Quality Perception of Parents and Student About the Education System of Private Sector Institutions Essay

Quality Perception of Parents and Student about the Education System of Private Sector Institutions Education has become a global concern these days. Many believe that after health issue, education is the most expensive service available these days. The demand for education has increased with more consciousness among the masses for earning knowledge for a better tomorrow. However the public authorities have not been able to create avenues for knowledge either in form of fresh avenues or expanding the existing avenues at the same pace at which the demand for education has been growing.

The uniqueness of this growing demand is that people are more inclined towards the “so” called professional courses which aim towards securing job after completion or rather buying a secure future. Very few infact extremely less number of people are pursuing the general courses because of the so call fear of a dark tomorrow. The words “buying future” is very controversial however it is true! The recent development of private education in India is a proof of the same. The private education market in India is estimated to be worth $40 billion in 2008 and will increase to $68 billion by 2012.

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Quality Perception of Parents and Student About the Education System of Private Sector Institutions Essay
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If we look at astounding figures we would understand the rate of growth of private Education in India. And our little insight of it in an extremely small part of India i. e. Durgapur have surprised us. More than 70 private institutions with a whole gamut of courses have approached the vast demand for education. Apart from little government owned or aided institutions majority of them have established by private bodies. We have recently seen how the status of 44 universities/deemed universities on a pan India basis have been booted by the apex educational body – UGC.

But this has brought the issue to an end, immense number of institutions have come up for providing so called education at the cost of quality infrastructure, faculty base or research initiatives. Enormous amount of fees are charged and promises made for a “guaranteed” future without any basic amenities that are required for providing education. With corporatization of education, these “temple of learning” have been transformed into mere money minting machine at the cost of a person’s future. Not that all are bad but many are upto the marks even when we talk about just the basics.

Our aim of the study is to understand what the student and their parents perceive about an education before admitting or rather putting the career of son/daughter at stake, to be precise we are focusing on understanding the education service quality variables that are judged by these group of people at the time of admission in this private institutions. We would also look at the perception of these people once they are admitted and experience the reality. A comparative evaluation using statistical measures would be undertaken for drawing the conclusion.


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