Psychics On Tv Essay

These articles were very interesting. I have seen these psychics on t.v. and I always
knew they were full of it. Alot of people spend millions of dollars a year on these folks , so it
was cool to see how they did it. In the part where Ms. Coleman talks about going to the casino
to practice, she showed us that it didn’t really take that much to become a psychic. She said that
she had prepared somewhat, but didn’t really know that much about the whole charade of being
a psychic. I know that the people who do this for a living have probably perfected the art of
picking out things about clients and going with them, but it doesn’t take supernatural powers to
be a psychic, just a bit of good luck and a small amount of acting skills.

I would love to see people that actually think that they are psychic try to take Randi up
on his $1M Challenge. He said that the only brave soul to try it had failed it miserably, as I’m
sure just about every other one would too. I don’t believe that anyone has psychic powers. If
they did, the media would jump all over it, and then psychologists would run 400 tests on the
person, and we would know about it. Sylvia Browne is not a psychic, she is a good actress. If
there are all these psychics out there, why didn’t they tell us about the Oklahoma City bombing,
or about Hurricane Andrew?
People that go to psychics might think that psychics are real, but unconciously they are
just wanting to hear positive things, or to get an answer to a problem. Some of them might
actually get help, not from the psychics themselves, but from what they psychic brings out in the
person’s mind. I am not saying that everyone who goes to a psychic is crazy, but for most
people, psychics are the last resort. They think that maybe, just maybe, this psychic can solve
all their problems, or tell them that things are going to get better. I think psychics are like
placebos; they don’t actually do anything helpful, but they plant the seed in people’s minds that
things will change, and that the change will be good. We believe them, and if you think about
something long enough, its probably going to happen.
Tarot cards are another psychic phenomenom that has people wasting money. Tarot
cards are designed to be as general as they can in hopes that the client will identify something
that the psychic can then tell them about. Psychics hardly ever tell you things, they just ask you
questions. They know which questions to ask to get a response out of you. Everyone has had a
bad relationship or someone close to them die, so the psychic is probably going to be right
when they say something like I see a relationship gone bad.

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Psychics On Tv Essay
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I think psychics should be thrown off t.v. All they do is talk about how they can tell you
about love, money, and your career when we could be watching the Duke boys foil one of Boss
Hog’s devious plans. Psychics are more like psychiatrists; they ask you questions to help you
get through your tough times.

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