Quality and Systems Management in McDonalds Essay

McDonalds, as we all know is the universe ‘s largest concatenation of fast – nutrient providers. The concern began in 1940, with a little eating house Bar – B – Que run by two brothers Dick and Mac McDonald in California. It was a drive manner eating house which served a limited bill of fare of Burgers, french friess etc. Mr. Ray Kroc, a paper cup and multi-mixer salesman got an order of multi-mixer from the McDonald brothers. He was impressed by the organisation of the eating house and came up with the thought of McDonald ‘s Corporation, which was founded in 1955 by Mr. Ray Kroc.

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Quality and Systems Management in McDonalds Essay
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The first McDonalds was opened on April 15, 1955 in Illinois. By 1960, he bought the sole rights to the name ‘McDonalds ‘. And by 1965, there were 700 eating houses throughout United States. It was the first clip that McDonalds portions went public at $ 22.50 per portion.

McDonalds opened the first international eating house in Canada in 1967. In 1974 McDonald ‘s opened its first eating house in the UK. Today, it has a concatenation of eating houses in 118 states around the universe. It celebrated its fiftieth day of remembrance on 15th April, 2005.


Mr. Kroc had the vision of making a eating house system, known for its consistence and quality of nutrient. To accomplish this, he needed his franchisees and providers to work ‘with ‘ McDonalds and non ‘for ‘ McDonalds. He promoted the motto, “ In concern for yourself, but non by yourself. ” He encouraged entrepreneurship every bit much as the committedness to his visions. This has led to the debut of many new merchandises into the supply concatenation, most of which were the parts of franchisees.

“ If I had a brick for every clip I ‘ve repeated the phrase Quality, Service, Cleanliness and Value, I think I ‘d likely be able to bridge the Atlantic Ocean with them. ” -Ray Kroc. This really good illustrates the significance of these four facets in the first-class executing of the eating house services at McDonalds. The quality and cleanliness is alone.

But, what is alone in this eating house concatenation that has travelled past 50 old ages and emerged as a market leader and promises to go on the same.

Business Model

McDonalds concern tallies on 3 pillars:

The providers

The franchisees

The McDonalds corporation itself

The concern theoretical account that the organisation follows is Franchisee Model. The company provides preparation to the prospective franchisees and operators ‘ sing the ways a McDonalds is run. There is a Research and Development Lab that provides installations for all trainees to experiment in cookery. McDonalds as a company owns merely 15 % of the eating houses. The staying 85 % are taken attention by the franchisees. There are rigorous policies of supervising the franchisees to guarantee that they are adhering to the McDonalds promises of Quality, Cleanliness, Service and Value offered to its clients.

The Product Consistency across all the mercantile establishments is guaranteed by a provider networked operation and distribution system. This has resulted in consistence non merely across the eating houses in a part but worldwide.

The trade name edifice mechanism of McDonalds is non to provide the demands of the current market demand, but besides ensures the trade name value in old ages to come. The organisation ensures that the promises to the clients are non compromised which ensures repetition concern.

Operationss Management

It is considered to be the direction of an organisation capable of transforming an input to end product. This transmutation is performed by following a peculiar procedure. The transmutation can be applied to different classs based on the nature of the concern. The three chief classs being – stuffs, clients and information. Most of the organisations rely on a combination of these.

However, in this peculiar illustration, the input is the natural stuffs traveling into the devising of any of the comestibles in the eating house. The procedure is the transition of these merchandises to deliverables. These procedures are insistent throughout the organisation except for the minor alterations ensuing due to an debut of a new formula which, at a ulterior point of clip, go insistent. The end product is the finished comestible that is been supplied to an terminal user, here the client.

Schemes of Operations Management

Operationss direction plays a really important function in the edifice up of any organisation. The Operations, when put into topographic point, assist the organisation achieve its basic ends. It is good established by the Potter ‘s value concatenation theoretical account.

“ Value is the sum the byers are willing to pay for what an organisation provides them… making value for purchasers that exceeds the cost of making so is the end of any generic scheme. Value, alternatively of cost, must be used in analysing the competitory place… ” Potter M. ( 1985 )

Harmonizing to Potter ‘s analysis, the value chains consist of fundamentally two activities, viz. primary activities and support activities.

The Primary activities are –

Inbound Logisticss


Outbound Logisticss

Selling and Gross saless


The Support activities are –


Technology and Development

Human Resource Management

Organization Infrastructure

Further, the operations direction is non constrained to value add-on undertaking entirely. It is a procedure of Planning, Organizing and Controlling of the operations to guarantee that the client satisfaction is achieved.

Planing and Control

Planning is the major measure in Operations direction. Planning helps function many aims that can lend to the net income of an organisation. Proper planning helps cut down the cost of the production. This is achieved because proper steps are taken to guarantee handiness of natural stuffs at sensible cost even in black periods, therefore avoiding a stall in the production scenario. Furthermore, proper planning besides takes attention of steps to avoid extra production. There is a better control of the hard currency flow, which can be the disbursals incurred and future investing of the net income earned.

Furthermore, the planning schemes will besides assist do proper usage of available resources, natural stuffs every bit good as human resources. It besides mitigates the causes of dissatisfaction among the employees at times of unexpected work load and among the clients at times of unexpected hold in the services.

Any organisation would execute to the best of its abilities when the planning is proper and the programs are put into action every bit good as procedure control systems are enforced to do certain that the system is running as per the planned agenda. The control can be implemented by system or manually monitored by people. It does non count every bit long as the procedures are being followed without fail.

The procedure is monitored meticulously and the studies are created for every end product produced. In the instance of our illustration, the studies would be the net income and the client feedbacks obtained. These studies are analyzed to observe the divergence from the expected result. If the divergences are fiddling, disciplinary steps are taken at the franchisee degree. If the divergences are important, disciplinary steps are incorporated at an organisational degree.

The challenge for fast – nutrient articulations like McDonalds in structuring their schemes are better ways to supply assortment of terminal merchandises to the consumers in big measures, at the same clip keeping the quality and value of the merchandise and maintaining it cost effectual.

Performance Measures

Since the fast – nutrient articulation McDonalds has a planetary presence, the competitory precedences can be analyzed on the undermentioned parametric quantities.






Cost – Any client of a fast – nutrient articulation has assorted options to take from. This leads to tuff competition for an organisation. The cost is sometimes the major factor act uponing a client pick. The client in most instances wo n’t be able to separate the difference in the cost of the trade goods put together to bring forth the terminal merchandise. So, the organisation needs to do certain that the cost of the terminal merchandise is moneymaking for any prospective client.

Quality – The merchandise quality besides plays a important function in client satisfaction. Low cost ensures initial client flow, but low cost put together with superior quality ensures repetition concern. The quality of merchandise is an impact of the quality in procedure. The procedure quality is important as it takes attention of presenting merchandise to the clients worldwide holding a unvarying gustatory sensation and quality. This is really of import for fast – nutrient articulations as their gustatory sensation is expected by the clients at assorted geographic locations to be same.

Delivery – Another major important precedence is the velocity of bringing. Most of the clients traveling to a fast – nutrient articulation are expected to be short on clip. Hence, they would prefer topographic points which have the fastest client service even at extremum burden times, like tiffin clip. But even with the best procedures in topographic point, there can be holds due to unforeseen fortunes. McDonalds has schemes in topographic point to avoid client dissatisfaction on such uncommon state of affairss. They offer the ordered points for free in instance of hold beyond a threshold clip. Some articulations provide extra points free of cost excessively.

Flexibility – Flexibility can be the assortment of merchandises provided to the client. Since during a peak clip, there would be far excessively many clients telling a assortment of points, the supply concatenation is good organized to provide to the demand of each and every client in the least clip possible. Furthermore, it besides requires the organisation to accommodate to the altering demands of the clients, which may change based on fundamentally the geographical locations. McDonalds is dominantly a fast – nutrient articulation which specializes in beef and porc assortments, but they have a broad scope of bill of fare for the Asiatic clients, where vegetarian and lily-livered formulas are more in demand.

Service – Since fast – nutrient articulations are a service oriented industry where in concern depends non merely on the above mentioned factors, but to a big extend on the client interaction. The client service employees, who are responsible for interacting with the clients while taking orders and presenting them, undergo a proper preparation before being assigned the occupation. This gives an advantage over the rivals as clients tend to prefer articulations holding better client services.

Along with all of these schemes, the competitory nature of the planetary fast – nutrient market requires the organisation to maintain on introducing new merchandises to entice assorted scopes of clients. McDonalds has in topographic point assorted merchandise bundles that cater to the demands of clients of assorted age groups. The scopes include the inclusion of ‘HappyMeal ‘ option for childs which include playthings from the latest life films along with nutrient for the childs.


Customer satisfaction is the key to success for any fast – nutrient articulation. Harmonizing to David Garvin of Harvard Business School, quality is defined as transcendent, merchandise – based, user – based, fabricating – based or value – based.Based on these five definitions, Garvin ( 1984 ) compiled together eight quality dimensions which are as follows.








Perceived Quality

With regard to our illustration of fast – nutrient articulation McDonalds, merely a few of these are important. They are as follows –

Conformance – This is one of the major concerns of a merchandise developed by any organisation that it should conform to some pre – defined criterions that are expected for that peculiar scope of merchandise. The fast – nutrient articulations are expected to conform to the nutrient quality norms and alimentary value.

Performance – Performance is the step of how efficient a merchandise is to execute its intended intent. In instance of fast – nutrient, the aim is to alleviate a client of hungriness and supply the necessary nutrition to the organic structure. The better the public presentation of a nutrient point in this regard, the more is the demand for that peculiar point.

Features – These are the add-ons to the merchandise that can heighten its public presentation. The add-on of accoutrements in electronic equipment can heighten its public presentation. Similarly, fast – nutrient articulations provide a broad scope of extra merchandises like soft drinks, Sweets, java etc. along with the Burgers which fetch more gross every bit good as consequence in the increased service quality and public presentation. Some of the nutrient bundles include extra points like playthings etc. that farther consequence in rich characteristics.

Reliability – Dependability is the belongings of accomplishing client trust. A client should be able to trust on a merchandise for its consistence across assorted geographic locations. This is important for fast – nutrient articulations as a individual going to an unknown topographic point around the Earth would be more tempted to walk in to a familiar nutrient articulation and hence would anticipate the same gustatory sensation and quality that he is used to in his ain state or part. This leads to an addition in planetary concern by providing to regular clients.

Aestheticss – It is the biggest concern for any organisation covering with nutrient and drink market. It ‘s the subjective centripetal characteristic. There are a batch of rivals in a fast – nutrient concern. The clients along with the nutrition and value for money besides attention for the aesthetic value of the delivered merchandises. These may be the gustatory sensation, expression and experience etc. This may besides be the atmosphere in the fast – nutrient articulation. The client prefers a topographic point where he finds a good combination of all the above concerns. A really alimentary Burger in a shabby wrapper wo n’t be popular among the clients on the contrary frailty versa can be a market leader.

The Sand Cone Model

Cost Efficiency




An Operations Management Competence Model

Slack et Al ( 2008 )

Quality betterment methodological analysiss

Bettering the merchandise quality is an germinating procedure in any concern organisation irrespective of the sphere or scope of merchandise it deals with. A assortment of norms and paradigms are in topographic point to supervise the Quality betterment procedures.

Entire Quality Control ( TQC )

Entire Control Quality is the doctrine of continual betterment in the quality. It ‘s based on the attachment to the 5 S ‘s that are a consecutive procedure that organisations follow to guarantee that consequence in high quality procedures and in bend high quality merchandises. Harmonizing to Ramasamy ( 2005 ) The 5 S ‘s are

Seiri – This is the organisation by acquiring rid of unneeded points. These may include a broad scope of objects. The cleaning up of the old files and records in one of them. The old machineries which no longer give optimum consequences can be discarded or replaced with new one. The machineries may include cutting instruments, baking ovens etc. The restraint for taking the machineries and tools is the one time that have been unused for past 2 – 3 old ages. However, the organisation can overrule these restraints based on their sphere and demands.

Seiton – It ‘s the cleanliness as a consequence of executing a Seiri. In instance of a fast – nutrient articulation, maintaining the country neat is highly of import as it concerns non merely the aesthetics but besides hygienic issues of prospective clients. Food mercantile establishments need to be good cleaned and maintained so.

Seiso – The equipment and works where the production happens should be clean to avoid soil and attendant obscure jobs. In instance of fast – nutrient articulations, the workss where the natural stuffs for doing the nutrient points, the farms from where the veggies and domestic fowl are being used etc. must be scrutinized to do certain that there is no via media on the quality of the merchandises used. Furthermore, the kitchen in which the nutrient is made should be cleaned. The nutrient points should non at any point of clip be touched by bare custodies unless it reaches the client. All these guarantee that the nutrient is safe and free from any sources or disease bearers.

Seiketsu – Standardizing the locations of all the points is another manner of heightening quality. The topographic points of natural stuff in the kitchen needs to be standardized in order to ease fast collection of assorted points and hence cut down the clip of bringing. Furthermore, the hard currency counter has a well-organized hard currency box which facilitates easy and faster minutess as it becomes easier for the employees to return the alteration to the clients.

Shetsuke – It is the disciplined manner in which the above four S ‘s are implemented and adhered to in any organisations. This does n’t merely include the direction to take attention of the enforcement of these regulations. The duty lies with each and every employee be actively involved in guaranting that the quality procedures are followed.

The three Universal Processes of Pull offing for Quality


Quality Planing

Quality Control

Quality Improvement

Determine who are the clients

Evaluate existent merchandise public presentation

Establish the substructure

Determine the demands of the client

Compare existent public presentation to merchandise ends

Identify the betterment undertakings

Develop merchandise features that respond to client ‘s demands

Act on the difference

Establish undertaking squads

Develop procedure able to bring forth the merchandise characteristics

Supply the squads with resources, preparation and motive to:

Diagnose the cause

Stimulate Redresss

Establish controls to keep the additions

Transfer the programs to the Operating force

Copyright A© 1989 by Juran Institute Inc

There are many criterions in topographic point to guarantee that Quality norms are followed. But, these policies seem useless unless there is proper and timely audit for the same. The Quality audit procedures would necessitate a squad of quality experts to measure each and every procedure for its quality. The above tabular array gives an overview of all the quality planning, control and betterment schemes.

Harmonizing to Summers ( 2009 ), the assorted criterions and standards that exist globally to back up effectual quality direction systems are:

ISO 9000 – International Organization for Standardization has representatives from the national standardisation organic structures of over 90 states. The chief aim is to fulfill client by quality confidence and increase the degree of assurance of a client in an organisation. A company can scrutinize itself to derive this peculiar internal enfranchisement. The clients can scrutinize an organisation against the set of criterions for 2nd – party enfranchisement.

ISO 14000 – This is an extension of ISO Standards sing environmental issues. The organisations are evaluated for environment protection and pollution bar. These are followed by organisations to cut down negative impact on the environment. The organisations can implement assorted schemes to accomplish this. Like, supplying bio – degradable negligees and spectacless alternatively of utilizing plastics.

SIX SIGMA – The end of this procedure is to cut down the procedure fluctuation to the point where there are merely 3.4 defects per million chances. This is particularly important for industries whose concern involves mass production.

Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award ( MBQNA ) – This is another rating procedure which was designed by confer withing tonss of experts. The chief rating dimensions are

The soundness of the system.

The deployment of the system across the organisation.

The result of the deployment.

Organizational Performance

“ If you do n’t drive your concern, you would be driven out of concern. ” B. C. Forbes.

This is the basic rule of concern in today ‘s universe. The concern universe is really competitory and does n’t go forth room for via media on any of the facets of concern, be it, Quantity, Quality, Operations Management, Process Management etc. The duty of a successful concern lies with each and every employee, as was the theory of Ray Kroc, which led him to implement the franchisee concern theoretical account.

But, implementing entirely would non guarantee attachment. Attachment can be assured merely when measured. Measures literally mean ‘dimensions or capacity of anything ‘. For an organisation, the public presentation has to be measured every bit good as recognized and rewarded. The public presentation can be measured for employees, processes, services, providers etc. Any parametric quantity that plays a important portion of the organisation needs to be measured against certain criterions to guarantee quality.

Measures of good public presentation

The public presentation of the procedures in topographic point can be measured on the footing of certain parametric quantities like disbursals, income, quality, throughput, bringing clip, safety, cleanliness etc. In a fast – nutrient articulation like McDonalds, the service clip to the client is a major concern. This can be ensured merely if the production clip for the nutrient in the kitchen is good defined. Any hold in the production clip would detain bringing to the client hence go againsting the criterions. So, standard clip restraints need to be put in topographic point. Furthermore, the cleanliness is of import as it ‘s a affair of hygiene. The quality of nutrient depends a batch on the incoming natural stuffs like flour, veggies, fruits, domestic fowl, oils used etc. All these have to be of superior quality for the proper working of the organisation.

The organisational consequences public presentation steps are focused on the strategic involvements of the organisation. The consequences involve both the organisation and clients every bit. The client satisfaction is one of the steps, which can be measured by the sum of repetition concern and the figure of clients per twenty-four hours. All satisfied clients tend to urge the organisation to their friends therefore increasing the concern. The public presentation step with regard to the organisation can be based on its one-year fiscal consequences, quarterly fiscal consequences, divergence of these consequences from the predicted consequences, the net incomes etc. The organisational public presentation can be measured besides by the trade name value generated by the organisation.

The steps discussed so far were mercenary, but it ‘s the human resources that make a service oriented organisation like McDonalds achieve its aims. There are steps to supervise the efficiency and public presentation of these human resources. This can be done annually or half annually in the signifier of assessments. The employees can be rated based on public presentation. The first-class performing artists should be rewarded to promote them to maintain up the work and besides actuate the remainder of the employees to execute better. The highly hapless performing artists should be given proper mentoring to assist them execute better.

The internal procedure steps are meant to mensurate the effectivity and efficiency of the programs and processes that are incorporated inside the organisation. The Learning and Growth steps are focused on the growing and good – being of the human resource i.e. the employees. It besides encourages inventions, in instance of McDonalds, the invention of new formulas in the R & A ; D section by the franchisees. Fiscal steps are put in topographic point to analyse the concern advancement of the organisation world-wide in the context of the pecuniary additions or net incomes.

These public presentation steps are used by the organisation leaders to analyse and reexamine the bing schemes, programs and procedures, and do alterations if necessary to better the present conditions. The quality direction systems and Six Sigma are used by organisations to guarantee that the organisation is traveling towards advancement in concern by equilibrating the cost, quality and handiness of merchandises to the client satisfaction.


For any fast – nutrient articulation, in this instance McDonalds, to be a success, the first rule should be ‘Customer is the King ‘. A service oriented industry can boom merely by supplying the best client service in the least possible clip. But, service is non the lone factor. The quality of the merchandises delivered must be hygienic and alimentary so as to function their intents. The competition is fast nutrient industry is on an all – clip high, so the cost along with the quality would be a determinant factor for the client.

An organisation ‘s success does n’t rest in the directions custodies. The duty lies with each and every employee and franchisee. The employee has to work for the organisation as their ain. The procedure of the organisation has to be adhered to. This step of these attachments and alterations in the organisational schemes harmonizing to the demands would take to better concern. The organisational leaders should non merely Implement policies but besides integrated public presentation step exercises to guarantee that the procedures are being adhered to.


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