Protists test case

any organism that is not a plant, animal, fungus, or a prokaryote
protist definition
eukaryotes that are not members of the kingdoms Plant, Animal, or Fungi
what is a protist?
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Protists test case
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formal name of a protist?
Greek word meaning the very first
What does Protista mean?
evolvled from a symbiosis of several cells.
Where did the first protist come from?
the way they obtain nutrition, evolutionary history, cladograms, and DNA analysis
Ways to classify protists?
animal like
Protists that are heterotrophs are called what?
Protists that produce their food by photosynthesis are called what?
Protist that obtain their food by external digestion are called what?
first animals
What does protozoa mean?
Zooflagellates, Sarcodines, Ciliates, and Sporozoans
What are the four phyla of animal-like protists?
swim using flagella (looks like a tail)
How do zooflagellates move
mostly in fresh water (some soil)
Where do zooflagellates live?
Absorb food through cell membrane, free living, or pathogens
How do zooflagellates get food?
mostly asexually
How do zooflagellates reproduce?
by pseudopodia
How do sarcodines move and feed?
Who has a food vacule?
secrete shells of calcium carbon
secrete shells of silica (look like sun rays)
cilia (short hairlike projections)
How do ciliates move?
asexually by binary fission but also conjugation
How does ciliate reproduce?
Who does not move on their own?
Who causes disease?
in a host, and multiple hosts
Sporozoans spend most of its life in what and how many?
What are Sporozoans?
animal like protist called plasmodium
what is malaria caused by?
fever, chills, tiredness, muscle aches
Symptoms of malaria?
Who carries malaria?
What does malaria infect?
red blood cells
What does the parasite affect in malaria?
food for others, decomposers, symbiotic, pathogens
Role animal like protists play?
group of unicellular organisms living together
What does colonial mean?
pigment used to capture the energy in light
what is chlorophyll?
different chlorophylls
What is one way to classify plant like protist?
light into stored energy for food
What do photoautotrophs convert?

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