Putting Up a Restaurant Essay

The proponent of this tudy was able to identify the needs for a good quality of products particularly the needs of bakeshop with bar. The site where the propose project will be strategically located and is accessible to all target customers and it is situated at Barangay Mabini Home Site. The proposed business is accessible to all types of transportation and approximately 50 meters from Residents, Cabanatuan City 300 meters from Wesleyan University Philippines. The nearest indirect competitors are 1 km away from the place of proposed project.

Consequently averages of 1,500 customers are expected to be the clients per onth, this will include teachers and sstudents from the school . The business will give him/her an average of 26% net income annually. Initial capital requirement is estimated at P 990,086. 00. It will be managed by the owner he/she will perform as manager and cashier. She/he will be assisted by 4 staff, and one baker Since the researchers focus on developing and extending services to people who loves to dine and assist them this business is perfect for them to established golden bakeshop and the business establishment will bear the trade name “Golden

Bakeshop” 4 Project summary 1. Market Feasibility This proposed project would be established to provide the needs of the people for good quality pastry services. The owner sees Barangay Mabini HomeSite, Cabanatuan City as a good site to put up a bakeshop because its accessibility to target customers. This project would be profitable because the bakeshop will be located at a place where there are lots of target customers. residents will favor in this kind of business,. The Golden Bakeshop is perfect for the sstudents and residents who love pastries

The proposed business supplies will be getting from Cabanatuan City Public market and Sangitan Market whereas it is known to offer raw materials and foods that are fresh and its low prices 2. Technical Feasibility Bakeshop will be established to provide the quality bakeshop needs of the people of Cabanatuan. The proposed business would be equipped with the needed structures and facilities to provide a better place for the convenience of the target customers. It is expected that with plan problems being encountered by consumers like low quality of bakeshop services will be solved. Management Feasibility Partnership is a kind of organization the business will adopt. By this kind of organization, it is easy for the owner to control the business. Employees shall be receive enough and decent salaries. During holidays, each employee shall be granted a double pay work. Employees shall work in a 6 days basis so that they will enjoy one day of their day off. Likewise employees shall be received a Christmas bonus. The type of business organization will be a line type organization.

The policies of the organizational indicated based on the salary given to the mployee, the benefits they will received, there working hours and the hours of break for regular meal and the proper uniform during work. 4. Financial Feasibility Source of fund will come from the owner of the business. He or she will provide the total amount of fund needed to start the business. The total project cost is estimated P 990,086. 00 who will be provided by the owner the amount include the pre-operatlng expenses worKlng capltal requlrement ana operatlng expenses Tor tne said project.

Based on the 5-year financial projection made by the owner ROI payback period is 3years. 5. Socio Economic Impact The proposed business will benefit the government, consumes, and the owner. The government will benefit from the taxes the business will pay, consumers will now be free to choose which a bakeshop will provide best service and finally the owner will profit through to income it will generate from the business. The proposed business will pay the taxes that may be due to the government. And provide income for those who will get employed II. Introduction/ Background of the Study 2. Introduction The proposed business on this study is too engaged on the operations of the estaurant with bar. The business is to intent to elevate the quality of the food services in terms of restaurants industry. The potential investor will provide the proper capital budget for the smooth operations of the business and the continuous operations. The investor chooses the location of Mabini Home Site Cabanatuan City on the grounds that the area was accessible in all kinds of vehicles and it is easy to transport or rather there lots of commuters with in the area of the projects.

In reality the propose business is not new on the market impact the food services ndustry can considered as among the major or rather one of the leading industry in tne economy. I ne alctate 0T tne envlronments sucn as ready to eat on tne grounds most of the people were lack on the preparations of their food because of the everyday work and lack of time to spend on that matters. Aside from the above reason the different occasion and other business meeting can easy to manage in one place were food were available and some recreations for the smooth closings of the transactions.

On these common reasons the needs and the demand on this business ave an oopportunity on the market. As the sstudents of the Hotel and Restaurants Managements the present study serve as an information and additional knowledge for the improvements and progress of the professions that become useful not only as an academic purposes but most of all as the guidance or rather information for the future performance for better and rendering quality business in the connections of the chosen professions. B.

ObJectives The central problem of this study is the evaluation of the viability of establishing Golden Bakeshop , a bakeshop in Mabini Homesite in Cabanatuan City. B. ObJectives General: The main objective of this study is to determine the viability and feasibility of the proposed venture. Specifically, objectives from the point of view of the four functional areas of management are as follows. 1. Marketing: a. To identify the demand and supply in establishing Bakeshop in order to determine the market share. b. To obtain sufficient understanding of Bakeshop industry in order to strategically position the company in the market. . To get hold of an understanding about the target clients in order to efficiently and atisfactorily satisfy their needs of, wants and expectations on bakeshop Business. 2. Technical/Production: a. To determine and expound the optimum processing method appropriate to the magnitude of the market. b. To know the technical requirements in the establishment of bakeshop Business c. To obtain sufficient knowledge of regulations and standards governing bakeshop Business. 3. Organizational and Management: a. To design organizational set-up that is best suited for the proposed project. b.

To determine the number and qualifications of people required to manage the roject effectively. 4. Financial: a. To make an estimate of the amount of initial investment required to execute the project. b. To present projected financial statements of the proposed venture for the next five years. c. To asses the profitability, liquidity and stability of the proposed business enterprise. C. Significance of the Study This research work is deemed significant to the following person: This study will be valuable to those aspiring businessman who are looking for a good venture which does not require huge capital to start a business.

To the readers of this research it will serve as a guide and basis to seek information about this venture. For tne researcners tnls study served as an experlence ana what they learned in four years of studying. 2. 2 Operational Definitions of Terms: Bakeshop. It is a place where a pastries is made and served . Baker. He or she is expert in making pastries evaluatlon 0T Food. A simple defined as any matter eaten by man to sustain safe and nourish the body. Kitchen Staff. Helps cooks, chefs to prepare foods. Menu. Lists of dishes or to be readily served Mixed drinks.

Drinks or beverages mixed into other ingredients to make it one ready to drinks like tequila sunrise, where the ingredients are vodka Juice, tanduay rhum. Restaurant. Is a place where refreshments or foods are ready to serve, a public room for people who wants ready to meals. Sale. Exchange of property or services for a determined amount of money of its equivalent, the act of selling. Waiter/waitress. The one who take the customers order. Serve foods and e drinks, and prepared itemize checks. They also often accept payments; they must be quick and efficient but must be also patient with customers.

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