Qualitative and Quantitative Observations

Question Answer
What is an observation made using your five senses? Qualitative
What is an observation made using numbers? Quantitative
I see a pink pig. Qualitative
I count five spiders…gross! Quantitative
I feel the cats baby soft fur. Qualitative
The pencil is 20 centimeters long. Quantitative
I smell the burnt, crispy pizza. Qualitative
The Golden Retriever weighs 75 pounds. Quantitative
I hear a baby's high-pitched cry. Qualitative
It took the boy 7 minutes to run the mile. Quantitative
I loved the taste of the sweet, sugary drink. Qualitative
She completed 6 back handsprings in a row. Quantitative
Measuring, counting, and timing are what types of observations? Quantitative
Looking, smelling, tasting, touching, and hearing are what type of observations? Qualitative

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