Promotion Peer Pressure and Amanda Learns Essay

Case Analysis (Post – Promotion Peer Pressure and Amanda Learns to be the Boss)alysis ) Submitted by: Alagos, Criselda Barles, Daymarie Espiritu, Angela Frilles, Cristina Pernites, Ma. Theresa Cassandra Valencia, Jamaica Submitted To: Mr. Pascual Abrazaldo September 6, 2013 1 . If you were Amanda, would have you done the same thing as she did? Why or Why not? Yes, I would do the same thing as Amanda did.

To become an effective leader you must know everything that you need to consider as a supervisor to be able to do that you also need to seek help for others and in Amanda case, because Amanda is not repared for the position she needs to seek for the help of others especially help from the professionals that can guide her to be an effective superior. 2. It takes funding to hire a coach to help you get through the crisis. With that said, how would you go about the crisis about in the workplace without having external help?

Having a peers or friends at the workplace is a good thing but sometimes this can washout the barriers you are putting or the professionalism in the work place. When someone is always putting you down it is hard to build the confidence and do work properly or correctly. In this situation that I am not allowed to seek for the help of others, the course of action that I will do is: First, I will analyze the problem starting from the former peers – to – employees since they are my peers and I got used to be with them when I am not premoted.

Action that I will do: * Step Up to the Plate – as a new supervisor part of my Job is to represent the company and encourage my employees to play by the rules. So, as a boss there are something that I have to give up – like you can’t now engage to office gossip or talking with your employees with your personal or private issue. Maintain Friendship – make it clear to your former peers that the situation now might be little different. But It doesn’t mean tnat you can’t nave some OTTlce Donalng. Employees ana you can 00 some office bonding like the tradition. Rebuild Relationship – Finally, encourage your team to talk to you about any questions or concerns, and give them a little time to adjust to your new role. It may take a few weeks for everyone to settle in, but over time, being a boss”and being a friend”will seem natural for everyone. Second is about my former boss that is undermining or underestimating my apabilities as a new supervisor. This action is part of a normal emotional transition of an individual but to make my former boss realize the changes at the workplace I will do some procedure about it. First I will set up a one on one meeting that he needs to attend. * Second listen to his side about the situation. * Third explain to him the changes. * Fourth make him realized that you are a one team. * Fifth rebuild the relationship. 3. Let us reverse the situation, what if a friend of yours, who work for the company shorter than you and even helped him out when he had a difficult situation, and remoted and became your immediate superior, how would you go about it? Elaborate your answer.

The emotional transition is always part of a change maybe If my friend premoted who worked shorter than me in the company the first that I would react is shock then later on when I got realized that he deserved and he is credible to do his responsibility then, I will accept the situation because maybe the management saw something in him that I don’t have and be proud for his success and be happy because there is a time in his life that I am able to help him in his difficult situation.

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Promotion Peer Pressure and Amanda Learns Essay
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