Quality and Systems Management Index Essay


Now a twenty-four hours, every concern organisation concentrating to construct up all types of direction, some of are really of import direction which is straight affects on organisations advancement. If the organisations direction is good, it will automatically bring forth quality merchandises. Quality is the major factor of the organisation. Every organisation creates criterions in production to keeping quality of the merchandise. This is good for the organisations success. If the organisation produce quality merchandises so it will helpful for making good trade name in market topographic point. Systems quality is besides of import portion of the organisation. To keep organisations quality, it is really ambitious undertaking. In the market value of organisation non depends on measure of merchandises, but it ‘s depends on quality of the merchandise. [ 2 ]

The strategic aims of operations direction within the organisation

Role and importance of effectual operations direction.

Operations direction is the country of concern ; it deals with the production and services. It involves the duty of the concern operations are efficient with the aid of utilizing little resources as needed. It is the procedure that converts inputs into end products in the signifier of merchandise and services. Operation direction is the bosom of the organisation by commanding the operations of the system. It deals with the operation, design and betterment the quality of systems merchandise and services. Operations direction, selling and finance are the functional field of the concern with direction duties. The importance of operations direction in every concern organisations activity attached and it plays of import function to guarantee that organisation achieve their aims and ends or non.

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Honda Motors is an car company which produces motorcycles and autos. To pull offing every concern activity it requires necessary operations direction techniques. To guarantee efficiency and effectivity in the organisation Honda Motors uses operations direction. How to well resources like human expertness, machines efficiency and stuffs are usage to better organisations public presentation. The company is holding primary aim of to gain maximal net income. The company reduces cost of the production utilizing multiple new engineerings. The company must hold nonsubjective to increase productiveness by utilizing minimal resources. Honda Motors have effectiveness and efficiency because they to the full utilised worker productiveness, proper use of resources, and direction techniques.

Honda Motors use operations direction for proper use of its merchandises and services direction. Wide scope of direction activities is holding merchandise or service direction, new thoughts for the merchandise to supply support to clients who purchased the new Honda merchandise. Product direction behaviors by every organisation whether it is done deliberately or accidentally. Honda Motors uses it adept accomplishment for to bettering production techniques, quality betterment, selling through advertise and magazines to present new merchandises in the market topographic point.

Strategic aims of Honda Motors

Figure: Strategic Management

Strategic direction is nil but of the art of implementing and measuring good determinations that enable an organisation to accomplish its aim. Puting organisations objective is one of the most of import and ambitious undertaking. The success and failure of the organisation depends upon the scene of the strategic aims. Strategic aims are set for longer period. In Honda Motors strategic aims set for three to five old ages.

Honda Motors understand their internal capablenesss every bit good as environment.Strategic aims plan gives guidelines and waies to Honda Motors for where to get down and where the organisation is traveling. Another aim is to actuate the directors and squad members for giving wages when they are taking enterprise for to advancement of the organisation. The nonsubjective scene helps to measure the success of Honda Motors in the strategic planning.

Tool for analysis of the strategic aims

SWOT Analysis

SWOT tool is widely used in organisation for strategic planning, SWOT analysis is basic usher for strategic planning. If direction is provide proper information about aim so this tool really utile for the company. SWOT analysis finds capablenesss and its internal place by placing the company ‘s strengths and failings. Once the organisation identified its strengths and failings so it should find the importance of each factor. Management squad must do analysis of all strength and failings and happen the degree of these strength and failings. The importance of these strengths and failings should be identified.

SWOT Analysis of Honda Motors


High R & A ; D


Market portion leading in smart section

Strong trade name equity

Unique merchandises

Production system that is refined over the old ages


High cost construction compared to ChinaA

Company depends on net incomes coming from throughout the universe, therefore capable to planetary economic systems public presentation.


Now a twenty-four hours, Customers continuously increased involvement into less fuel consuming and minimal pollution autos, Honda Motors holding powerful R & A ; D to develop these types of autos for taking more and more benefit of the market. Customers required choice merchandise with paying minimal cost. Honda motors taking this advantage holding his merchandise lower limit cost and best quality as comparison to other merchandises.


Economic lag due the fiscal crisis in 2008

External alterations ( authorities, political relations, revenue enhancements, etc. )

Lower cost rivals or imports from

Performance operations, aims of the company

An organisation success is depends on three major factors that is merchandise quality, cost, and velocity. In todays market tendency every client focuses on these three things of the merchandise. If any companies merchandise quality is good, and cost is besides minimal with holding good comfort as comparison to other merchandises so your merchandises demand addition in market topographic point. This will assist to organisation for long term sale of the peculiar merchandise. For keeping all these things, company ‘s operation direction must be good. Organization must be accomplishing aims with aid of strategic planning. Honda Motors holding good operations direction, to accomplish aim of the organisation. Strategic nonsubjective planning helps to accomplish organisation aims. To keep good merchandise quality Honda motors uses operations direction. With the aid of operations direction organisation finds his dependableness of the production, and it besides helps to organisation how to carry through the dependableness of the organisation. Honda Motors have flexible and powerful operations direction for doing quality merchandises.

Honda Motors every twelvemonth make study of the market for the understanding current market demands. After the analysis of the study Honda Motors decides his strategic aims and these aims organisation achieve by utilizing good operations methodological analysis. In today ‘s market topographic point Honda Motors holding powerful trade name because of company produce quality merchandise and sale the merchandise with minimal monetary value as per the market needs. Company launch his merchandise in a market with holding good quality, comfort, and minimal monetary value as comparison to competitor ‘s merchandises. Flexibility is most of import portion of the organisation, organisation must do alterations into the merchandise as per the market demand and this is achieved by good operations direction of the company. Flexibility is really helpful for company ‘s success. With the aid of operations direction organisation achieve strategic aims. If company holding powerful operations direction in a company, it will automatically accomplish organisational strategic aims. Honda Motors ever take this advantage and accomplish his strategic aims. [ 1 ] [ 2 ]

Systems to guarantee quality of merchandise and services

Business Process Management

In the competitory universe every organisation creates different merchandises from the rivals for to procure concern in the market topographic point. Quality direction is the demand for today ‘s concern environment. In these yearss consumer can take assortment of similar merchandises, but consumer select which are different from others. If client non satisfied with this merchandise public presentation they switch to this trade name. Thus the organisation must concentrate on clients ‘ demands and wants and distinction of the quality from the other figure of rivals. Customer satisfaction is most of import for build up trade name trueness and this helps for long term gross revenues.

To finish specific concern result concern procedure used set of easy or hard concern oriented undertakings. A concern procedure typically starts with a specific demand and stop with end products in the signifier of merchandise and services. Many concern procedures are sometimes developed by accident, in these processes no existent idea in how those procedures were developed. In some cases many procedures developed in instance of alterations in engineering, environment, policy, and market tendencies. Whether the procedures developed by deliberately or by accidently about every procedure demand to betterment of the quality of the merchandise or services. For bettering these procedures organisation must do a strategic determination or planning when they will non better or alter.

Business procedure betterment is a systematic strategic attack to bettering organisations concern procedures and merchandise quality and services. Many times these procedures required inputs from internal sections in the organisation or outside the organisation like inputs from clients or providers. Organization must acquire the clients current demand about quality, cost and comfort about merchandise and service. Identify new procedures or alternate procedure to do coveted end product faster, less dearly-won, improve quality of the merchandise.

Business procedure Management tools

In the market there are many concern procedure direction package solutions are available. Following some of the concern procedure direction applications are as follows:

Pegasis system






Software AG

To happening the solution purchasers should execute an extended hunt that meets the organisations long term demands and long term way for the company there are many more systems are normally used.BMP solutions holding few existing criterions. Some of the criterions used are Business Process Execution Language ( BPEL ) , XML procedure definition linguistic communication ( XPDL ).

With the aid of concern procedure direction solutions, it helps to organisation to better all concern procedures and quality of the merchandise and services. It besides helps to increase efficiency of the employees and besides helps to happen organisation strengths and failings. Business procedure direction can use to betterment of all concern procedure activities. It can assist to place spreads in bing procedures. It can assist to development of new advanced procedures which helps to increase merchandise quality and services, whether you are working on betterment of employee efficiency procedure or betterment of production system procedure.

Quality audit system

The internal quality audit is the mechanism with the aid of this operation of the quality direction system is monitored and similar with the documented quality system is assured. Audits done by the hearers, hearers are appointed by the company for the Organizations maps or processs being audited. Through the internal audit effectivity of the quality system is gathered. The chief intent of the quality system is to verify quality of the merchandise and services as per the organisations standard. Internal quality audit is really good for to increase effectivity of the organisation.

Approachs to Auditing

Vertical Auditing

Horizontal Auditing

Vertical audit expressions at peculiar map or section. These types of audit proctor all the activities and processs in the peculiar section. Internal audit are by and large perpendicular audits.

Horizontal audit follows start to stop procedure. These types of audit expression at processs as they support the procedure itself and are likely to period many different sections.

The internal quality audit system is a documented system covering the planning, executing and followup of quality audits carried out within the range of the quality direction system. It is portion of the quality direction system itself.

Internal quality audit system holding three maps ( required by the ISO 9000 )

Management Representative

Internal Quality Hearers

Management Review Body

All these three elements required by ISO 9000 but the method and execution manner of the internal quality audit system ( IQAS ) is non mandatory. The IQAS needs the disciplinary action system to be effectual. An internal quality audit requires engagement of the organisations senior direction peoples. This requires expert on the direction squad or the direction representative. The direction representative is the nexus between the operating quality direction system and the company direction through the direction reappraisal map. The direction representatives continuously focus on those jobs which can non be solve at any degree. These jobs may be detected through normal quality control activities, but these jobs will besides observe at the clip of internal audits. The direction representative is responsible for guaranting demand of the organisation in footings of policy, nonsubjective and encouraging processs are implemented and maintained. Quality director is besides responsible for organisations twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours activities. The function of quality director is must carry through these duties. The quality director must do good relationship with the workers. The quality director must non hold struggles between workers or squad.

The quality director is responsible for choosing, preparation and pull offing the quality hearers, pull offing internal audits, supervising the execution of the audit agenda and give study to the top direction peoples. How many hearers required for scrutinizing it ‘s depend on the size of the organisation. The range of the quality direction system and the different maps carried out into the quality direction system. For illustration fabrication company holding manpower 800 peoples, and spread over 3 sites, it could pull off with a 24 internal hearer ‘s squad and quality direction system covered all the major maps.

When the hearers take a audit in the organisation at that clip they must be independent. This prevents struggles and internal political relations which may be generates incorrect consequences. Auditing is about communicating with the peoples and listening about procedures. Auditor must be good hearer. The hearer must hold good cognition to inquire the right inquiries for acquiring the needed information.

Execution of the quality audit system

The audit conducted as per the peculiar nonsubjective base and quality system and standard base. It is conducted by the hearers independently where they are scrutinizing. This means when audit is behavior at that place must non include internal struggles and political relations which generate incorrect consequences for the hearer.

The typical procedure of audit will include:

In first phase i.e. readying phase during this phase hearer makes a list of maps to be audited.

Deciding the range of the audit.

Fixing proper list of the inquiries to be covered during the audit.

The director or supervisor of the map being audited, it must be first receive transcript of the list of the audit. The audit processes by and large start with the meeting to clear up the range of the audit. To everyone familiar with the audit procedure this phase is really short. During the audit noted any non-conformances and cross referenced to either the criterion. The procedure of the audit will shut with taking meeting with auditee to hold the non conformities, and discourse about taking disciplinary actions and make up one’s mind day of the months for actions to be completed. Solutions and the disciplinary actions and day of the months for the completion will all in the signifier of audit study. Once the audit is completed study should be prepared within 24 hours. The audit is non considered as closed until organisation take disciplinary actions have been completed and hearer confirms all taken actions. If the Follow audit is non complete hearer must take re-audit start from the first procedure and happen utile solutions.

Ways to present new quality civilization

Company, Suppliers and clients we are all in together

When company follows this civilization means we are all this together, reminds everyone how persons success depends on company success and the company ‘s success depends on how everyone making their work good. This type of environment helps to place everyone is a portion of organisation and holding personal individuality. It ‘s besides support for teamwork with the squads. It will assist to company for create strong employee trueness.

Open, Honest communicating is of import


In the organisation everyone has jobs sing to personal, societal, or any job in organisation work. Managerial individual must holding sense and grasp about the employee when employee holding any job.


Sometimes some peoples non listen to others. Peopless try to state what on their heads, they try to state how they are right and others are incorrect, but no 1 wants listens him, sometimes this will creates organisations large loss. Because whatever they try to state which is really good for the organisation. The director must hold encouraged unfastened and honest communicating. This will back up to doing powerful determinations against the jobs by affecting everyone ‘s positions in the organisation. Different peoples holding different positions and thoughts, if in organisation holding installation to listen everyone ‘s position and thoughts so it will really utile for organisations success.

Focus on Procedures

Every organisations success depends on how efficient processes done in the organisation. Organization must concentrate on procedures because all procedures in the organisation non traveling good, it will automatically impact on merchandise quality and hence it will impact on merchandise sale. If organisation wants success, it must hold proper controls on all organisations procedures. This will assist everyone to understand the importance of teamwork and cooperation to each other and the independency of the work. This helps to betterment of the quality utilizing efficient quality tools and step procedure public presentation and teamwork. Organization must supervise every procedure and by doing alterations into the procedures addition efficiency, truth and velocity to increase the productiveness. If procedures or programs are predefined in a company its result is ever good for a company, because direction focal points on the procedures which executed as per the demands or programs, it helps to better the productiveness and besides quality. [ 6 ] [ 3 ] [ 8 ]

Improve organisational public presentation

Identify jobs and chances for betterment

In Honda Motors organisations work activities have done with the aid of operations direction activities for to accomplish organisations aims. Organization fixes aims with the aid of strategic planning. Company confronting some jobs in production system, but company continuously research on these jobs and seek to better production velocity, efficiency, and truth of the merchandise. Company holding good R & A ; D squad for doing continuously research on merchandise quality and seek to happen solutions which increases merchandise quality better than current quality. It helps to organisation keep place in the current market. In today ‘s market clients required more fuel efficient autos, this is the large chance to Honda doing autos with maximal fuel efficient with keeping good quality of the merchandise.

Organization betterment

Every organisation produce merchandise as per the current market demand, and seek to giving good quality merchandise with minimal cost for bettering merchandise sale and unafraid topographic point in market. Organizations aims must put with the aid strategic planning which helps for success. If the organisation objectives set as per the market tendency and need so it will assist to cut down fluctuation between what clients want and what merchandise and services deliver. Any merchandise sale depends on how this merchandise fulfils the client ‘s demand. When any organisation produces any merchandise, company must be doing study of the market and seek to happen out what the demand of clients. Because what clients and stakeholders required and what merchandise company delivers this is really of import for organisations success. If the company produce any merchandise which non fulfils clients need it will consequences client leave this merchandise, this will impact on merchandise sale and company ‘s position in the market.

Deductions of proposed alterations within the organisation.

Organizational alteration it is nil but of altering current work modus operandis by presenting new regulations and systems into the operation. Organizational alteration is really hard because the regular modus operandi activities non back up to alter. Organizational alteration besides non straight supports because company working in current set environment which is non easy supports to the alteration. To vie with the rivals in the market every organisation must do alterations in the organisation. Using new engineerings and inventions produce quality merchandise which will vie with the rival ‘s merchandise. Change in organisation is really helpful for organisation success. If the organisations proposed alteration implements decently with the aid of alteration theoretical accounts and tools so it will increase organisation efficiency, productiveness, quality, and helps to bring forth choice merchandise in minimal cost, otherwise it will bring forth organisations loss. The chief aim of the organisational alteration is to increase quality of the merchandise with minimal defect and earn maximal net income with puting lower limit cost.

4.4. Implement alterations in the organisation

Product quality

Every organisational success is depends on his merchandise and services. To increase merchandise quality as per the clients ‘ demand and comfort, because when consumers purchase your merchandise if he will non fulfill long clip with your merchandise so he will go forth your trade name. Organization must continuously better merchandise quality and engineering for the secure base in market topographic point and increase sale of your merchandise. If your merchandise is good he vie with others merchandise so automatically better your organisation net income. A good client ever client ever see the merchandise quality. Because they wants long life comfort with the merchandise, clients have many picks while purchasing a merchandise so for that every company needs to keep the merchandise quality for to pull the clients.

Cost of quality measuring

In organisation the three things are really of import which are cost, clip, and work force required for the production, before bring forthing any merchandise every fabrication company analyze this three things. For to maintains merchandise quality organisation must put cost. Organization must cipher production cost and how much monetary value he will acquire from the market it is really of import. Organization must take attention of these things when keeping quality of the merchandise. Because if organisation produce quality merchandise, but in market holding rivals same merchandise which holding monetary value is less than our merchandise, if our company diminish merchandise cost and this is less than production cost so it will bring forth organisation loss. Sometimes it will non impact on company ‘s sale of the merchandise, when company holding strong trade name in a market topographic point.

Honda Motors have balance quality cost as per gross revenues cost, and in the organisation effectual quality plans can cut down this about, It will ensue doing direct part to the net incomes. Honda Motors holding powerful trade name in market, that ‘s why merchandise cost non affects on merchandise quality. This is the large advantage to the Honda Motors to gain more and more net income. To betterment of entire organisation public presentation and quality following points are of import:

Leadership must be of import.

Better execution scheme and better planning

Employee engagement should be accurate

Easy and simple designation and measuring

Proper Control and betterment in procedures.

Concentrating on critical countries

Honda Motors ever research his critical countries and seek to happen solutions for how to change over these failings into strengths. This scheme will assist to organisation to make powerful organisational environment, and besides helps to increase productiveness. When Honda Motors introduce any merchandise in the market after that they make study in the market and finds critical countries of this merchandise which is straight affect on his sale, for illustration Honda Motors present his new merchandise ( Honda City ) which is non fuel efficient, this is appeared into clients feedback. Company focal point on this country of this merchandise, and seek to happen how to increase fuel efficiency in current production cost.


Organization must be flexible when any alteration creates, like environmental alteration, market alterations, technological alteration etc at that clip organisation must happen options to work out these jobs. If any machine downtime occurs at that clip whole production non to be stop, it must be holding options to go on production procedure. If any employee cognizing any machines operations and in instance he will non able to come on work so, it must be holding any alternate employee to manage this work. Flexibility in the organisation is really of import to smooth organisation procedure. These all things support to increase organisations public presentation.

Human Resource Development

Employee is the major portion of the organisation. Directors must actuate to employees to finish their work. Arranging preparation Sessionss for the employees to the improve work efficiency. Give increases to the employees. Human resource development is besides called as forces developments consist of all activities to guarantee that effectual use of employees to finishing organisational aims. Supply good installations to the employees where they work.

Automation in production

To bettering organisational production procedures, it must be use machines and automatons for the production. This will really helpful for those organisations that are produce mass production. Automation is really utile for truth and fast production. It reduces manpower, cost of the production and helps to back up batch production. Using mechanization in the organisation, it increases productiveness in minimal clip. Minimum work force is required.


Teamwork is the really of import in organisation to finishing any undertaking decently and fast. Organizational director must actuate to employees work in squad. Teamwork is really of import factor to bettering organisation public presentation. It increases work efficiency. With the aid of teamwork fast jobs are to be solved, finds new advanced ways to finishing peculiar undertaking. Easily completed any undertaking because of work is spliting in different parts. It helps to sharing new advanced thoughts with the co-worker, and this may be helps to increase organisation public presentation. [ 1 ] [ 5 ] [ 7 ]


In the survey of this assignment, we introduce new techniques for bettering organisations quality. We besides suggest how to pull off concern procedures and how to better procedures. We find organizations strength, failings, chances, menace with the aid of SWOT analysis tool. We suggest how to better merchandise quality. In this assignment we take one instance as Honda Motors and do analysis of the different factors of organisation which affects on organisations quality, and we give solutions for to increase quality. This will assist to organisation maintains organisation every bit good as merchandises quality.


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