In every administration that needs to setup a new system, It is really of import that the system developers and the clients ( stop users ) work manus in manus to developed this new Information System that will back up the concern every bit far as information system is concerned. An administration concern demand is ever addressed by the client to the developers who work on the system. This is a really cost effectual manner to make concern


“ Prototyping is a method preliminary version of or par of a model of all of an information system which can be review by the end-users. It is besides an iterative procedure where users suggest alteration before farther paradigms and concluding information system is built. “ ( Chaffey et al 1999:269 )

Advantages of Prototyping

There are several advantages of prototyping.

One of the advantages is that it is really fast to develop.

The people utilizing the system will non hold job larning about the system because they are to the full involve in the development procedure

The other advantage is that after the execution procedure the developer will merely hold few alterations to do because they usually make alterations during the development procedure. The terminal users will give them feedback and they work on those feedbacks given to them.

The people utilizing the system are besides to the full involved during this procedure they work closely with the developers.

The terminal users will besides cognize what the system is traveling to look like before it is manus over to them because they will be proving the systems to do certain that the developers give them precisely what they required.


This will impact the user ‘s regular work because it may requirement full engagement of the terminal user because they will be proving the system and giving the developer feedback which will take most of their clip.

It is non recommended to be usage in big administration because it can make batch of job during the development procedure. It is suited for little companies.

No peculiar deadline can be given because the work involves iteration depending on the figure of feedbacks received from the terminal users. It may take longer than expected.

Another disadvantage is that the initial construction of the system can be wholly damage ensuing on the figure of alterations made. The more alterations made the more likely that the construction system may be harm.


“ Meaning of RAD ( Rapid Application Development ) is a method of developing information systems which uses prototyping to achieved user engagement and faster development compared to traditional methodological analysiss such as SSADM ” . ( Chaffey et al 1999: 269 )

Advantages of RAD

The two primary advantage of RAD is Quality. You besides have the best within a short period of clip. The other primary advantage is speed, it does non take a long period of clip because the developer are all experts in their field.

The client will hold the opportunity to see the system earlier before completion

It increase flexibleness because we are covering with experts the developers can redesign the whole system once more when there is a job or what the user ‘s required some alterations.

It increased the engagement of users. The users are ever involved and they will hold the opportunity to utilize how the image is traveling to look like before completion. They work closely with the developers.

Productive takes shorter clip and it does non required excessively many people to make it. Merely few people do the whole work.

Disadvantages of RAD

This type of development requires user engagement throughout the procedure. Because the users will be proving the system whilst the developers will be working to run into users demands.

This type of development requires user engagement throughout the procedure. Because the users will be proving the system whilst the developers will be working to run into users demands.

Because of the nature of the development system, it may necessitate more resources as alterations are ever made during development.


The system development life rhythm is fundamentally a method which is usually used by developers to develop a system.

The stairss involve in SDLC are Analyst, Design, Development, integrating and testing. It gives you all the stairss required when developing application system.


It is really simple to accomplish a end when utilizing SDLC The SDLC is really simple to understand and besides simple to utilize because every measure is clearly written Each of the stairss are clearly written and defined.

Undertakings are really easy to set up because with the SDLC they work on stairss. Peoples with different professions work together in SDLC so everyone is given his ain undertaking to make. One measure has to be completed before traveling on to the following 1.

Everything is good documented in SDLC. Each procedure is documented and consequences that are achieved are besides documented.

This procedure is really easy to direction because the client can read each measure it include deliverable and reappraisal. This is one of the most advantage that we should travel for SDLC

There are some companies that are ever looking at the cost facet of any development or alteration that they plan to make. This type of system works most for people who are non concern about cost but want the best quality.


With this type of system developer ‘s work by phases and so being the instance they do truly suit alterations like the prototyping and RAD.

Because they work in phases the package is usually produced towards the terminal of the development rhythm.

This type of procedure is non suited for complex undertakings because of the type of procedure that they use for constructing the system.

It can be really thwarting for the terminal users to understand what the developers are making because they follow each measure earlier traveling to the following. They can merely see and judge the quality of work that the developers did at the terminal of the development rhythm.

Attempt to travel back to a stage after the developer have already finished working with that stage can be really dearly-won because it means they have to travel back to make things that have already been done.

This type of system is truly hazardous, because they follow the rhythm when they are utilizing the SDLC method. Developers can non work on more than one measure at a clip. The most finish one measure before traveling to another.


With puting up the information system for theoretical account secondary school, I will non urge SDLC, ground is base on that SDLC it non suit alterations during the development procedure which is truly non flexible at all. With the SDLC the developers work by phases which can be a concern to the administration. The developers will give the clients rigid devised initial planning of the undertaking. Equally far as it does non make room for alterations during the development procedure I will urge that Prototyping/RAD.

With prototyping/RAD there is ever room for alterations which makes the system more flexible. The developers will hold the opportunity to work manus in manus with the terminal users from the beginning to the terminal of the development procedure. The clients with know precisely what to anticipate at the terminal of the development procedure because they have been working manus in manus with the developers.

Base on my sentiment the best recommendation for theoretical account secondary school is to travel in for Prototyping /RAD.


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