Questionnaires Essay

Datas Analysis

The undermentioned chapter purposes to supply the reader with the consequences generated form the questionnaire distributed manually. The analysis and treatment is focused on measuring the primary informations in the line with aims of the proposed survey which is about Buying behavior and civilization.

Respondent to Questionnaire:

There are entire of 80 Questionnaire was given to people belong to Pakistani community and merely 33 Questionnaires are returned which is 41 % of entire and taken for farther research. Overall there are 59 % Questionnaires was non answering and could non include for analysis.

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Feels Happy in Cultural Apparels:

The below chart shows that females and males of about all the class of ages well have strong point of position that it give them feelings of felicity when they wear their cultural apparels because it create a difference and besides it gives them experiencing of belonging to the traditional cultural as good.

Cultural Clothes as Identity:

The below Graph is demoing that females of age 26-35 and besides females of age 18-25 are important believes that cultural apparels are their individuality and the Males of in-between age 36-49 and above 50 believes that cultural apparels are their individuality. Here the difference between the Females and Males age difference shows that Female of Young age are more concern about their cultural individuality as compared to Males because they largely do non trouble oneself approximately vesture as cultural individuality.

Peer Group and Reference Group influencing:

The below graph shows that females of age group 18-25 and age 26-35 see the regards of the household and friends for the destining and besides males of age 18-25 and 26-35 believes that sentiment of the household and friends are of import follow for pick vesture. It shows tat Overall males and females of Pakistani community is influenced by the mention groups regards and sentiments. Harmonizing to the surveies about the Pakistani community it was observed that they have strong influences of equal group specially the household and parents who ever give them counsel and sentiment about their behavior and civilization.

Cultural Influences for shopping of Apparels:

The below Graph is about the point of position when Pakistani community looking for shopping.When people are traveling for apparels shopping they consider the cultural they belong as this graph shows that females of the community between age group of 18-25, 26-35 and 36-49 consider that civilization influences the shopping for vesture but males have non shows the big impact of cultural for their shopping. Harmonizing to surveies carried for Pakistani community besides discussed that people have strong feeling and believes about the civilization and besides experience happy when they do something depending on their civilization.

Western and Eastern Clothes Likeness between Old and New Coevalss:

The below graph shows that New coevals Strong believed that western apparels are good to have on and they like it. It show that Female and male of age between 18-25 and 26-35 are significantly agreed that they likes the western apparels and it is of import for Marketers to cognize that this section have strong position point about similitude of Western apparels.

The blow graph shows that Old Generation likes the Eastern Clothes. If we look at graph it clearly shows that Females and Males of in-between age 36-49 are more interested towards the eastern apparels and hey have strong believe that eastern apparels are good to have on.

If we look at old and new coevalss Likeness about eastern and western apparels we can analysis that new coevals likes more western apparels and they follow the western vesture tendency as compared to old coevals which is still following the eastern cultural apparels and manner. It show that old coevals have more impact of the cultural believes and values on them as compared to new coevals.

Religious Gathering and Traditional Apparels:

The below graph show that females of all age see that traditional vesture is of import for spiritual assemblage and they prefer to dress up harmonizing to the assemblage demands on this penchant of traditional vesture males have non demo he important impact of assemblage and traditional apparels which shows that females are more concerned about the traditional vesture as compared to males for the spiritual assemblage. Harmonizing to the Studies shows that Pakistani Community have strong spiritual, traditional, beliefs, Rituals which reflects in their purchasing behavior which seen in research carried out as secondary research.

If Western Brands Offer Eastern Apparels:

The below graph shows that Pakistani community will experience happy if they can happen eastern apparels in western trade name stores like Asda and following etc. Females and males of immature to middle age are strongly believed that it would be pleasance to shop when they can purchase eastern apparels in western trade names shopping. It is of import to cognize about this section point of position about this and Asda is already sing this eastern vesture for this section and they are working good and people besides showed their involvement in this research ( secondary research about Asda ) .

If Eastern Shops Start selling Western Apparels:

The below graph demoing that people are someway interested to purchase western apparels if eastern stores start selling. But their point of position about this in both gender males and females are non important well so it is stating about that they feel more happy to busy western apparels from western trade name stores instead than eastern. It is of import for sellers to cognize about this to get down any new merchandise for this community.

Quality is more of import than Monetary value:

The below Graph shows that Pakistani community have strong believe that quality is more of import than monetary value. Females and males both consider this that quality is more of import and besides this graph shows that immature and in-between age people are ever sing quality as of import factor to purchase apparels. It shows that old age people are still non that much aware about the quality merchandise they still try to see the monetary value and it is besides societal category factor that people look for the low monetary value even if the quality is non good and it was seen in secondary research every bit good. Harmonizing to secondary research about the Pakistani community besides shown that people are trade name lover yet they are still witting approximately monetary value every bit good because of exchange rate but every bit far as immature coevals they are non that much monetary value witting they are trade name lover and take trade name as position symbol it can be the ground that they are born here.

Research Ethical motives:

Research moralss is the rightness of how the research worker behaves in relation to the rights of the respondents who become the topic of the research workers work, or are affected by it ( saunder et all 2003 ) , Throughout the whole research there will necessitate to be a consideration of the ethical issues. Cultural duties like candidly and with incorporate work have been taken attention. Fraud has been avoided to convey new determination by the research. Data analysis has been done on in right way by utilizing excel sheet.

Decision: Harmonizing to the secondary research and the consequence of primary research which is done by questionnaire shows that Pakistani community Have strong believes, values and ritual consideration when they are purchasing Clothes. They consider their civilization as of import factor and have strong influence towards shopping for frocks.

Growth Prospects And Results: Due to increase in Pakistani population and their economic position as taking high gaining community with immense outgo capacity, seller should analyze more cultural and consumer purchasing Behavior of this community in UK market, by organizing Pakistani consumer market section, aiming and Positioning Pakistani consumer in UK to do concern more profitable, expandible and supplying better client services. Presently there are few branded stores target absolutely the Pakistani consumer, but still to sellers need to understand the Pakistani consumer and research their cultural influences to do this section of import.

Further Research

Due to limited resource of work force and clip, Research can be farther carried out on larger graduated table, more geographically, aged group and large mark consumer. Further researched is needed on Pakistani consumer purchasing Behaviour, understanding cultural and societal features and its deduction.


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