Proposed Problem Solving Model Essay

Harmonizing to Bunchapattanasakda Wong, direction is the procedure of working with and other to efficaciously accomplish organisational aims by expeditiously utilizing limited resources in altering environment. Hence, Domino ‘s Pizza which is located on 2/792 Great South Road Wiri Manukau seems to hold job is swimmingly pull offing the concern and accomplishing the projected marks and aims. The major job this organisation faces today is with Resourcing such as short labor, staff deputations and stock direction due to unsure client flow and low sale. This organisation has been chosen by the research group because one of the group member ‘s friends is a director in that organisation hence ; the concern information is easy available to the research group. Solving this job will assist the organisation to be better prepared and planned and will maintain the labor cost in line with the sale which will be good for the concern and the employees.

1.1 Background & A ; History
This group will be carry oning a research on Domino ‘s Pizza which is located on 2/792 Great South Road, Manukau because the organisation has jobs in pull offing the concern and accomplishing the projected marks.

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The international fast nutrient pizza bringing organisation, Domino ‘s Pizza, is a celebrated pick amongst people for basking their favorite fast nutrient, the Pizza. With its caput office located merely outside Ann Arbor, Michigan, US, the Domino ‘s Pizza has exciting background. Today, this huge franchise has a deep planetary control and has 8,000 corporate and franchise shops in more than 54 states ( Domino ‘s Pizza, 2010 ) .

Domino ‘s Pizza was started in 1960 by Tom Monaghan whose original end was to open three pizza bringing shops. Domino ‘s Pizza has made success a opportunity for 1000s of other people excessively. By franchising Tom ‘s pizza bringing theoretical account to like-minded enterprisers, Domino ‘s Pizza has turn out to be the universe leader in pizza bringing and one of the greatest successful franchise productions in the universe. Equally good as transfusing a committedness to due merchandise, service, image and safety Domino ‘s Pizza franchisees are besides encouraged to further positive relationships with the communities they function by present local people something more than merely great savoring pizza ( Domino ‘s Pizza, 2012 ) .

Domino ‘s Pizza, Manukau is franchised by a Brian Lee and the shop was opened six old ages ago. It started with less staff but with more strength and since the gross revenues addition in the past six old ages therefore the company now employs 10 staffs.

1.11 Nature of Business
Domino ‘s Pizza, Manukau is comparatively little shop, busying about 1,000 to 1,300 square pess, and planned with a focal point on well-organized and timely production of consistent, quality pizza for bringing. The shop program has been refined over clip to supply an efficient flow from order taking to bringing. The shop is chiefly production installations which chiefly produces pizza and, consequently, do non normally have a dine-in country.

1.12 Organizational Culture
Harmonizing to Gareth Morgan organisational civilization is the set of the set of beliefs, values, and norms, together with symbols like dramatized events and personalities that signifies the alone character of an organisation, and provides the context for action in it and by it. Therefore, at Domino ‘s Pizza, Manukau employees are basically all the same and unrecorded for the bang of being “ fast and nice. ” Their slogan is to “ sell more pizza, have more merriment, ” and they believe that this is the civilization of their concern because the squad members make and sell pizzas and in grasp the direction creates an ambiance of merriment and productiveness.

1.13 Organizational Structure
Organizational construction is something that every inception wants to do certain that each individual who works within the company knows what they should be making and how they should be making it.

New Zealand

North America


Local Franchise

Owned eating houses

Shop Director

Shift Manager


Domino ‘s Pizza



1.14 Products, Service & A ; Target Markets
In 2011, Domino ‘s launched Artisan manner pizzas that offer a basal blend of rich spirits to complement chef divine toppings. Auxiliary main courses include pasta, bread bowls and oven-baked sandwiches. The bill of fare offers lily-livered side dishes, bread-sticks, every bit good as drinks and dessert class ( Domino ‘s Pizza, 2010 ) .

Domino ‘s Pizza, Manukau is in pizza bringing service and they are non merely a fast nutrient but they deliver good and fresh nutrient fast. They are non a takeout or eating house because on norm, merely 30 % of the pizzas are collected and their shops do n’t hold eat-in installations. Domino ‘s exists to carry through a basic demand for their clients by supplying a high quality, newly ready, hot repast delivered on clip and every clip. Domino ‘s Pizza, Manukau mark market are the local occupants around Manukau country, the local concern community and pupils around the country. Today, Domino ‘s Pizza is best known as “ the pizza bringing experts ” because each pizza is made to order from all right and fresh stuffs.

1.2 Business Management Problem
The research squad has been able to place a concern direction job at Domino ‘s Pizza ( Manukau ) . The job is that of uneffective resourcing system in pull offing staff and commanding stock at Domino ‘s Pizza ( Manukau ) .

1.21 Research Questions
How effectual is the resourcing system used by Domino ‘s Pizza ( Manukau ) pull offing staff and commanding stocks?

1.22 Classification of Business Problem
A crisis job describes a state of affairs in a concern in which the leader ( s ) must take pressing and exceeding action to seek to salvage the concern from failure. This would be a serious job that needs immediate declaration.

A non-crisis job, on the other manus, is an issue that requires declaration but does non hold the associated urgency of a crisis job.

The issue of uneffective resourcing at Manukau Domino ‘s is a non-crisis job as it is an issue that needs to be resolved but there is clip yet for direction to sufficiently analyze and analyze the issue to joint solutions.

The issue of uneffective resourcing at Domino ‘s ( Manukau ) is an internal job as it is existing in the company ‘s internal environment and the shop civilization is besides imputing to this job. The research squad is taking to analyze this job and synthesis recommendations that can be carried out to alter the internal environment of Domino ‘s ( Manukau ) and in making so, decide this issue.

1.23 Aims
The aims of the research squad are to:

Identify what resourcing methods are used at Domino ‘s ( Manukau ) : specifically related to the Fieldss of stock list, human accomplishments and production resources.

Analyse the quality and effectivity of staff deputation at Domino ‘s ( Manukau ) and assess employee satisfaction with their working environment.

assess the stocking-keeping cognition and capableness of staff

Find out any other challenges faced by direction due to issues in resourcing.

Analyse types of resourcing systems particularly related to administration and planning that can be used to better the manner concern is done at Dominos ( Manukau ) .

1.24 Justification of subject:

The research squad has chosen this subject because one of the supervisory staff members at Domino ‘s Pizza, Manukau was accessible for interview and information sharing. Recommending alterations that could work out the job of resourcing at the eating house will take to less wastage with a possibility of more net incomes.

2.0 Undertaking Plan
The research will be conducted on Domino ‘s Pizza, Manukau as portion of the Applied Management 636 Assessment

2.1 Scope of survey
In this research, the group is seeking to seek and place any job bing in Domino ‘s Pizza, Manukau. The group will be transporting out a thorough Supervisors interview, distribute staff questionnaire to the staffs and pass some clip detecting their fast nutrient operations to derive more cognition of the organisation. This undertaking will do it easy for the group to pull a decision that jobs exists in pull offing the resources of the organisation. Therefore, the group will suggest a few recommendations to work out the bing jobs and assist in better the concern.

2.2 Proposed job Solving theoretical account
This research will utilize and use seven-step job work outing theoretical account. This theoretical account is appropriate because it is designed to offer systemic solutions to hard jobs. It was developed by The Center for Quality Management ( 1989 ) and harmonizing to this method jobs are solved by seven different stairss. It is besides really simple and easy to understand.
2.21 Measure in Problem work outing theoretical account
The diagram below shows and explains a series of stairss used to work out different types of
( Center for Quality Management, 1989 )

Management jobs at Domino ‘s Pizza, Manukau followed by elaborate account of each measure.
Measure 1: Present the job, this is the first measure in job resolution where the job needs to be identified first and the consequently classify or label it. It is necessary to calculate out foremost about what is traveling incorrect in administration and its direction. It is really of import for every group member to clearly understand the jobs so that everyone can concentrate towards the same end or job resolution. In this research, the group will calculate out how the jobs are created and at what degree such as production country, the staffs, direction, stock or the processs.

Measure 2: Analyse the job, in this measure inquiries will be asked to calculate out the cardinal cause of jobs bing in the organisation. The group members will non presume anything such as the chief cause of jobs before any probe. Question are raised, asked and answered such as how hard is the job? What are the causes of the job? What are the effects and symptom of the job? Once the questionnaire is sorted out so the group will calculate out on how to travel approximately in carry oning this research and acquiring the inquiries answered. Methods such as questionnaires, interviews and observation will be used to travel the research in front.

Measure 3: Set Goal, after carry oning the above two stairss the group will be able to place the job and figure out the chief cause of the direction jobs. Once the root cause of jobs is identified so puting the end to work out the job will go easy.

Measure 4: Imagine solutions, after puting out the ends, the group will calculate out and discourse the possible solution in context with theory and easy practical methods. Here, if the group will carry on a thorough treatment and manage to explicate them good so it is possible to place and implement more effectual solutions. The group will utilize encephalon ramping procedure to garner any possible solution.

Measure 5: Choice solutions to implement, this measure will be carried out by choosing a possible solution among all alternate solution that is the most relevant to each state of affairs and job. The group will believe in front on all the results and will discourse amongst themselves before choosing any solution. The group will hold a responsible undertaking of choosing solution because it will be recommended to organisation so that they can better their concern. These possible solutions will be reflected on the organisations, the institute, the research group and their appraisal.

Measure 6: Implement solutions ; one time the solutions are selected the group needs to implement it with a elaborate ground and account in context with theory. The group needs a batch of motive, patients and energy to implement because this procedure takes clip to come in consequence and bring forth any positive consequence. Furthermore, the group so recommends the best selected solutions to Domino ‘s Pizza ‘s, Manukau so that they can implement them to acquire rid of their current jobs.

Measure 7: Analyse Solutions, this is last measure in job work outing theoretical account. Merely because the group has implemented the best solution does non intend job was solved. It is really of import to for the group to measure the result of each solution and look into if the job was to the full solved and eliminated. If the full job is solved so the group will cognize that they have achieved their end or else re-start the seven stairss and figure out what went incorrect and where. Last, expression at the organisations public presentation once more and carry on a little study to garner some feedback or to see if things have improved and by how much.

2.22 Other Management Concepts/tools
To finish this study, the research group will utilize two direction constructs such as delimited reason and satisfying. Harmonizing to Gill and Pio ( 2007 ) the construct of delimited reason explains the thought that determination shapers are bounded ( hindered ) by limited information, limited clip and limited capableness. Whereas, fulfilling suggests taking a solution that satisfies the determination shaper without farther attempt to set up if it is the optimum one.

Once the group has conducted the research, identified the jobs through information gathered so the group will utilize planning, forming and control to implement the recommendations. As Fayol ( 1949 ) , suggested that planning is the procedure most of import procedure in direction because it determines organisational purposes, develops premises about the current environment, selects the class of action, initiates actions required to change over programs into action, and evaluates the result. Normally there are four major classs of planning exercisings: strategic, tactical, eventuality, and managerial.

Once strategic planning and direction planning are applied, forming to acquire the occupation complete is following. Organizing is the process of set uping proper relationships between people and resources in order to make peculiar ends and aims. The procedure, harmonizing to Marshall ( 1992 ) , is based on five forming rules: integrity of bid, span of control, deputation of authorization, homogenous assignment, and flexibleness. Control is the concluding component of the direction which involves the comparing of the activities of the people to the program of action and besides known as the emptying constituent of direction. Harmonizing to Taylor ( 1917 ) , all activates should carry on efficaciously and expeditiously to obtain organisation end.

2.3 Resources needed
The resources required to transport out this research were computing machine, cyberspace, pressman, talk notes, conveyance, money, clip and support from the coach and household members. We besides had our clip sheet where we recorded or day-to-day undertakings.

The research squad members planned how clip would be managed before transporting out the research, so the work was shared between the members. Traveling and printing disbursals was besides shared. Questionnaire was prepared and given out, director was interviewed and some information was collected from cyberspace. An observation was made, for the research study talk notes and text books were used. The squad is besides grateful for the support from the members and coachs of Aotearoa Tertiary Institute.

2.31 Budgeting Requirements and program
The group foremost discussed about Domino ‘s Pizza, Manukau with each other and so agreed to carry on a research on this organisation. For the research the group had to be after a budget to cover any disbursal incurred while researching. Therefore, a budget of NZ $ 60 is drawn and each group member will lend NZ $ 15. Please refer to a transcript of the research squad ‘s budget in the appendices subdivision.

2.32 Activity Plan
Activity program is list of the full undertaking needed to finish the research and run into the aims hence all the action programs and questionnaires are attached in the appendices.

2.33 Perceived restriction and benefits
The action program will maintain the group focussed and demo the sum or work carried out and pending. Every research has a restriction hence this research has restrictions such as work country non decently organized, direction tools non in topographic point, member ‘s committedness in their personal life and the addition and repetition cost of existent visit. The major benefit of the full research is the planning, forming and command carried out by the group because everything came into topographic point consequently.

3.0 Methodology
All the informations collected in this research is by passing out questionnaires to the employees, doing observations and transporting out personal interview with the Supervisor. The group consist of four members each of the members were given a duty. One of our research squad member ‘s friend who was working for the company managed to roll up information. The 2nd squad member did the typewriting of the papers and the 3rd member conducted all the interviews and the last member collected comparative informations.

However, before get downing the research the group will direct a petition missive to the company, so that the squad gets permission to transport out the research. Then the squad will manus out the questionnaires and get down roll uping informations for the research. Once all the information is gathered and the squad has the some utile information ‘s the group will analyze the information. During the research the squad members will work together, to do certain that they help each other if anyone faces any job

3.1 Research Instruments
The research squad will place the regular clients of Domino ‘s Pizza, Manukau through observations. The first beginning of informations will be collected from the employees who will reply the questionnaires. The 2nd beginning of informations will be collected by carry oning personal interview with the Supervisor of the organisation. The 3rd beginning of informations will be based on observation by utilizing a checklist. The group will choose any peak shopping hours to carry on observations.

3.11 Strength & A ; Failings
One of the most of import tools used to roll up informations in this research was the questionnaires because it has both strength and failings.

It is a really effectual manner of roll uping information. It is relatively speedy to roll up information utilizing a questionnaire because this method easy collects information from any big groups. The responses will be gathered in a standard manner ; therefore they can be really nonsubjective.

Not all the feedback gathered will be really utile because at some point incorrect or false information ‘s may be given or sometimes feedback may non be honest and questionnaires being misused.

Personal observations carried out by the group utilizing the checklist and literature reappraisal will back up the information from the research and so all the information is compared and verified. This is of import because it helps in informations triangulation ensuing in dependability of the research. Questionnaire will be handed out to employees to acquire their sentiments and so re-collect the information. The research plant will strength the interpersonal accomplishments of the researches which will assist them to larn more about concern jobs and their impacts. The respondents may non be able to reply inquiries harmonizing to our outlooks.

3.2 Literature reappraisal
Resource is the procedure of utilizing a company ‘s resources in the most efficient ways these includes goods, equipment, and fiscal resources besides labour resources such as employees. A resource includes thoughts such as doing certain one has adequate physical resources for concern.

hypertext transfer protocol: //

( Maslow, 1969 )

The above Maslow ‘s heirarchy of physiological demands suggests that the direction should give employees proper wages so that they can work efficently. Second, the direction should supply employees with safety demands, occupation security and safe working environment. Third the societal demands to promote squad work and fourthly the importance of regard demands where the direction should honor employees when they reach marks and in conclusion self realization where employees are given a opportunity to demo their accomplishments.

3.3 Ethical issues
First a missive is sent to Domino ‘s Pizza, Manukau bespeaking for permission on behalf of our squad to carry on research based on resourcing in their organisation. Once the blessing missive will be received our squad will get down doing necessary observation, roll uping informations, and carry oning interviews at a convenient clip. Questionnaires were distributed amongst employees their names and all the information collected will be kept confidentially

4.0 Mentions List
Bunchapattanasakda, C. , & A ; Wong, P. ( 2010 ) . Management patterns of Chinese directors in Chinese MNCs runing in Bangkok. Cross Cultural Management: An International Journal, 17 ( 3 ) , 268-282. doi:10.1108/13527601011068360

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