Psychology’s Methods of Investigation Essay

Psychology’s Methods of Investigation Psychology’s has three main methods of investigation. First method that will be discussed is structuralism. The second method of investigation is functionalism. And the third of psychology’s methods is psychoanalysis. These main methods will be defined and explained. Also a situation where a researcher would use each one of the methods. The first method of investigation is structuralism. Structuralism is the was human culture is anaysed.

Structuralism was used for a while as a intensive program of research, but it soon deminished. A situation in which a researcher would use this method of investigation is to taste something and explain the different taste that they have, if something is bitter, tangy, or sour. Psychology’s second method of investigation is Functionalism. This method emphasises the purpose or function of behavior. Functionalism provides the the ground work for psychological theories not testable by experiments.

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Psychology’s Methods of Investigation Essay
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Functionalism evolved further than just humans, it studied animals, religious experiences, and even thoughts. Also like structuralism, functionalism aslo was short lived. If a person gets put in prison and the next day joins a prison gang researchers would use this method to find out why he joined the gang. Psychoanalysis is psychology’s third method of investigation. Psychoanalysis is a study of the way one thinks. Psychoanalysis is still around till this day, used by many researchers.

This method is the only one that started out and stay with us. Researchers use the psychoanalysis method in therapies to correct false ideas that people have. Psychology’s main methods of investigation are structuralism, functionalism, and psychoanalysis. Researchers used these methods in the past and some still to date. The way psychology investigates, one of these methods can contribute to figure out a lot of cases.


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