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Undertaking Charter

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Project Organization Roles And Responsibilities Construction Essay
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Professor Anthony Carter

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Thi Tram Anh Dinh ( Suri ) – 300648726

Nicoleta Dinovici – 300708508

February 7, 2013

Table of Contentss

Table of Contentss 2

Executive Summary 3

Project Overview 3

Project Purpose 3

Project Scope 4

Undertaking Objectives 4

Undertaking Estimated Effort/ Cost/ Duration 4

Undertaking Premises 5

Undertaking Risks 6

Undertaking Constraints 6

Undertaking Dependencies 7

Project Approach 7

Undertaking Organization – Functions and duties 7

Undertaking Approvals 8

Mentions 8

Executive Summary

This papers defines the Undertaking Charter for a undertaking to construct the house for Mr. Anthony Carter and household in the country with chief intersection Sheppard Ave and Warden Ave, Scarborough, Ontario.

This Undertaking Charter describes the intent, range, aims, estimated cost/ effort/ continuance, hazard and restraints, premises, attack and organisation.

The undertaking will get down on July 1, 2013 and will finish no subsequently than July 1, 2014.

The intent is to finish on clip all the phases: geting the land, acquiring all necessary licenses and blessings, building the house, landscape gardening, exterior and internal decorating.

The range is that within the budget of CAD $ 900,000 the belongings to include: foundation with cellar, landscape gardening, driveway, two-story house with four sleeping rooms and an office, two-car garage, and deck/patio.

Undertaking Overview

This undertaking is being assumed to build a new house for Mr. Anthony Carter. This building will be a single-family house with four sleeping rooms, an office and a two-car garage, built on a two-acre batch located in the country with chief intersection Sheppard Ave and Warden Ave, Scarborough, Ontario. The undertaking will get down on July 1, 2013 and will finish no subsequently than July 1, 2014.

This place will be constructed utilizing the newest edifice stuffs and codifications and will affect a new engineering in order to minimise the energy ingestion. Construction will be managed by The Estate of Credit Ridge, the premier contractor who might farm out the building work.

Undertaking Purpose

The intent of this place undertaking is to set up a new primary abode for Mr. Anthony Carter and his household. The undertaking will transport out all stages from acquiring the land, acquiring blessings and licenses for all indispensable paperss, constructing the house, and completing landscape gardening and internal designing.

The new house is planned for completion in July 2014, therefore Mr Carter will be ready to supply it and travel in during the first hebdomads in July 2014.

Project Scope

This building has a fixed monetary value.

In order to finish this undertaking, Contractor committedness estimation is CAD $ 900,000.

Upon completion, the new belongings will include:


Foundation ( and cellar ) – poured concrete and concrete block

Driveway – concrete with brick

Main Home, 3 floor – 4800 square pess

Two-car Garage – 1500 square pess

Deck / Patio

Undertaking Aims

In order to complete this house undertaking by July 1, 2014, advancement milepost for this undertaking is listed below:

Geting a land

Architectural studies ( exterior and interior ) complete and approved.

Building license

Completion of digging

Timber frame

Arrange hydro, gas, H2O, etc. system.

Exterior complete

Driveway and landscape building complete.

Interior and exterior for wiring system complete

Interior and exterior decorating complete

Certification of Occupation granted

Acceptance reappraisal and sign-off complete

Undertaking Estimated Effort/ Cost/ Duration

Estimated Cost: CAD $ 850,000 – $ 900,000

Estimated Effort Hours

Start Date: July 1, 2013 Finish Date: July 1, 2014

The building is implemented five yearss per hebdomad and 10 hours per twenty-four hours.

Estimated Duration ( mileposts )


Date Completed

Deliverable ( s ) Completed

Undertaking Planing


Undertaking Charter


Decide and purchase land


Ownership of the land

Deliverable 2

Behavior of architectural drawings and inquire for license of edifice


Architectural drawings ( exterior & A ; inside )

License of edifice



Completed digging



Timber Frame

Utilities system




Gas, etc.

Exterior Design


Home and garage

Windows & A ; exterior doors

Construction of private road and landscape

Roofing & A ; Flashing

Wiring System


Interior and exterior wiring

Occupation Permit


Certification of Occupation granted



Interior and exterior decorating

Undertaking Decision


Acceptance reappraisal

Key turnover complete

Undertaking Premises

Within this undertaking, it is assumed that:

Final planning permission will be approved by the proprietor within the timeframes required

All necessary providers, resources, stuffs and services will be available as required by the undertaking.

The monetary values of natural stuffs will non increase more than 10 % during the class of the undertaking.

Weather conditions will be favorable for exterior buildings during the undertaking.

Undertaking Risks

Risk Area

Level ( H/M/L )

Hazard Plan

Alternate Solutions

1. Financial Hazard



May run over budget of undertaking

May non stable in future income

Plan for each sequence to efficaciously pull off the cost

Reduce some sum of interior decorating

Loan from a bank

2. Technical Hazard




Tin-roof may non put up good

Possibly sub-standard for building stuffs

Possibly non decorated good for interior designing

Have a program B for another provider of building stuffs

Get proprietor ‘s blessing for each done subdivision.

3. Execution Hazard






Leak/Non-Weather Proof

Hire security for nightlong displacement and weekend.

Temporarily cover the building with a rainproof collapsible shelter

4. Contractual Hazard


May be delayed for blessing of edifice license

Use the web or relationship to make the blessing of edifice license ( but if truly necessary )

Undertaking Constraints

There are some identified restraints for Tony ‘s house edifice undertaking, including:

Scope Constraint: 85-90 % of a house must be done before April 2014 and 100 % of completion before sign-off day of the month by July 1, 2014.

Time Constraint: completion:

Exterior must hold protective completed

Roof must be done

Interior designing is wholly done before turnover the key

Cost Constraint: merely CAD $ 900,000 maximal budget

Resource Constraint: handiness is based on the on the job agenda:

Monday – Friday: 8.30am – 5pm

Saturday: ( if necessary ) 10am – 4pm

Weather Constraints: exterior building depends on upwind status ( white or showery yearss )

Undertaking Dependences


Date Due

Deliverable Dependence

License of edifice blessing


Late for get downing to unearth

Exterior design


Interior design, landscape gardening, program public-service corporations, and foundation



Foundation poured, block building and foundation set

Wiring system


Operation of electric services

Undertaking Approach

Prime contract ‘s duties are as followed:

Keep path all undertaking paperss and agenda

Take a responsibility for all subcontract inadvertence, deliverables and direction.

Agrees for the fixed-price contact and agendas.

Perform his/her duty of finishing undertakings with contractor ‘s ain employees, verifying all sub-contractor and ain employees.

Keep meeting in order to work out jobs every bit good as tracking the advancement by hebdomadal or bi-weekly.

“ The punishment of 12 % individual one-fourth for any undertaking employee without cogent evidence of proper trade licence and certificates will be applied. ” ( Project Charter Example, n.d )

Undertaking Organization – Functions and duties




Contact Information

Tony Carter

Undertaking Sponsor


acarte10 @

Nicoleta Dinovici

Project Director

General Contractor

nicoleta.dinovici @

Suri Dinh

Undertaking Manager

Constructor Manager

suri.dinh88 @

Kevin Chan

Undertaking Advisers


kevin.chan @

John Hollwan

Undertaking Advisers

Civil & A ; Structural Engineers

John_hw @

David Schwalle

Undertaking Advisers

Plan Examiner & A ; Filed Inspector @


Project Team Members

Plumbers, linemans, painters, etc.

All workers are employed in the organisation and assigned to work in this undertaking

Undertaking Blessings

The support for the place undertaking has been preapproved by the proprietor and placed in an particular history. Contractor may retreat quarterly payments of the same sum get downing with the 2nd one-fourth after the work started. The proprietor will keep back the payment for the first one-fourth until the work is complete and approved. Once the stopping point of the undertaking will be accepted, the proprietor will supply concluding payment to contractor, and contractor has to show bills for the stopping point of each one-fourth.


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