Public Speaking Essay

Public Speaking Professor. Z Week 4 Keon Thomas HW#4 Chapter 4 # 1,3,4,5,6,7 1. What is an audience-centered speaker? An audience-centered speaker is to dramatize the importance of connecting, let’s contrast the speaker with two speakers who fail to connect. 3. How can a speaker get advance information about an audience? The speaker can get advance information by knowing who your listeners are. But if you’re not familiar with your listeners, collect information about them by means of interviews and surveys. 4. What are taboos, and why are they an important concern for a speaker?

Taboos is an act, word, or object that is forbidden on grounds of morality or taste and they are an important concern for a speaker because violating a prohibition can seriously undermine a speaker’s credibility. By learning the taboos of a culture, you can avoid committing a blunder. 5. Do international audiences usually prefer a presentation that is humorous and informal or one that is serious and formal? Explain your answer. International audiences usually prefer a presentation that is serious and formal, because a presenter who is joking can undermine an important presentation. . What is ethnocentrism? The belief that one’s own cultural group is superior to other group. 7. Who is the best source of information about the needs of listeners with disabilities, and why? Persons of disability know what they need . . . and are the best and most qualified resources to consult when making reasonable accommodations. Public Speaking Professor. Z Week 5 Keon Thomas HW#5 Chapter 5 # 2,4,6,7,8 2. How does brainstorming work? You write down whatever pops into your mind.

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You start with a word, then a next word hat floats into your mind and then a next word and son on. 4. List three general purposes for speeches. * To Inform * To Persuade * To Entertain 6. List the six criteria discussed in this chapter or writing a specific purpose statement? 1) Begin the Statement with an Infinitive 2) Include a Reference to Your Audience 3) Limit the Statement to One Major Idea 4) Make Your Statement as Precise as Possible 5) Make Sure You Can Achieve Your Objective in the Time Allotted 6) Don’t Be Too Technical . What is the central idea of a speech? The central idea is the core message of your speech expressed in one sentence. 8. What is the difference between the specific purpose and the central idea? The specific purpose is written from your point of view- it is what you set out to accomplish. The central idea is written entirely from the listener’s point of view- it is the message they go away with.


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