Questions on Management of Financial Resources and performance Essay

Q1 `Critically see the impact the resource determinations have both internally and externally hold had on BP ‘s public presentation and effectivity.

Board of managers determination to call off farther dividends in 2010 to utilize this sum in for future investings.

Directors have decided to revise its determination to give farther dividend to the stockholders is expression like un favourable determination for the stockholders of the company. The determination have to be taken to the managers of the company due to go oning of tragic accident which cause loss of 11 cherished lives but this sum is decided to utilize for long term investing helps British Petroleum to counterbalance the accomplished households, addition concern public presentation and addition in the wealth of the company and do it competitory in the hereafter. Further the company decided to counterbalance the households of the affected individuals which will hike the image of the company in the bing employees of the company and do a motivational factor for the bing employees. The company besides decided that in future the company becomes able to restart the payment of dividend and this will be enhanced with betterment in the public presentation and place of the company helps to construct the trust of the stockholders of the company of today forfeit will derive in the hereafter.

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Questions on Management of Financial Resources and performance Essay
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Board has decided to sale the assets of the company upto 30 billion and utilize this sum to run into the fiscal committednesss.

In the twelvemonth 2010, board of managers of the company has decided to revise its determination of the fiscal dependence of excess loan funding and to run into is fiscal demand by issue of farther capital. Company has decided to place non-profitable operations of the company and by sale of these assets meet its fiscal crunch.

Company has decided to maintain focal point on value of services instead than enlargement in the volume of concern. This will assist the company to strength internally by cut downing the loss of non-profitable assets and to hike investings in the profitable assets of the company. By cut downing excess funding from the Bankss and fiscal establishments cut down the load of heavy involvements on the loans. This will assist in increasing stockholder wealth of the company by diminishing the heavy disbursals spend in payment of involvement sum.

Company has decided to re-structure its hazard direction and appraisal scheme and construct separate section to supervise this country and scheme is based on Exploration, Developments and Production

The bing event cause became a tragic minute in the history of British Petroleum. To avoid such events in the hereafter, board decided to reconstitute hazard direction policies and processs and affect the experts in restructuring procedure. This will be good for the company, its employees and workers and its stakeholders and do the motivational factor for the employees and workers of the company. It helps to construct the image of the caring direction in the employees and workers of the company.The company has to eliminate the bad impact of this tragic event and will make such stairss which build the image of caring, safer and congenial enviourment in the heads of the employees and workers.

BP direction dressed ore to a broad scope of new upstream resource chances, and already hold 32 undertaking start-ups planned between now and 2016.

Board and direction determinations showtheir foresight thought for the hereafter demands of the company to do it completive in the planetary word. To take benefits organize the emerging chances the company has made planned for the approaching undertakings and to pull off the resources of the company expeditiously and efficaciously. This helps non merely the company to acquire benefits from the emerging chance in the concern universe but besides make it able to last with the competitory race of the planetary economic system.

These factor shows company strength to anticipate the hereafter demands sing the energy sectors which could mostly assist the company to increase its portion in the market from 7 % .

BP direction decided to spread out its concern by affair with the other major market participants.

Board of manager of the company have decided to do a joint venture to do entrees to the countries where the company has non able to better execute independently do the company to spread out its concern country and to utilize its resources efficaciously with the joint venture. This helps the company to present it ain individuality that country and construct a long unrecorded dealingss with its line spouses. It helps the company to utilize and upgrade it researching engineering with the aid of joint venture and bring forth the best consequences. The company has already signed an understanding with Russia with TNK_BP. Company has announced a 2nd historic understanding. This will, capable to completion, see BP and Reliance work together across the gas value concatenation in the aggressive Indian market. These factors shows that company scheme to spread out its exploring and bring forthing countries with the coaction with other energy participants of the universe and this coaction helps the company to utilize modern engineering and to do investing the country of research and development.

Board and Management concentration on research and development to utilize its resources and to bring forth new ways energy coevals methods

Board of manager of the company realizes the alteration inworld demands for usage of energy resources. To en hard currency this chance and to see the tendency in future the company has decided to switch its concentration and utilize its resources to bring forth lower C energy, . The company has become leader in making air current energy, solar energy concern and invests in C gaining control storage engineering. The company get downing its operation to bring forth bio field in Brazil, UK and USA. The company is already engaged in the coevals of another method of bring forthing energy like air current energy, solar energy and have vast investing in carbon-capture and strong engineering. The company decided to to the full concentrate to go mature in bring forthing lower C energy. All these factors reveal that the company direction experience the future tendency in energy sector and get down to take stairss to strength itself to run into the hereafter coming energy tendencies which greatly help to do company strong participant in the energy sector.


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Q 2 Critically evaluate, appraise and analyse fiscal informations, techniques and tools to back up the concern scheme of BP. ( 20 Markss )


The industry in which BP is runing is hazardous due to figure of factors and as a consequence of that company have adopted hazard based attack in determination devising, implementing and explicating concern scheme. The figure of hazard involves volatile international oil monetary value, foreign exchange currency hazards and chiefly operational hazard in different parts of the universe, like in last twelvemonth a occupation in Mexico Gulf claimed 11 lives under the deep sea H2O. These above mentioned factors are non extended but have got important attending in hazard direction policy.

After reexamining latest Chairman and main executive study available on BP web site it is apparent that company will go on hazard based scheme to heighten company fiscal public presentation, but in response to last twelvemonth now the company is concentrating more on the hazard minimisation and pull offing the hazard every bit good to guarantee there must be a resiliency to operational and safety hazards.

If we critically analyze the fiscal statements there are some indexs which point out and support hazard based scheme of BP as follows

In the latest balance sheet the investing in associates has increased by 2 % which shows that BP is geting abroad companies to make a occupation for BP. This type of attack is really hazardous in entrepreneurship.

As in the Group Executive study BP has sold its assets of 30 billion to carry through its fiscal committednesss. This is really hazardous policy to carry through fiscal committednesss through the sale of company operation in different parts of the universe. As in the hard currency flow statement sale returns from the sale of fixed assets is 7,492 million in 2010 as compared in 2009 is only1,715 million and more significantly finance has been arranged through the sale of concern as in 2010 is 9462 million as compared in 2009 is 966 million and in 2008 is merely 11 million. This is worrying state of affairs for the company.

If we look at group balance sheet of fiscal twelvemonth 2010 fiscal debt of the company has increased in both current and long term liabilities part which will hold important impact on the finance cost of company. The current part of commissariats has been increased many times as compared to last twelvemonth, in 2009 1660 million and in 2010 9489 million.

For the twelvemonth ended 2010 the group income statement shows some of the worrying indicants such as gross has increased only..24 % but purchases have increased by.25 % and production related disbursals have increased.32 % if we compared it with the fiscal twelvemonth 2009. Exploration cost has been reduced to 843 million as compared to 2009 which is 1116 million. This thing is declarative that BP is non researching new resources which will hold important impact on the future public presentation of the company.

Conclusively in the terminal it seems company has been small spot miss managed specifically in 2010. Which may be the ground that three cardinal personal had left the company at three cardinal places. Overall company is hungering for finance which has been managed but unluckily in a really unpopular manner which may hold long term important effects on BP future profitableness.


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Q 3 Identify and critically measure the direction and public presentation of touchable and intangible resources in concern scheme and planning.


Tangible resources

Tangible resources are those resources like equipment, vehicles which have existent physical being. The British crude oil touchable resources include a big human resource of the company and include company edifices, refineries, oil Wellss, grapevines, petrochemicals, service Stationss, office equipment, furniture and fixture, land betterments etc.

Tangible resources is one of the critical factor to measure the concern public presentation of any company. In the twelvemonth 2010, companies keep focal point to engage specializer work force which possess expertness in executing their given undertaking. In the current twelvemonth the outstanding consequences to the oil spill proves the company human resource capableness and committedness. Company operates Europe, the US, Canada, Russia, South America, Australasia, Asia and parts of Africa. Company utilizes its fixed plus resource around 60 % in Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development ( OECD ) states, 42 % of our fixed assets located in the US and about 20 % in Europe.

Company has mobilise its touchable resources efficaciously and expeditiously to obtain maximal end product by utilizing touchable resources. During the twelvemonth as per latest fiscal statement company has made investings in acquisition of fixed plus of an sum 16,510 million and 1,997 million from acquisition to other energy participants of the universe which shows company committedness to present new and upgrade it researching and bring forthing engineering.

Intangible resources

Intangible resources are things like corporate images, trade names and patents that are present but can non be grasped or contained.

Intangible resources in BP, other than good will, include outgo on the geographic expedition for and rating of oil and natural gas resources, computing machine package, patents, licences and hallmarks.

Exploration licences and rental hold belongings acquisition cost are the intangible resources which company uses to do it competitory in the oil geographic expedition and bring forthing energy resources. The company holds no licences that expire within the following three old ages which is the mark of direction mentality on future clip for the company. It consequences the company direction would hold a important impact on BP ‘s militias or production.

In this twelvemonth company direction maintain focal point to engage professionals ‘ crude oil applied scientists and scientists to assist company for execution of company programs. The services of these professionals are one of the great assets of the company. From the old reappraisal it shows that the company has no any old program to engage such professionals in the yesteryear.


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Q 4 Evaluate, apprise and analyses international facets of fiscal scheme of BP?


British crude oil direction to the full committed to increase its portion in the international market of oil exploring and bring forthing companies form 7 % to 10 % by 2020. Before the month of April 2010, BP had drilled safely in the deep Waterss of the Gulf of Mexico for 20 old ages. The authoritiess of Egypt, China, Indonesia, Azerbaijan and the UK have shown the assurance on oil researching strength the British Petroleum company.

British Petroleum Exploration and Production section covers upstream and midstream activities in 29 states in 2010 including Angola, Azerbaijan, Canada, Egypt, Norway, Russia, Trinidad & A ; Tobago ( Trinidad ) , the UK, the US and other locations include Asia, Australasia, South America, North Africa and the Middle East. Company Exploration and Production activities besides include gas selling and trading activities, largely in Canada, Europe and the US.

In Russia, Companyhas an associate through its 50 % shareholding in TNK-BP, a major oil company with geographic expedition assets, refineries and other downstream substructure.

In Refining and Marketing, company market its merchandises in more than 70 states, with a peculiarly strong presence in Europe and North America, and besides industry and market its merchandises across Australasia, in China and other parts of Asia, Africa and Central and South America.

In the US, company ain or have a portion in five refineries and market fuel chiefly with trade names of the ARCO and BP.

In Europe, BP own or have a portion in seven refineries and the company market extensively across the part, chiefly under the Aral and BP fuel trade names. The company long-established supply and trading activity is responsible for presenting value across the petroleum and oil merchandises supply concatenation. Company petrochemicals concern maintains a fabrication place globally, with an accent on growing in Asia.

Company lubricants concern blends and markets lubricators globally, chiefly under the Castrol trade name, and is a turning concern through market growing and the development of new merchandises.

Company direction continues to seek chances to broaden its activities in growing markets such as China and India.

We conclude that BP scheme is rather successful to do coverage in researching and oil bring forthing companies of international markets which greatly help the company to do it competitory among the remainder of the oil bring forthing and researching companies. Company scheme is to construct its concern relationships to major participant of the part and to do affair with oil exploring and bring forthing companies. However, the company should maintain focal point to construct ain concern set ups to avoid by sharing its ain concern strengths with other companies which help the company to work other market participants and to do a strong place in the parts.


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