Project Shakti Sample Essay

Undertaking Shakti feature is to Develop HLL’s trade name through local influent people. Its mark is India’s rural population and the company effort to make it by supplying micro endeavor and spouse with SHG’s ( self-help groups ) . The company has win in making income bring forthing capablenesss. Those characteristics are really positive for the trade name and for India’s development.

( 4-What is the economic value create by it? What is the societal value? )

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Project Shakti Sample Essay
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Undertaking Shakti was before all a concern enterprise intended to make economic development through micro endeavor. Using this plan HLL has accomplished the challenge of duplicating his rural range whereas non so long ago rural India was a market wholly untapped. Now in most Shakti markets the company is leader and his market portion is qualitatively better as compared to non-Shakti markets. This undertaking has besides helped turning a elephantine client base which will profit the company over clip. Furthermore. it has enabled underprivileged adult females to go self-sustained. The plan represents about 15 % of the rural turnover where it is located. with coverage of more than 50 000 small towns and more than 12 000 adult females enterprisers. With a point of position more socially oriented undertaking Shakti has empowered adult females who are the most stray in the rural society through the construct of enterprisers and communicator ( Vani ) . Finally. it has helped better rural life criterions through wellness and hygiene consciousness given by the Vani and besides given them entree to the Internet for the first clip. All these created values are invaluable for HLL because it guarantee a community of lifetime client.

( If Shakti can non go profitable. should the company still prosecute the plan? Explain your place )

If Shakti can non go profitable in an economic manner. it will still be profitable for HLL brand’s image and his market portion so in my sentiment I believe the company should prosecute the plan. Indeed. maintaining the rural client is indispensable for the company as about half of HLL’s FMCG gross revenues come from rural market. This would besides maintain a great degree of consciousness for the trade name which is one of the existent biggest advantage of the trade name against its rivals.


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