Proposal Truancy Essay

1. Title Truancy Problem Among UTM’s Student 1. Background Information Truancy can be defined as (a) phenomenon where student skip classes or lectures without permission or acceptable reason. Lately, we observed that every single class that we attended has students who skipped lectures. In other words, the classes never have a full attendance. We realised that this matter has become a serious problem in UTM. The lecturers are also concerned regarding this trend because they feel that this problem could affect the student’s performance.

According to the UTM’s examination regulations, student who come less than 80% of their attendance are barred from taking final examination. However, in certain cases, some lecturers do not take the attendance seriously. Consequently, some students would take advantage of this situation and did not attend their classes. Therefore, as part of UTM’s students, we decided to treat this problem seriously by conducting a research about truancy problem among UTM’s student. 2. Statement of problem The problem arises when the student feels that they do not need to attend classes as they manage to study on their own.

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Besides that, some students do not have the motivation to go to class because they think that the class itself is not interesting. To tackle this problem, we want to know the effects of truancy, especially to the student’s performance throughout the semester. Moreover, we would like to know the student’s and lecturer’s opinions regarding this matter. These are the main questions that need to be answered in order to solve or come out with a solution to this problem. 3. Objective of the research The purpose of this research is to determine how frequently students do not attend their classes throughout the semester.

In addition, we would like to compare the CGPA between students who come to classes and those who do not come to classes. Furthermore,the research will explore what the students did when they do not attend classes. The scope of this study is limited to the UTM’s lecturers and students. At the end of this research, we will recommend useful solutions on how to ease the truancy problem among UTM students. 4. Research question 1. What are the reasons for students to play truant? 1. 4. 2 What the effects of truancy on students? 1. 4. What is the CGPA between students who come to classes and those who dont’? 1. 4. 4 What students are doing when they don’t attend classes? 1. 4. 5 What are the subjects that students often like to skip? 1. 4. 6 When is the time students mostly skipped their classes. Is it morning, afternoon,or evening? 1. 4. 7 What can be done to ease truancy problem? 5. Significant Study Many good outcome or benefit we can obtain by conducting this research. One of them is to create awareness among UTM students on how important it is to attend classes so that they can improve their grades.

Next, it is easy for lecturers to recognize students who are weak and be able to help them. Besides that, it can make learning process in class more interesting as student can participate by asking question or give opinion to the whole class. Moreover, it would be a waste of money because student pay for their tuition fees which is not cheap that is RM 700. Lastly, it will also benefit students in the future especially during their working days. This is because it can avoid them from easily getting fired by their employer’s for not coming to works. 6. Scope of Research

In order to collect data,60 questionaire will be distributed among the students from three faculty which is Faculty of Electrical Engineering ,Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Faculty of Civil Engineering. Whilst,the interview is limited to 6 students from Faculty of Electrical Engineering which three of them are the type of student who always skipped classes and the others are the type that always attended classes. Besides that,we will interview 4 lecturers only from Faculty of Electrical Engineering. The observation will be carried out in our section which is Section 02,3SEE,Faculty of Electrical Engineering. . Research Methodology In this research,we will considering two sources which is primary sources and secondary sources for data collection among the respondents. The primary sources would be base on questionnaire,interview and observation. On the other hand,we will collect the additional information from journal,newspaper,textbook and article from internet about truancy problem to support out primary data. 1. 7. 1Primary data Our primary data will be from questionaire,interview and observation. In order to know why this problem oocur in the first place, we’ve decided to sk the students directly by asking them to answer questionaire regarding the matter. 60 questionaires will be distributed among the student. In addition, we’ve come up with the method for collecting information from the students and lecturers which will be by interviewing them directly. We will be interviewing two types of students . The first one will be the type of students who always follow the rules, that is in this case, never skipped lectures. Then,We will ask he or she why he or she never skipped any classes and we will ask their performance throughout the semester as well.

Meanwhile, for the second type of students who always skipped and missed classes, we will ask them why they decided to do this and what they actually do during the time they skipped the classes. Furthermore,we will interview some of the lecturers about their opinion regarding to this problem and ask them on the solution how to alleviate truancy among UTM’s students. Besides that,we will also collect data and information through observations. This will be carried out by observing the attendance of students in certain clasess as well in particular period of time.

Firstly, we will count the number of students in the class and then, we will ask permission from the lecturer to see the attendance list at the end of the class. This is to ensure that the number of students in the class correlates with the total number of students who sign in the attendance list as sometimes students ask their friend to sign on their behalf. From these observations, we aim to know when is the time students mostly skipped their classes, whether it is in the morning, afternoon or in the evening.

Then, we hope to come up with a reasonable conclusion based on the data obtained as well as to think of some measures to encounter this problem. 1. 7. 2 Secondary Data Besides collecting data from the primary sources,we will also find the additional information about truancy from journal,newspaper,textbook and article from internet. All of these references are categorised as secondary data. Furthermore,from all of the secondary resources we obtained,we will paraphrasing and summarizing the material in order for us to enhance better understanding on this research. 8. Work Schedule (See Appendix) APPENDIX


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