Proposal for Setting a Day Care Essay

Outline: •Introduction •Summary •Project description •Rationale of proposing day care •Work plan •Project phase •Budget •Conclusion •Works Cited Introduction Huston Community College is a higher education institution that provides learning opportunities to different communities which include Texas, Missouri city and Stanford. The communities around the colleges provide services to the college as they work in institution and some study there.

Parents comprise a large portion of these communities and helping them manage some of their responsibilities which include taking care of their children while they at work or studying will go a long way in improving their performance. The purpose of this paper is to propose the need to establish a daycare in the colleges which will go a long way in helping the parents and improving the quality of their work Summary Parenting is a hard responsibility especially if an individual has to work to provide for their family or attend school (Essa, 56). hat being the case setting up a daycare at Huston community college would go a long way helping the parents a lot with taking care of their children while they at work or attending school. This will help ease the stress on the workers and students who are parents hence improving their efficiency at work and better concentration in class. also in establishing the daycare there is chance of creating job opportunities and hence reducing unemployment improving the economy. he day care will not only serve the college but also the community around the institution as those who are interested can benefit from the program as they will be allowed to participate. Project description A daycare at Huston community college will enable the parents accomplish their responsibilities which include ensuring that the well being of their children is taken care of and they themselves are fulfilling their responsibilities at work or in school reducing the stress levels of the parents.

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Proposal for Setting a Day Care Essay
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A daycare eliminates the problem of parents bringing their kids to school or work which is a major distraction and cause of under performance by parents. Through a daycare that is close to parents, they are enabled to monitor their children and respond to emergencies easily and fast. Rationale for proposing a daycare Close to fifty percent of children living in the United States are currently cared for by people who are not close relatives of theirs. According to Conley (34) ”In two-parent homes, both parents work, providing a large and ever growing consumer base for the daycare industry. Therefore establishing a daycare will not only help the parents but will also is a source of revenue to the institution. Parents comprise close to a third of the working population of Huston community college and close to an eighth of the students population. A large percentage of this population can’t afford paying for nanny services or they do not trust leaving their children to strangers without their supervision. This leads to parents bringing their children work or to school for the student parents.

In this perspective children become a hindrance to effective performance of the workers as they are supposed to take care of their children and perform their duties at the same time and for the student parent they have to attend class and take care of their children leading to lower levels of concentration in their education. After interacting with the parents who work or study in Huston community college I realized that close to 90% of the few I met struggled with taking care of their kids and working at the same time.

Some of them even had to bring their kids with them to work or school. analysis of the effects of this to the performance of the individuals and since they make a sizeable population of the college indicate that long term goals of the institution are being compromised and to avoid this, it would be appropriate for action to be taken to try and minimize the problem which would be setting up a daycare that is close to the parents and is properly managed even if they are to pay for the costs incurred by their children. Work plan

The setting up committee members will hold meetings at 9:30am on Mondays and Thursdays to organize and review the tasks that have to be accomplished that week. Mondays will be planning the weeks work and Thursday will be review of the week’s progress. A work weekly progress report will be provided to the administration every Friday morning summarizing finished tasks, pending work and problems encountered. The following schedule will be implemented strictly as coordination and planning will ensure minimum wastage of time and success in the long run.

Project phases •Research and study of the requirements and needs of parents and the ages of their children •Data analysis by the committee and the administration. •establishing favorable locations where to set up the daycare and presentation of proposals to the administration •renovating the agreed premises to meet the standards required for a daycare •licensing, insuring and working on all the legal requirements •Staffing and contract sighing by qualified members. Establishing departments and training of the staff •recruitment of children whose parents are interested in program Project cost The cost of setting up of a daycare ranges from $3000 to $5000 or less depending on the kind of daycare you want to establish. running the daycare after establishing will require $1000 a month as there is need for restocking and payment of staff wages . the running cost will be funded by the daily fees paid by the parents which ranges from $30 to$70. the following s a breakdown of the budget for establish: •cost of research and study $500 •purchase of equipment $1000 •renovation and upgrading of the premises $2000 • licensing, insurance and advertising $500 •Stocking of required supplies like sanitary storage, first aid kit, toys and food $500 Conclusion Performing a research on the parents requirements and the wants of the children will facilitate setting up of a daycare that will be effective in assisting parents with taking care of their kids while at work or in class. roper training of the staff, good organization of the departments and proper manage of daycare that’s proximate to the parents will ease the stress levels of the parents hence facilitating better efficiency while working and high levels of concentration in class. The research performed will enable the staff run the daycare efficiently as they have an understanding of the people they are serving. The parents working or studying in Huston will benefit from the help they will get from the daycare and live less stressing lives and at the same time more people will have been employed reducing unemployment levels.

Works Cited Conley, B. (2002). Alternative schools: a reference handbook. New York: ABC-CLIO. Essa, E. L. (2003). Introduction to early childhood education. Clifton Park, New York: Delmar Learning. Heal, N. & Hanley, P. (2007). Evaluating preschool children’s preferences for motivational systems during instruction. Journal of applied behavior analysis, 40(2): 249–261. Sweeney, B. (2008). Leading the teacher induction and mentoring program. Washington: Corwin Press.


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