Queen Rania Of Jordan Essay

Introduction: Queen Rania

Queen Rania of Jordan is one of the most influential personalities of the Middle East. She has been called as the “ New Face of Islamic feminism ” in the recent universe i.e. twenty-first century. This alumnus in concern disposal, a former banker and a female parent of four plants indefatigably to better the conditions of weaker subdivisions of her state and to better the image of her state on the universe phase. She claims to stand for the big section of Arab adult females, sharing their hopes and aspirations with their face.

Personal Life:

Early Life: Equally far as her household background is concerned, Queen Rania does non belong to a royal line of descent and once was Rahia al Yasin. The beginning of household is from West Bank of River Jordan. It was antecedently a portion of Palestine that has been annexed by Jordan after 1948 Arab Israeli Conflict and once more taken by Israel in the twelvemonth 1967.Today it is a disputed country as “ West Bank ” territories cardinal to the Israeli Palestinian struggle.

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Because of the uninterrupted instability Rania male parent, a divider ( physician of kids ‘s ) , settled in Kuwait in early 60 ‘s and became a comfortable adult male.

Childhood and Education: Rania was born on August 31st, 1970 in Kuwait metropolis. She did her early instruction at a private school “ New English School ”

After finishing her early instruction in Kuwait, Rania graduated in Business disposal from American University in Cairo in 1991.

About her childhood experience she writes “ There was a really big exile community in Kuwait. My schoolroom had child from many different Nationalities. So I grew up with people of Europe, the United States Africa, and the Fareast. These interactions make me recognize how alike we are that makes us similar much more

Career: After her graduation from American University Rania could non return to Kuwait because it was occupied by Iraqis forces under Saddan Hussain part and the household had to fly to Jordan. Rania follow her household to Jordan Capital “ Amman ” and joined ‘City bank ‘ there and so served for a short period at the local office of “ Apple Computer ” . Here her concern contracts brought her a dinner invitation by Prince Abdullah, who was functioning military at that clip, go on to be present in that party and came in contact with her.

Family Life: Rania began her life with her hubby Prince Abdullah in 1993 and blessed by four kids vs. Prince Hussain ( who was named in award of his gramps ) , king Hussain of Jordan, princess Iman and princess Salma and the 4th one is Prince Hashem.

King Hussain, the so swayer of Jordan and male parent of prince Abdullah was contending with malignant neoplastic disease and passed off in 1999. Just before his death he has chosen Prince Abdullah as his designated inheritor.

RANIA AS A QUEEN: Although king Abdullah ascended on 7th February 1999, Rania had to wait up to process 22 1999, when her hubby proclaimed her Queen.

Social Life or HM The Queen Rania of Jordan has been declared 76th in the list of 100 most powerful adult females of universe about 600,000 people follow her on chirrup. She important paces in advancing East West duologue by taking a series of files in you tube that explored shared misdeal heritage. Hence she was awarded the first of all time “ Airy Award ” by you tube work of H.M.

The queen Rania can be divided into the undermentioned caputs:

Domestic Agenda: Her stateliness has so many activities on her domestic docket which includes:

A ) Madra Sati ( My School )

This plan is the encephalon kid of the Queen Rania, which she launched in April 2008.It, is a public private enterprise with an purpose to review 500 of Jordan ‘s public schools over a period of 500 old ages.

She besides launched “ Queen Rania Award for excellence in Education ” with awards to principals in April 2009.

B ) H.N the Queen Rania established the first synergistic kids museum of Jordan. It was established in May 2007.

Queen Rania is besides president of the royal wellness Awareness society. This is guide for wellness for the citizen of Jordan. Queen Rainia recognized three factors to construct happy households and healthy places via

-Expertise and Energy of Staff at RHAS

-Ideas and Enthusiasm of Students.

-Commitments of Partners.

At forepart of higher instruction, HM Queen Rania scholarship Programmed was established in partnership with several taking varsities from around the universe. These scholarships are given in the field of direction and selling, design, finance, concern, psychological science, architecture, jurisprudence etc.

The criterion of scholarships is high and these are given merely to most outstanding winners. These scholarships are given to make a more advanced and dynamic work force with an oculus to make full the bing cognition spread in for sphere labour market which aims at more sustainable socioeconomic theoretical account.


It is a non-profit-making organisation started in Amman to authorise society, particularly adult females and kids. It is aimed to better the quality of life and to procure a better hereafter to all for sphere through a sustainable socioeconomically and cultural plan. It has a weaving undertaking named Bani Hamida weaving undertaking, which promotes Bedouins handcrafts and better economic and societal good being of Bedouins handcrafts and better economic and societal good being of Bedouins adult females and kids. Wadi Al Rayan undertaking is another undertaking hosted by Jordan River Foundation. A group 165 adult females is engaged in this undertaking in doing baskets mats, and furniture from local banana foliages and cattail reeds.

Sustainability: Queen Rania actively supports the development of sustainable touristry in Jordan through Royal Society for Conservation of Nature ( RSCN ) .RSCN is a non net income, non authorities organisation. It is supported by establishments and single contribution. It is supported by bird life international, universe preservation Union ( IUCN ); later it becomes the largest democratic preservation bureau in the universe. RSCN was instrumental in constitution of IUCN which covers west Asia.RSCN and IUCN are spouses in implementing Jordan Rift vale undertaking and co financing portion of this undertaking through direct proficient support.

International fund for carnal public assistance ( IFAW ) besides cooperates with RSCN with an purpose to heighten biodiversity protection in Jordan. Queen Rania has supported the partnership between Ministry of touristry and Antiquities with WHA ( World Heritage Alliance for Sustainable Tourism )

Young person PROGRAMME

She is a strong protagonist of junior accomplishment of universe broad. The later is a non-profit-making young person organisation founded in the twelvemonth 1919 by Horace Moses. This is the universe ‘s largest and non-profit-making organisation dedicated to learn the pupils about entrepreneurism, work force direction and fiscal activities.


Human Right for Women.

Is a serious pattern of killing adult females, who are found, engaged in excess mental of carnivals? Normally it is done by the male members of the household. The telegraph writes about Queen Rania in following words ( 3rd Dec 2011 ). “ Queen Rania, who on a regular basis appears without caput scarf, allow entirely hi occupation, has given her quiet support to adult females ‘s rights group who wants to alter Torahs amounting to legal dross for work forces involved in award violent death.

Queen Rania is supported by Islamic bookmans like Sheikh Hamza by take a firm standing that Islamic jurisprudence or Sharia does non back up award violent death is nil to make with Islam.


The universe economic forum is an independent international Organization committed to bettering the province of universe by prosecuting concern, political, academic and other leaders of society to determine planetary, regional and industry docket.

H.M Queen Rania is besides the president for the nomination of immature planetary leader at WEF. She was the lone functioning member from Arab universe when she attended her first hebdomadal at WEF in 2003.

In Nov 2000, Queen Rania was invited to fall in the planetary leading enterprise of United Nations Children Fund in acknowledgment of her concern to the cause of kids and young person.

Vaccine Fund is non-profit International Organization which harnesses resources to seek to supply inoculation of kids in the states of universe.

In early 2002, the board of Directors of International Youth Foundation has appointed Queen Rania as its member. This foundation is based in BALTIMORE in USA and helps immature people to larn basic life accomplishments, instruction and preparation. They need to win.

Queen Rania is besides the Honorary Chair of the Board of Governors of the “ Packman Terric ” institute of La Roche College ( USA ) .This offers scholarships to immature outstanding talented young person from developing states.

She is honorary President of the Arab Academy for Banking and fiscal Sciences. This is a innovator institute in field of Banking and Financial activities.

She is besides honorary president of the Arab Women Labor Affairs Committee of Arab labour Organization. She is honorary president of Jordan Chapter of operation ‘Smile ‘ , which is an organisation ( a layman NGO ) supplying aid to the kids worldwide for surgeries of cleft lip and cleft roof of the mouth.

Queen Rania is besides frequenter of the International Osteoporosis Foundation ( IOF ) and was awarded by the Italian authorities for the accomplishment in this field of osteoporosis. Her stateliness is the president of Jordan society for Organ Donation. ( Her Majesty Queen Raina )

Queen Rania: A Role Model for Future Generation

Queen Rania is truly an icon and function theoretical account for immature coevals. She is involved in so many activities for human well being that she can considered as one of the universe ‘s greatest leaders.

These activities include:

Focus on quality and quality of instruction for kids particularly for girl kids. The most of import undertaking in this respect is Mordacity Palestine to rehabilitate and renovate the public school of Jordan. She besides started Mordacity Palestine for ovate dilapidated schools east Jerusalem.

Her stateliness besides established Al Aman Fund in 2003 which works to supply instruction to the orphans.

Community Empowerment: Jordan Rive Foundation a encephalon kid of H.M Queen is a non-profit-making NGO working in the field of community authorization, started in Dec 1995.The foundation mission statement reads as follows:

“ The foundations mission is to advance, in partnership with stakeholders, the development of a dynamic society by originating and back uping sustainable societal, economic, and cultural plan that empowers community and persons based as their demands and precedences ”

This organisation is committed to better the lives of kids and households through:

National plan

Community Empowerment Program

JRF Children Program

JRF consist of the undermentioned constituents:

A salesroom in Jabal Amman.

Bani Hamidia ‘s Women ‘s Weaving Project.

Based in Mukawir, near Madaba this undertaking aims to better the economical and societal conditions of Bedouin adult females and kids. Bani Hamida handcrafts are displayed by JRF in the salesroom.

Wadi Al Rajan Project for adult females empowerment dwelling of a group involved in doing handicraft points from locally available banana foliages and cattail reads.

Her stateliness Queen Rania Al Abdullah has involved in all facets of JRF. She is the president of the Board of transteers of this fund and provides airy leading to the plan.

H.M Queen Rania Al Abdullah is actively involved in development of Jordan ‘s sustainable touristry through royal society for the preservation of Nature. Under her leading Jordan is germinating as a safe and alone finish offering modern services with genuineness and heritage.

Human Rights: HM Queen Rania has an first-class path record in the field of Human Rights. She is in peculiarly vocal against honor violent death.

On International Stage excessively, her stateliness is a outstanding figure particularly in the forepart of planetary instruction and kid welfare.UNICEF has invited her to fall in its planetary Leadership Initiative in acknowledgment of her committedness to the cause of kids. she was besides named as the first eminent Advocate for kids and besides become Honorary Global Chairperson of the UNGEI ( United Nations Girls Education Initiative )

Queen Rania stresses peculiarly about the cross civilization duologue to advance greater apprehension, tolerance and credence in the universe. She ever use her position to rectify misconception about Islam, Arab universe, and adult females ‘s function in Islam

Her stateliness is besides a member of many International Foundations and Forum like Foundation Board of immature Global Leaders, universe Economic Forums etc.

It must be emphasized there are merely some of the preoccupations of her stateliness and are testimony of hard of Queen of Jordan in service of her state and international Community. That is why she is a fit function theoretical account for any Jordanian young person in his/her hereafter bearer. ( Queen Raina of Jordan )


Before discoursing the leading required by UAE we must research assorted theories of leading. Leadership is a procedure of societal influence in which one individual can enlist the assistance and support of others in order to accomplish a common end. It must stress that a leader may or may non hold a formal authorization.

There are eight types of major leading theories predominating in Contemporary universe i.e.

1. “ Great Man Theories ”: These theories assume that the great adult male are borne and non made. These theories presume that ‘leadership ‘ is inherited. These types of theories are predominately needed by military advantages and expeditions and in state of affairs of crisis.

2. Trait Theories: These are the alterations of great adult male theories which presume that certain trait heritage are required for a individual to develop. These theories identify certain common characters in behaviour of leaders.

3. Contingency Theory: It describes many variables for leading to develop. As per this, any different type of leading are required in different state of affairss. Success is a consequence of interaction of different variables including the leading manner, qualities of followings and constituents of state of affairs.

4. Situational Theories: These theories propose the pick of best action in a peculiar state of affairs. This type of leading is more appropriate for determination devising.

5. Behavior Theories: These theories believe that great leaders are non born but are made. They are based on the action of leader in a peculiar state of affairs and non on her mental abilities. Harmonizing to these theories people can larn to go leader through preparation and instruction.

6. Participative Theories: Such leaders encourage engagement and part from their followings and affect them in determination devising procedure.

7. Management Theories: Management or transactional theories take in history the function of Supervision and group public presentation. As a affair of fact these are the blend of above discussed theories. This type of leading depends on the wages and Punishment. Phenomenon is supposed to be best suited for concern state of affairss.

8. Relationship theories or Transformational Theories: These are based on the common apprehension and relation bonding between leaders and followings. These leaders motivated inspire like a wise man i.e. they bring up the potency of persons. Such leaders normally have high ethical and moral criterions.

Sing UAE, a blend of about all the theories except the first 1 ( as there is no crisis or military expedition ) are required to run into the challenges of concern, societal and cultural reforms, instruction demand and wellness facets. It must be realized that in UAE, the concern direction trades with the cultural diverseness with many nationalities, ethical and cultural groups coming together to accomplish a common end. Furthermore today is the epoch of practical organisation i.e. largely the organisations are runing via electronic agencies and there is no face to confront interaction of parties involved in the concern. Online concern is the word coined to denote such concern outsourcing is the anchor of such organisation along with the telecommunication.

So, two different organisation may come in into contract involve into exchange of services and payments without community in close contact with other. This may be called as Virtual Organization. This is to stress that leading of these of organisation require a high grade of Managerial Capabilities particularly with the phenomenon of globalisation of market topographic point i.e. the Integration of National Economic into the International 1s through trade, foreign Direct Investment, Capital Flows, Migration Communication and transit. This consequences into assorted nationalities etc to come on a common platform. The economic system of UAE is chiefly a concern based one apart from being oil based. HSBC trade assurance index ranks 2nd in universe behind India.

So in the last it can be concluded that a leading with strong managerial capablenesss is the most suitable one for UAE. ( Queen Raina )


Multicultural Workforce refers to a non power of changing societal, cultural, rushing and ability features. It is besides denoted as diversified work force. The chief challenges is managing a diversified or multicultural work force, is to suit the life manner, ethical values, work manner and demand of these different group without compromising with the common end on operations of an organisation.

A concern leader can utilize the diverse features of a multicultural human wealth to a strategic advantage with creativeness. A multicultural work force makes a good concern chance. Organizations with corporate environment are now confronting a hard inquiry i.e. Can Diversity be best treated by equal intervention or differential intervention?

Although the advocated of anti favoritism may reason that it is cold or illegal in certain states but some directors may reason that this premises ignores the fundamental of diverseness i.e. the different behaviour of the people from different nationality or Cultural groups in different status. For illustration an employee from the Far East may be happy if he is asked to work for more hours and paid for that excess period of clip. On the other manus, the same individual merely refused to work more if he will non be paid.

But at the same clip handling work force in a differential manner may ensue into bitterness and can gnaw morale. Such troubles are enhanced when weaker subdivisions of society like adult females are involved.

However such troubles may be addressed by simple steps like:

Having warm attitude towards all employees irrespective of their nationality, faith, or cultural beginning. This pattern must be at top managerial degree without bias.

Multi Cultural Dialogue: The adult male power of an organisation diversified beginnings should be asked for a directed inter cultural duologue. This means puting up a treatment group by top direction with participants from different beginnings, nationality, ethnicity, or societal backgrounds. This type of duologues will ensue into exchange of cultural cognition and the participants will larn more about why their carbon monoxide workers believe and act the manner they do. This leads to a greater tolerance.

Cross Cultural Training Seminars: retention of transverse cultural preparation seminar is a positive attack to cover with a multi-ethnic work force. Experts from multi-ethnic elations are to be involved in this type of attack to learn the employees to bridge the cultural spread between them. Such type of seminars may include value beginning, universe position and tolerance development.

Core Valuess of Employees: This is possibly the most of import action that top direction can hold to understand the behaviour of individuals from different cultural groups in their organisation. This is greatly facilitated by presence of Internet and the Information about different civilizations is merely a click off. So it is clear that a multicultural work force is non a challenge instead an chance creative activity and attack direction in an organisation.


The effectual leading can leave great trade of motive in his followings ensuing into a high degree of accomplishments. This must be realized that ego acquisition is the most of import tool to develop an effectual leading. As the leader is the wise man of his followings it is of import for him to get more and more cognition, accomplishment and instruction to go through it to them.

To develop a good leading one must explicate:

A basic sense of the System of organisation, its map and function and how they are integrated to accomplish the end of the organisation.

Functions of direction, Leadership are one of them and their integrating in the organisation. A uninterrupted preparation of the direction methodological analysis is a must in this respect.

Different traits, theoretical accounts and theories of leading including different spheres of it. As each sphere requires different attack and competences in order to take that domain a uninterrupted coaching of the leader is a must to develop such qualities.

Finally how one can develop his abilities in leading in a formal or informal manner

Developing Effective Leaderships: Developing leaders to be more effectual comes under the sphere of leading development plan, which refers to any activity undertaken with a position to heighten the quality and effectivity of leading in an organisation. These activities may run from direction plan like MBA, Business diplomas or any station alumnus classs offer by companies owned universities, action larning i.e. an Education procedure of acquisition by one ‘s ain action and experiences in order to better public presentation. There may be high rope classs, which are disputing out-of-door personal development and squad edifice activity. Such plans are normally constructed in trees or made of public-service corporation poles and necessitate rigorous safety steps to be followed. However there is a non nose count to be followed about their public-service corporation in developing effectual leading. It is besides to be emphasized at this degree that leaders are instead developed internally instead than recruited.

Future Leadership Requirement Model: A leader with focal point more on Strategic issues and organisational alterations, instead than current operational job. Apart from leading competency, a future leading theoretical account will necessitate to take into consideration of issues like work/life balance, possible progresss in globalisation, engineering and return of Investment and increasing involvement in the unity and character of leaders and new manner of believing about leading.


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