Psychosexual Character Analysis Essay

Zharmaine Aguirre Psy21 Psychosexual Character Analysis There are five Psychosexual Character Types, namely: Oral character. Anal character, Phallic character, Latency character and Genital character. But among those five, I developed the Anal character. This is my personality. At the age of three I remember how I hide at the back of the door so nobody would notice that I’m trying to hold my feces from coming out. I don’t know why I love doing it. All I know is that although it’s a sweaty work, it’s giving me pleasure.

When I reached the age of six, I was at grade one then, that I experience feces expulsion at school. I am also careless. I usually bump into stuffs around me, so I often have muscle bruises and scratches in any part of my body. Most of the time, my parent won’t let me hold a glass of water nor put it next to my plate when eating because I always end up spilling the water all over the table. When going to malls, I would run and hide under the on sale clothes that my mom would be tired of chasing me that she sometimes leave me and just ignore me.

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Psychosexual Character Analysis Essay
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I’m too is stubborn that my father and I would frequently fight and even take no notice of each other. There’s an instance that one of my subject teacher sent me outside the room because I didn’t obey the rules that she gave. My adviser in grade six would have a discussion with me after class because I refuse to do my projects and home works. Same thing happened in my high school, my adviser talked to me in view of the fact that I had a fight with the school guard because he would not allow me to go out of the premise. I always take care of my things.

I hate it when someone borrowed something from me and wouldn’t return it or return it with damage. I always wear my watch for I want to be aware of time. When there’s a meeting with friends, I’m always 5 minutes early because I believe that there’s so much we can do in every minute. I’m also a perfectionist in some area like when I’m cleaning the house, if I clean, there should be no scratches on the floor. When doing a project, I do the best I can to make it beautiful. Though I’m an a little bit perfectionist, I am a disorganized person as well. I put my things everywhere. However, I know exactly where I left them.


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