Promoting E commerce in the UK Essay

The UK authorities presently has any figure of IT undertakings presently under execution every bit good as those that have either succeeded or failed miserably based on a figure of factors that encompass the construct of undertaking direction. One group that has realised some success in footings of its undertaking direction attempts has been the Office of Government Commerce ( OGC ) and its IT undertaking, Projectplace.

Before analyzing why their undertaking direction procedure success, it is of import to foremost hold some contextual background. The undertaking aim for the OGC was to “drive and promote eCommerce across authorities to present value for money ( VFM ) savings” through a figure of undertakings between different sections and across a figure of geographic countries. [ 1 ] It was decided that a communications tool would be necessary to associate all undertakings in order to run into bringing times and budget outlooks. [ 2 ] In carry oning the undertaking, direction would necessitate to successfully work together in order to accomplish these ends.

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Promoting E commerce in the UK Essay
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The first measure towards success in this undertaking was to have the appropriate buy-in and blessing from senior direction by supplying a specific description of the job and how it can be addressed as portion of the overruling organizational construction. No undertaking can run in isolation because it will ne’er win. [ 3 ] The acknowledgment that the job was identified and connected to a larger set of concern aims set this undertaking on the right class toward success in altering the concern procedure of the OCG.

As one article on IT undertaking failure noted, the bringing of the IT system has to be seen as “part of a wider procedure to run into overall concern objectives.” [ 4 ] At the same clip, it was understood that it helped to interrupt the undertaking into a smaller, more come-at-able one piece still keeping the apprehension of the larger end. [ 5 ] This action besides involved conveying leading into the answerability equation for guaranting committedness from those at senior degrees throughout the administration. Besides imperative in this portion of the undertaking direction procedure was understanding on a specific timeline of “clear deliverables in line with…business requirements.” [ 6 ] The eCommerce squad was able to recognize that their undertaking had a unequivocal life rhythm of actions – novice, program, execute, and near – that that had to be followed in footings of accomplishing success. [ 7 ]

The following measure was to prosecute others within the administration in a competition that would convey assorted communicating tool thoughts to the eCommerce squad. This type of action within the undertaking direction squad centred on promoting “more mature cooperation between client and provider, ” which thereby ensured that aims were delivered and that actions taken by providers would assist better public presentation. [ 8 ] Part of this measure toward successful IT undertaking direction besides involved a clear definition of demands to those providers that could most closely demonstrate that they would be able to turn to any IT integrating issues that might originate. This is portion of the undertaking direction procedure of understanding the demand to include hazard direction so that the “project is to the full understood and monitored throughout its life.” [ 9 ] Alternatively of those undertakings that have failed due to a “lack of understanding between the provider and the client, ” [ 10 ] this undertaking involved clear way and unfastened communicating that led to an efficient bringing of a scope of IT system solutions.

The squad so analysed each entry, utilizing a set of standards that would find which IT solution was the most economically advantageous that could besides associate all the other authorities undertakings together so that all undertakings could be more expeditiously managed in a manner that enhanced success through all sections. This type of action illustrated that the group understood that undertaking direction involved looking at the full “business instance for entire alteration, non merely the debut of a new IT system.” [ 11 ] This facet of undertaking direction was really critical to the overall success of the undertaking because those undertakings that tend to be more complex, such as this 1 that encompasses so many sections and groups, have a higher failure rate. As such, the eCommerce squad behind this undertaking recognised how of import it was to “have a robust proficient appraisal of feasibility” [ 12 ] of each IT system that was presented for consideration.

Additionally, another success factor for undertaking direction is holding strong leading on the squad who can clearly be accountable whilst besides supplying that individual with the “information-sharing mechanisms and practical counsel on the nature of the function and the undertakings involved.” [ 13 ] This leading besides is clearly in charge in guaranting that the other squad members have an apprehension of the accomplishments involved in pull offing this IT undertaking. A strong leader will guarantee that decision-making failures do non happen because there is no 1 on the squad that can stand up and go the responsible proprietor of the undertaking. [ 14 ]

Since traveling through this undertaking direction procedure, the collaborative IT that was selected, Projectplace, has provided undertaking squads with web-based functionality that they can utilize to more efficaciously portion accurate information and information every bit good as communicate and collaborate for a faster decision-making procedure, [ 15 ] thereby bettering the chance that more undertakings would make fruition. Having these capablenesss has enabled the group to significantly cut down the clip and resources involved in all undertaking direction activities across the administration. The lessons that were learned for the UK authorities are that they can “effectively utilize these collaborative tools in big procurances in order to help the deliver of value for money additions and efficiency savings.” [ 16 ]

In holding the eCommerce squad reexamine the lessons learned and reexamining the type of benefits that were achieved through this IT undertaking execution, another success factor for undertaking direction is revealed. Unlike those undertakings that failed because the undertaking direction squads carried them out without a context or consciousness of what was go oning, this undertaking was successful because it was clear that there had been some kind of equal reappraisal or measuring conducted after the seller and IT system were selected, guaranting that they had selected the right system and conducted the undertaking in a manner that would give success. [ 17 ]

Throughout every constituent of the life rhythm of undertaking direction – design and definition to run into appropriate concern aims, decision-making and leading answerability, undertaking subject and hazard direction, provider direction and clear communicating, people, and reappraisal and feedback, the OGC’s Projectplace undertaking was successfully guided by an eCommerce squad that understood and executed on the appropriate undertaking direction accomplishments necessary to do this undertaking a success.


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