Quality of Ball Pen Essay

There are several different types, including ballpoint, rollerball, fountain, and felt-tip. Historically, reed pens, quill pens, and dip pens were used. Modern-day pens come in a variety of colors and assortments. The most common contain blue or black ink. I have chosen to analyze three different roller ball pens that dispense a water-based liquid or gel ink through a ball tip similar to that of a ballpoint pen. The less-viscous ink is more-easily absorbed by paper than oil-based ink, and the pen moves more easily across a writing surface.

The quality of pen components is checked during all manufacturing stages. Since thousands of parts are made each day, inspecting each one is impossible. Consequently, line inspectors take random samples of pen pieces at certain time intervals and check to ensure that they meet set specifications for size, shape, and consistency. The primary testing method is visual inspection, although more rigorous measurements are also made. Various types of measuring equipment are available. Length measurements are made with a micrometer, or a microscope.

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Quality of Ball Pen Essay
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Each of these differs in accuracy and application. To test the condition of surface coatings, an optical flat or surface gauge may be used. Like the solid pieces of the pens, quality tests are also performed on the liquid batches of ink. After all the ingredients are added to the batch, a sample is taken to the laboratory for testing. The QC group runs tests such as pH determination, viscosity checks, and appearance evaluations. In addition to these specific tests, line inspectors are also posted at each phase of manufacture.

They visually inspect the components as they are made and check for things such as inadequately filled ink reservoirs, deformed pens, and incorrectly assembled parts. Random samples of the final product are also tested to ensure a batch of pens writes correctly. The primary dimensions of product quality include: Performance / Features / Reliability / Conformance / Durability / Serviceability / Aesthetics / Perceived Quality. I’m going to use all theses points to describe the differences between my three different pens. The free pen: a good performer and reliable pen in the first place.

However it does not have any special feature. Aesthetically it is according to me truly ugly with the phone number on the side/website address. The transparent material used make the pen look like a cheap pen. The writing is thick, it leaks once in a while. In other word the writing outcome is poor. However, this pen does what it’s supposed to do. The “Medtronics” pen. This is a different kind of pen. First of all, it’s heavier; the feeling is hand is better than the previous pen. The weight adds a lot to the perceive quality.

The materials used are multiple; it has a clear rubber end, so the handling is smoother. It’s metallic and the colors give a good feeling. It has a nice feature, a lamp activated by a click on the top button, and after a year of use, that lamp is still working, which proves that this a good reliable quality pen. The writing is easier because the ball rolls smother on the paper than the cheap pen. It is also thinner. Overall, this pen is really nice to use on a daily basis and at night as well thank to that light that illuminate your writing skills.

Last by not the least, my “Cross” pen. One purpose, a good handwriting. It looks good from the outside, full white gold pen. With a very thin ball, that provides a very thin and elegant handwriting. Definitely my favorite pen to write with, it’s a pleasure to use. The pen flys by it self on paper, it is so smooth it makes writing notes a pleasure. There is no doubt; the difference in quality is obvious. Pen give quality feedback through the eyes, the ears and the hand. Three senses a poor pen can’t mislead.


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