Raccoon Hunting Sample Essay

One of my greatest escapade would hold to of been when I went coon hunting with some friends. It was a beautiful Saturday eventide when I got the call. I didn’t cognize what to state at first but in the terminal I knew it was traveling to be a good thought. I decided to travel along with them I got my limelight and my. 22 lever action and I was ready to travel. When I got to their house they weren’t even ready to travel. they were playing Madden 13 and didn’t expression like they were traveling anyplace shortly. After an hr of atrocious calls ( must hold been replacement refs ) . a instance of mountain dew. and a box of pizza we were ready to travel. As we headed out of town we saw a monolithic vaulting horse easy 26in broad and at least a 6 by 6. We truly wished it was cervid season because. we would hold shot him. but unhappily it wasn’t. So we continued down this route trusting we’d topographic point a raccoon running in the ditch alongside a maize field when all of a sudden a Wisconsinite came out. We swerved and missed him but that Wisconsinite was huffy. He tried to trail our pickup down but we went to fast for him. After the Wisconsinite we decided to travel on a different route someplace out in the center of nowhere where cipher lived and had no farm animal we could ache.

We found this old house that was run down. I knew the cat that owned it so I called him and asked him if we could run on his land for some coons and he said certain. but don’t interruption anything. So. we got out of the pickup. adrenaline pumping. ready to travel happen some coons. We smelled the fresh autumn air. heard the sounds of the air current rustling through the trees. and we knew it was traveling to be a good dark. We foremost tried the old barn when we opened the door we stopped and listened for a 2nd. all we heard was the sound of nails rubing on the old boards. We looked left. we looked right ; we looked up. and saw nil.

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Then one of my friends felt something rage on his cervix. he went up to catch it and it hissed at him. He approximately had to travel back to town and acquire a new brace of bloomerss. because what he grabbed was a coons tail. We were all so startled that alternatively of hiting it we merely watched the coon ascent up through the ceiling into the hay loft. After doing certain that the bottom floor was cleared and didn’t have any coons in it we decided it was clip to travel up and into the hay loft. We were all excited. we drew straws to see who would travel up foremost and certainly enough it was me. My friend behind me had the topographic point visible radiation and was ready to reflect it one time I got up. So. I ran up the stairss gun at the ready and my friend popped the topographic point light up and certain plenty there was at least a twelve raccoons merely sitting at that place looking at us. “Holy cow I have ne’er seen so many raccoons before! ” “How many are at that place? ” asked Bob

“At least a dozen” I answered
“Stop lolly muzzling and hit them! ! ” yelled Jim who was the last one to come up the stepss “I don’t know which one to hit at first! ” I answered “Doesn’t affair merely shoot at one of them or acquire out of the manner so the remainder of us can come up and assist! ” hollered Jim. “Ok here we go! ” I hollered and opened fire on them.

After a five minute shoot out we got all the raccoons and were out of ammunition. so we merely called it a dark. Later that dark I don’t think any of us got a blink of an eye of slumber because of all the epinephrine running through us and the amazing narrative we had to state to our other friends and households.


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