Psychology of Health in the Workplace Essay

This papers will discourse the relationship between wellness and psychological science in the workplace and how certain lifestyle picks affect these countries. This paper will besides include illustrations of lifestyle picks that enhance personal wellness and cut down unwellnesss. Understanding how wellness and psychological science relate to each other will let an single the ability to be successful in relationships in or out of the workplace. Health is normally misunderstood as intending non ill. Health is when a individual sustains a good province of mental. societal. and physical wellbeing. Psychology involves understanding the head and how it relates to behaviours. When analyzing Psychology the end is to understand single and group behaviours by general rules and research. Health and Psychology work together to advance an person with a sound province of head and optimum physical wellness and so the societal should fall into topographic point. How an single decides to populate his or her day-to-day life can find wellness factors in the hereafter.

An illustration of this would be a person’s day-to-day eating wonts. If taking healthy balanced repasts daily including exercising are less likely to get diseases such as fleshiness. malignant neoplastic disease. bosom disease. or emphysema. These diseases are common with people who choose to devour unhealthy diets. chorus from any physical activity. and do picks like inordinate alcoholic drinks or smoke. Keeping healthy nutrient picks along with some type of physical activity will equilibrate the head and promotes the ability to do good picks. Having high degrees of anxiousness can besides increase an individual’s opportunity of developing other unwellnesss. A individual with high anxiousness can non concentrate and keep a normal behaviour in the workplace.

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Psychology of Health in the Workplace Essay
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Nerve-racking occupations can do an person to worry and go dying about his or her work public presentation ensuing in an anxiousness upset. This is the most common mental upset and affects million of grownups. immature and old. in the United States. An person can pattern daily activities such as yoga. exercising. or chew overing to cut down the opportunity of sing anxiousness. By doing picks to cut down emphasis will enable a individual to execute at a higher capacity in the workplace.


When an single makes picks that affect his or her wellness this can impact how he or she performs in the workplace. An illustration would be an person who choices to imbibe alcohol daily will get down to demo marks of holding an unhealthy head and hapless physical wellness. By devouring alcohol day-to-day reduces one’s ability to believe consecutive and do clear picks. It besides can go a wellness issue if continued over a period of clip. This will do others in the workplace uncomfortable and non swear the picks the person is doing if he or she can non work without imbibing intoxicant.

Making good determinations about our day-to-day picks made refering our eating wonts will find our future wellness. By devouring a healthy diet will diminish a person’s opportunities of obtaining a chronic disease. Therefore. doing good picks about our wellness will advance a healthy province of head and aid persons to be successful in or out of the workplace. Finding ways to cut down emphasis and heighten our day-to-day life style can assist an single to populate a balanced and happy life.

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