Pursuing a College Education Essay

Why Pursuing a College Education Is Important People nowadays come all over the world with a different point of views and goals as well. Lately It has been hard to get Into a career that you want to do without having some type of experience or a degree. Earning a degree is very beneficial not only will you have your self-happy but the people around you will as well be very proud and see you as a role model. There is a point in time when you realize you should pursue a college education to have a better Income and be financially stable.

Although some people do not think pursuing a college education is important in today’s society. A degree is one of the most important goals, which will keep you moving forward and pursue your dream and make It come true. A college education is valuable because it has economic benefits, and it can lead to a better Job. According to Andrew Delegable author of “Three Reasons College Still Matters”, “there is abundant evidence that people with a college degree earn more money over the course of their lives than people without In today’s generation a degree is hard to earn but doing something you love is a plus and will cake you financially stable.

With the extra Income earned. A person could purchase more things and not worry about bills but will also be able to support their family easily. In addition Charles Huckster, author of “the chronicle of Higher Education” informs us that “the income of a bachelor’s degree is $50,360 compared with a median of $29,423 with people only with a high school diploma. ” (1 )Len the current position of our economy, making more money would be more beneficial to us further down the road. This will as well help your family struggles be over with and overcome financial troubles.

Not only will this help you financially, but It will also give you a better position in the workforce where there is a lot of competition. A four year degree will help you get a Job In an office, a hospital, or possibly law enforcement . This will help the person get out of a fast food restaurant type of Job. Getting that degree Is a good choice to do because you will not have to worry about any finances in the near future.. And this will get the person to have a better opportunity on getting a better Job and It will be a great accomplishment, they will treasure this for the rest of their life’s and not have any conflicts.

Higher education offers graduates more Jobs to choose from. A person with a higher education is more likely to get a better job, because the high school diploma is now being replaced with a college degree. We live In a very competitive world, and a degree will make a difference when applying to a place. A degree is very expensive to earn but this will keep you from working in a fast food restaurant and could get you a lob In an office. The sooner you get that degree the better why wait and waste time.

A job with a higher education can be Just the right thing to do if you want a more Hellenizing career, this as well will gain you a lot of respect. According to the US census bureau and the American community service, 52. Percent of people have college education and 27. Percent actually obtain a degree. This goes to show how people give up easily but out of those with degrees they fight for a spot in this competitive world. Rising the numbers up In degrees earned will make the Job 1 OFF market grow, Decease people wall notice Ana want to sat art new Duskiness’s. Education is very important, but only certain people will get to that spot.

Every dollar you invest onto your education it will double later on in a couple of years. In addition people with an education have better criminal records and have a better lifestyle. According to an interview with Ellen Near of Harvard medical school, not only is the gain not happening as quickly for those with less education, but on average it is flat by this. What she means is that people with a education go on living more than a uneducated person because they are more careful and always have better intentions. It is know that with a lot of criminal records your chances of getting a challenging career is very low.

Going to school straightens you out and makes you see things in a different point of view. Having a type of degree lets you know you are not like the rest you need to be more careful on your decisions. This will also let you have a better lifestyle where your records won’t affect you family in any way making you have a better life in the future. Overall a degree can help us in a lot of ways, in which we thought it would have not even made a difference in our lives. In conclusion, people should consider getting a college degree to better them self in today’s economy and to feel good about themselves.

Not only will this be a great help for them but this could lead them to be a role model for a family member. When people see that someone of their family members made it through college it opens their eyes and encourages them to follow their footsteps to become something great in life. What would you prefer for them to follow the good steps or the bad steps? College is supposed to be a fun place but has to be taken really serious to achieve your goals. College is not for everyone but the few that get that degree make us see why earning a degree is so special; these are the people that make a big difference in our world.

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