituents and work breakdown construction is considers the end products required to bring forth.

The work dislocation construction can let some analysis, saying the major stage any undertaking and interrupting down in the major activities. In the gurgoan golf undertaking the undertaking director interrupt down the major activity of work into squads.

These all are the recommendation to do undertaking more successful


Team edifice is truly critical to do undertaking more successful, but foremost we should what is squad edifice? A squad edifice is aggregation of single assembled for a specific undertaking, energised by their ability to work together and committed to give high degree of end products in the undertaking. The tools and technique to construct effectual squad to do undertaking more successful includes followers ;

Characteristic of squad in the undertaking

Benefits of squad edifice in the undertaking

Requirement of squad member

CHARACTERISTICS OF TEAMS IN THE PROJECT – In the features of squads to accomplish undertaking nonsubjective expeditiously on clip, squad should be pass oning, a strong committedness to accomplishing the undertaking aim, concern about undertaking growing and adulthood, sees struggles as healthy and necessary in the clime of trust, openness and apprehension of work, in conclusion determination devising by consensus.

BENEFITS OF TEAMS BUILDING IN THE PROJECT – Effective squad edifice is really of import for better apprehension of work state of affairs and job in the undertaking. Team edifice in the undertaking is do better environment for work and increase the greater committedness to accomplish aim of undertaking. It develops openness and trust between squad members, squad edifice besides addition growing opportunity of any single acting good in the squads.

REQUIREMENT OF TEAM MEMBERS – To do undertaking successful the trough and leader should concentrate on these points before choice of any member in the undertaking squads.

Relevant expertness in the job country

Full and willing engagement to accomplish aim of the undertaking

Committed to accomplish undertaking aim

Increase the engagement of other in the group.



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