Properties and structure

Term Definition
An atomic particle that has a positive charge is called a(an)___________. proton
A substances made of different atoms linked together is called a(an)____________ molecule
_____________ is a measure of the force of gravity between Earth and an object. Weight
A(an) ______________ is the smallest unit of an element. atom
When a compound reaches its ____________, its ___________ changes. boiling point, state of matter
A(an) ________________ is a negatively charged particle in the space outside an atom's ______________ electron, nucleus
___________ is a measure of matter's _________ divided by its volume Density, mass
An object's ability to float depends of its ____________. density
Water can turn from liquid to gas by evaporating or __________. boiling
Mass is the measure of the ___________. amount of material in an object
The molecules of a ___________ tend to be packed tightly in an organized way. solid
The number of __________ an atom has determines what element it is. protons

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