Psychology (256 words) Essay

Karen Horney was a Freudian analyst was studying dream interpretation and developed a better understanding of dream interpretation. In her process she incorporated many ideas of other psychologist to her own theories which included Freud’s unconscious and early childhood. Freud had more emphasis on the on the manifest content while Horney focused on the latent content. Karen also believed that a crucial aspect to analysis, the transference- countertransference phenomenon and hot it can be appraised in the dream. However karen did believe that dreams are like the road to the unconscious like Freud did. Horney’s holistic approach to the nature of human was more effective in the growth of a person toward totally maturity. This was a interesting fact to know because the word growth did not appear in any of Freud’s writings and this was a crucial part. Karen believed that the dream is the best way of evaluating ones growth. Horney believed a dream consisted of many metaphors with underlying meaning. This would help us understand one’s internal conflicts. Also most analysts believe it is very important for the doctor patient relationship to be strong because it will be a more successful psychoanalysis. The interpretation of dream reflect the theory, value system, motivation and knowledge of the human personality. Unlike freud who felt that the dream had underlying wishes. While Horney say dreams as a more holistic expression of the patient’s current conflicts. The Dream is a composite of symbols or metaphors the show struggles between fantasy or reality.

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Psychology (256 words) Essay
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