Pros of School Uniforms Essay

Running head: PROS OF SCHOOL UNIFORMS Pros of School Uniforms Crystal L. Beigle University of Phoenix Persuasive Essay Comm 215 Marie Thiers August 30, 2010 Pros of School Uniforms By the term school uniform, we mean the same dress every single individual student wear in the domain of school. The school uniforms are the basic need of the present day society and every school must make compulsory to wear the uniform in the domain of school. School uniforms are the symbol of equality in the domain of educational sector. Moreover, it is the very basic lesson of equality.

Everybody in the same dress is the practical and moral lesson of equality, and it is the lesson of homogenization in the domain of a school. Considering the benefits of school uniforms include the professionalism among the children, promotion of discipline, reducing fight, school bullying and violence, aiding to prevent distractions, values, low-cost and eliminating the theme of individuality. The very initial tanning’s of the school going children are the basic lesson of professionalism. By wearing the school uniform children consider themselves professional just like they’re working as parents.

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This spirit of professionalism is just due to the uniforms. The school uniforms in the subconscious state prepare the students for the challenges of the professional life. Moreover, they also aid the students to gain confidence and work hard to face the challenges of the practical life. Promotion of discipline is only possible by the compulsion of the uniforms. By wearing uniforms employees that everybody in the domain of educational sector is equal. All the students are equal and there is nobody rich or poor, nobody inferior or superior.

This lesson of equality is the basic element of discipline which can only be acquired by the uniforms. In the domain of school the children need to learn the discipline and school is the only place where the students can learn discipline. The discipline is the most vital elements to polish the students to be an influential member of the social circle. For this purpose school uniform play a vital role. They make the students to learn the lesson of equality and to learn about the moral and ethical values of our social system.

School uniforms also play a vital role in reducing the school bullying and the fight among the children. School uniform teaches them the lesson of peace and love. The students in the uniform are all friends and the spirit of brotherhood is only possible by the school uniforms. The students come close to each other by wearing the same color uniform. It thus reduces the probability of fight among the children. Children in uniform in general do not fight with each other; in the view of fact tend to favor their fellow students for the reason that they are school fellows.

This spirit of caring for each other helps children to help the needy persons in the social circle. Moreover, the peace and brotherhood also arise from humanity among the children in the very early age which make their basic teachings good enough to be an influential member of the society. The children in their school age tend to interpret things they observe. It is observed that the children do not forget the basics of their school age. Moreover, the brotherhood, pain for the society and to live with love and peace is taught to the children only by the uniforms.

Most of the parents are of the view that students wearing school uniforms seem more squeamish and that a school uniform policy ascertains that students will come to school in suitable clothes, fore-fending distractions, for instance, fads conceived to be eccentric or overly disclosing. A number of students have turned over educational establishment into an endless fashion show. This distract from acquiring education, as a number of students kill much time centered on their clothing than on homework.

Moreover, the school uniforms give us a lesson that the sense of superiority or inferiority is not determined by the uniforms. It also leads us to the concept that hard work is the only thing to be superior, all individuals are equal and everybody has same rights in the domain of school. Another benefit of the school uniform is the low cost. Mostly, the school uniforms are of low cost which gives poor students an opportunity to be a part of the school equally as their rich class mate. There is no difference between the rich and poor.

School uniforms are a blessing for the children belonging to poor families. They do not have enough money to show off. School uniforms prevent many children from the inferiority complex and help every single child to gain education equally. The lesson of equality eliminates the concept of individuality. In the school, both the rich and poor are equal. No one has anything to be superior and no one has been right to count anybody inferior. This lesson of equality is the only element which eliminates the concept of individuality. Nobody wearing the uniform can count him or herself superior.

There is no concept of “I and I” thus school uniforms also assist to prevent the individualism in the elemental stages of child grooming. Conclusively, we can say that the school uniforms are the need of society. Every social circle must make it mandatory to wear the school uniform as school uniforms have the ability to bring a clear change in the society and the life of students in their initial period of life. References Brunsma, David (2009). Pros and Cons of School Uniforms – LoveToKnow Kids. Retrieved August 27, 2010, from LoveToKnow Kids Web site: http://kids. ovetoknow. com/wiki/Pros_and_Cons_of_School_Uniforms Grauke, Isaac (2008). Pros and Cons of School Uniforms. Retrieved August 27, 2010, from Free Articles Directory | Submit Articles – ArticlesBase. com Web site: http://www. articlesbase. com/advice-articles/pros-and-cons-of-school-uniforms 182. html Sasson, Dorit (2007). Pros for School Uniforms. Retrieved August 27, 2010, from Suite101. com: Online Magazine and Writers’ Network Web site: http://www. suite101. com/blog/dorsas04/pros_for_school_uniforms


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