Promotive Measures of Increasing People's Participation in Development Programme Essay

PROMOTIVE MEASURES OF INCREASING PEOPLE’S PARTICIPATION IN DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME Jaiswal P. K. and Sharma R. B The success of any development programme is depended on active participation of the people. The present study is deal with the socio – economic and psychological characteristics of the rural people with their real participation level under different developmental activities of watershed programme. The present study was conducted in five villages of Khajuri nala watershed area of surguja district of chhattisgarh and data were collected from 130 respondents through interview scheduled during 2001.

The results of study indicate that maximum percent of respondents were belonging under middle age group, scheduled tribe caste, primary level of education, individual type of family system with medium size of family, medium level of annual family income , had belonging under medium level of economic motivation, medium level of risk orientation, had average level of fatalism and conservative nature, non governmental sources of information was more effective in study area and maximum participation of respondents were observed under plantation work , dabari making , improve seed programme , vegetable production activities , duck unit development and developmental activities of women group. Maximum (39. 09%) emphasis was given under agricultural extension developmental activities followed by horticulture, soil conservation, water conservation, women group development and live stock development under the watershed development programme. Maximum percent (33. 08%) of respondents were participating under medium extent of water shed development activities.

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Promotive Measures of Increasing People's Participation in Development Programme Essay
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The association between extent of programme participation level and socio economic, psychological characteristics of respondents were positive and significant relationship observed except age, type of family and size of family. The association level of knowledge was found (70%C. V. ) excellent and other characteristics i. e. , social participation, source of information and risk orientation had found good association (43 – 53% C. V. ) and remaining attributes like, age, caste, land holding, income, education, attitude, economic motivation, fatalism and conservatism were observed in fair level (26 – 37 % C. V. ) except type of family was negligible level ( 20%C. V. ) of association. Based on the finding of study, it can be suggested strategy for promoting people participation in the watershed development programme of surguja district as increasing the evel of knowledge regarding water shed, developing the sources of information particularly governmental agencies, increasing social participation, changing attitude, economic motivation, increasing risk orientation and family income through training, extension agencies, supporting enterprise and demonstration. Minimize the conservatism, fatalistic nature and back wardens of rural people of study area. References: International Conference on Communication for Development in the Information Age: Extending the Benefits of Technology for All. 07-09 January 2003 Eds. Basavaprabhu Jirli Editor in Chief, Diapk De, K. Ghadei and Kendadmath, G. C. , Department of Extension Education, Institute of Agricultural Sciences, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, (India).


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