Project Plan – Landscapers’ Association Essay

Monitoring and Evaluation Plan

Landscapers’ Association

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ofNew South Wales

Project Management Plan

Centralized Database Records Management System

Landscapers’ Association ofNew South Wales

Project Management Plan

Centralized Database Records Management System

Restructure the Association’s current record maintaining maps and implement a centralized database records system to give all staff entree to the same information from single workstations.

Undertaking Objective

To develop a centralized database records system to significantly rush up information flow throughout the administration and thereby ensuing in more clip for staff to proactively prosecute undertakings that will heighten and develop the Association’s service to its members.


The Aggregate Project Management Plan consists four schemes: the Project Management Plan Flow Chart, GANTT Chart, and comprehensive Project Management Plans. The three schemes are the nucleus, inter-dependent working constituents of the undertaking portfolio. A 4th scheme is used to pull off the ongoing Program for monitoring, care, rating, and effectivity of the new database records system.

Undertaking Management Life Cycle

The Project Management Life Cycle is a procedure map to help in understanding the life rhythm of the undertaking. The cardinal lesson is to recognize that each measure depends on it predecessor. To pull off the undertaking successfully, each measure must be completed in order:

  1. Define
  2. Plan
  3. “The Loop”
    1. Executive
    2. Adjust
    3. Proctor
  4. Complete
  5. Evaluate
  6. Celebrate

Essential Components for Effective Project Management

  1. Detailed Activity for each Plan and Phase
  2. Correct Sequencing
  3. Estimated timeframe for each Activity
  4. Duty for each Activity

The four Aggregate Project Plan strategies or procedures are summarised as follows.

  1. Project Management Plan Flow Chart

The Project Management Flow Chart inside informations the eight key Project Management Plans and the major undertakings for execution in each Plan. Full item on deployment of each undertaking, staff/ department/ Supplier duty, estimated continuance, any predecessors, timeframe, and mileposts is shown in the GANTT Chart.

  1. GANTT Chart

The GANTT Chart addresses each Plan and identifies indispensable Tasks, staff duty, predecessors, and timeframe in each measure of the Plan.

  1. Project Management Plans
    1. Initial Phase Plan

Once the Undertaking Supplier is determined, Project Plan and Procedures are determined turn toing the undermentioned cardinal aims:

  1. Project Start Date
  2. Undertaking Completion Date
  3. Project Methodology or Project Life Cycle
  4. Scope of Project – stages of the selected undertaking methodological analysis
  5. Project Review Methods
  6. Interim Milestones or Critical Dates
  7. Undertakings by Project Phase ( or order to carry through )
  8. Assemble Project Team into cardinal functional countries
  9. Brainstorm every possible undertaking
  10. Identify Categories to organize undertaking
  11. Personnel Responsible Available to Carry through each undertaking
  12. Determine Skill Level necessary to execute each undertaking
  13. Identify Task Dependencies
    1. Which undertakings can be done in analogue
    2. Which undertakings require the completion of other undertakings before they can get down
  14. Undertaking Control or Review Points
  15. Undertaking Cost Estimation and Cost-benefit Analysis
  1. Communicationss PlanCommunicationss within the Project Management Team, the CEO and the Board of Directors, Staff, and the Supplier is cardinal to efficaciously pull offing the Undertaking. Communications will act upon and animate others to take ownership of the undertaking and go to the full engaged in their functions and duties.
  • Communicationss aims
    • Keep staff informed
    • Motivate staff
    • Promote leading in the Undertaking
    • Develop coaching and mentoring
    • Nominate Project brothers
    • Minimal break to services to members/clients
    • Policy and Procedures manual – mention for communications procedures
      • Written: electronic mails, staff newssheets, questionnaires, studies, direction sheets, Policies & A ; Procedures Manuals
      • Verbal: focal point groups, meetings, developing workshops and stand entirely single preparation
  1. Execution PlanThe Implementation phase is the procedural control phase and critical to the success of the undertaking. A great program can still neglect if the execution is non carefully executed. Successful execution depends on two chief factors:
    1. Careful planning
  • Implementation Strategy – eg base entirely, parallel
  • Develop systems and processs for systems maintenance/ information direction / staff preparation
  • Procedure Control
  • Electronic and difficult transcript versions are indistinguishable
  • Intranet site
  • Keep all versions updated
    • Nominate a process accountant and distribution method for all systems
  1. Sensitivity to those involved in the procedure and/or affected by it
    • Link to Communications Plan
    • Training demands analysis
    • Identify accomplishments spread
    • Identify staff who have particular demands, benefit from single preparation, coaching, mentoring
    • Develop follow up ( rating and monitoring mechanisms )
  1. Support UndertakingsThe executing of support undertakings are of comparative importance to the success of the undertaking.
    1. Monitoring and maintaining Legal, OH & A ; S, Privacy, and Security information
    2. Procedure for System information quality cheques
      1. Quality Plan for choice direction and control
      2. Inspections and proving
      3. Document control – processs and criterions
    3. Celebrate Project Milestones
    4. Completed Project Celebration
    5. Staff Incentives for Undertaking Champions
  2. Staff Training PlanThe debut of the new database system will necessitate a preparation procedure to fit all staff with the necessary accomplishments and competences to pull off their new occupation functions. A good developed staff developing plan will develop the employee through the acquisition of cognition, new accomplishments, and attitudes for future growing chances:
  • Minimal break scheme
  • Gradual stage in for alterations
  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Skills audit
  • Identify spread preparation
  • Identify staff trainers
  • Identify Systems Administrators
  • Training in little groups
  • Rotate preparation
  • Some face-to-face preparation
  • Some self-paced
  • Training out of hours and clip in stead
  • Combine off-site preparation
  • Monitor budget for overtime, clip in stead
  • Plan to develop new staff
  • Develop Competency Maintenance plans for maintaining ongoing preparation up to day of the month

The Training Analysis Chart on the undermentioned page is a conventional representation of the cardinal factors act uponing successful preparation plans.

  1. Meetings PlanMeetings are necessary and a utile tool but non automatically effectual. Four basic meetings rules incorporated into the Meeting Plan agenda will heighten meetings effectivity.
    1. Make sure that plenty has changed to warrant a meeting
    2. Have an docket and a intent for each meeting – concise, focussed, actuating
    3. Send out action sum-up after each meeting – an action sum-up allocates duties and is more effectual than proceedingss
    4. Model desired behaviour – arrive on clip, take meetings earnestly, aim the docket and results, complete on clip
  2. Monitoring & A ; Evaluation PlanA two phase reappraisal and analysis of the success, effectivity, and care of the Project. A hereafter program to guarantee that monitoring and rating of the system takes topographic point at regular hereafter intervals and that altering administration and technological demands are met.
    1. Phase 1– Initial Evaluation ( conducted instantly after Implementation – within 1-2 months )
      1. Aims
        1. What organizational, staff, client, and industry ends have been achieved
        2. What changes in functions and duties have occurred
        3. What changes in administration construction have taken topographic point
      1. Results
        1. What betterments have been made: better system for staff to work with, better service to clients and providers, now industry experts, stronger research and able to better anteroom to authoritiess
        2. What changes in administration civilization have occurred
        3. What betterments have occurred in staff conditions: increased staff morale, better trained staff,
        4. What systems, processs, and communications have improved
      2. Analysis
        1. Tools for guaranting systems are working right
          1. Communicationss with staff: questionnaires, meetings, electronic mails, newssheets, single and section reappraisals
          2. Consult on quality: focal point groups
            1. interview operators/supervisors, random staff members
            2. usage questionnaires
          3. Evaluate preparation, coaching, and mentoring effectivity
          4. Evaluate and seek feedback on OH & A ; S
          5. Monitor ill leave
          6. Redefine staff functions
          7. Measure quality of work and clip direction against old manual system
          8. Seek feedback from clients
          9. Manage alterations to organisation civilization
          10. Record all observations, examine, study, action, and give feedback
    1. Phase 2 – Ongoing Evaluation, Monitoring, and MaintenanceContinuing to supervise the completed undertaking will place undertakings or countries that require seting or betterment, maintain the undertaking, and supply further lessons for future undertaking direction.
      1. Identify what has been learned from the Undertaking
        1. What lessons are utile for future undertakings – papers and include in criterions manuals if appropriate
      2. Monitoring Procedure
        1. Documented in Policy & A ; Procedures manuals
          1. How frequently to measure
          2. What methods to utilize for rating
          3. What strategies or procedures should be reviewed
          4. Who will transport out reappraisal
          5. Manage with timeframes
        2. Maintain security
          1. Passwords
          2. Virus ( Es ) protection
          3. Internet and Intranet security hazards
          4. Confidentiality understandings
        3. Maintain Standard Practices manual – include control processs
        4. Tools for measuring and monitoring
          1. GANTT chart to supervise
          2. Forms for any alterations to paperss
          3. Check sheets
          4. Weekly tracking sheets
          5. Control charts – cheques against Project Plan
          6. Performance steps
          7. Feedback from internal/external clients
          8. Observations
        5. Reporting Systems – valuable tool to pull off conformity to on-going undertaking position
          1. Incorporate into GANTT Monitoring chart
          2. Customised to the undertaking and the administration
          3. Design specific study formats to give the information needed
          4. Allocate specific coverage duties
        6. Staff Training
          1. Professional development for all staff
          2. Train the Trainers
          3. On-line Learning
          4. Training manuals
          5. Coaching / mentoring
          6. Buddy ( ing )
  1. Budget Plan
    1. Budget coverage procedure
      1. Determine budget for each allocated point
      2. Determine Budget Schedule for phased Supplier payments
      3. Develop checking system for processing and paying bills
      4. Review Budget weekly
      5. Conduct audit on payments made prior to concluding payment to Supplier
      6. Check over-time and clip in stead
  1. Eventuality PlanAdministrations and undertakings, now affair which industry, portion some commonalty in the jobs they by and large encounter. The Contingency Plan is utile in placing some jobs, and solutions to do minimum break, or at least before the jobs become unsurmountable.

The following table identifies key job countries and possible solutions.

Eventuality Plan

Common Problems and Possible Solutions
Human Resources

  • Changes on organizational construction
  • Changes in organizational civilization
  • Change direction schemes
  • Change in systems
  • Growth or worsen in functions and duties
  • Manage staff concerns
  • Provide extra preparation
  • Establish work brothers
  • Coaching / Mentoring
  • Identify replacings for each cardinal squad member
  • Cross-train for critical accomplishments

  • Allow for equipment or installations failure
  • Negotiate committednesss for cardinal equipment and installations in progress
  • Pilot out of hours
  • Use independent Personal computers so that other informations is unaffected
Capital Outgo
  • Determine the organisation’s budget rhythm and cognize fiscal committednesss in instance of unanticipated outgo on capital equipment

  • Monitor budget closely
  • Let Slack-time resources
  • At least one week’s leeway
  • Eliminate incidental points
  • Substitute less dearly-won resources
  • Use incentives or offer a fillip for improved costs or bringing in front or on clip
Administrative Procedures
  • Develop detailed operating processs and criterions
    • Administration
    • Communication
    • Execution
    • Support Undertakings
    • Staff Training
    • Meetings
    • Monitoring/Evaluating
    • Budget Review
  • Treat support activities as “internal customers”

  • Closely monitor Supplier’s work advancement
  • Plan for possibility that Supplier may non finish occupation
  • Document sub-contract demands
  • Demand conformity
  • Ensure merchandise liability
  • Prepare for another provider to transport on
Agenda Slippage

  • Ensue undertaking direction squad works closely together
  • If one individual can non finish undertaking guarantee another is up to day of the month and carry on
  • Make allowance for undertakings and activities that are out of sequence or non started or completed on clip
  • Recover during later stairss
  • Shift resources
  • Let one week’s leeway in deadlines
  1. Ongoing Monitoring, Maintenance, Evaluation, & A ; Effectiveness PlansPost undertaking reappraisal ( perchance six months post execution ) at an appropriate point will supply many “rear sight” observations that will, once more, be utile for future undertaking planning. It will besides find the project’s continued effectivity and the demand for non-going monitoring, care, and rating of systems, policies and processs.
    1. Evaluation Chart – Project Review and Audit
Standards Procedure Performance
Fiscal Audited account on accounting systems Assess return on investing, assess cost discrepancies to Plan
Time Conformity to Plan Customer satisfaction with the timelines of completion and the costs required to supply this
Quality Conformity to quality Performance degree of undertaking end product, perceptual experiences of quality by clients and stakeholders
Human Resources Treatment in conformity with contract/ legal conditions of employment, or organizational policy Team spirit, motive, attitude study
Environmental Conformity to policy set out in environmental direction manual Absolute degree of environmental impact of undertaking activities
Undertaking planning Conformity to Plan Cost of the planning procedure assessed and rightness of techniques
Undertaking control Were steps in topographic point and did disciplinary action take topographic point? Did the control activities provide the footing for important betterments actions?


  1. Sample questionnaire


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