Race and Ethnicity Sample Essay

* Southern bondage
* Age of flexibleness ( 1619-1680 )
* South Carolina
Slave Majority
* Slave codifications

-status of the female parent

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Race and Ethnicity Sample Essay
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-chattel slavery-slaves are non even people. no rights


After the radical war:
Economics- economic system based on agribusiness in south. so slaves are cardinal

Land enlargement

Property rights

Scientific racism
* carl Linnaeus

Haitian revolution ( 1791-1804 ) panics americans -Toussaint L’ouverture

Scientific Racism
Africans-slow. relaxed. negligent. to be called inkinesss
Native americans- to be called ruddy. tidal bore.
Europeans- picket. muscular. Swift. clever. imaginative

Abolition in the North
* Gradual emancipation
* Immediate emancipation_ merely Massachusetts did this

* End of Atlantic slave trade ( 1808 )
* Self perpetuating slave population

Antbellum Slavery ( 1800-1865 )
The curious Institution

Task slavery- when u give your slaves a you
Gang bondage
Plantation bondage
Slaver quaerer

Hierarchy of direction
Planter- owns plantation
Absentee planter-does non live there
Overseer-don’t work for more than two old ages at any plantation- has arms Driver- superintendents right manus man- makes certain everyones making their job- has no arms

Types of harvests
* Sugar
* Cotton
* Tobacco
* Indigo
* rice

Henry box brown- slave. married woman and childs get sold. his new lifes mission is to get away. acquire occupation. do money. and purchase back his married woman and kid Carpenter builds him a box. he wants to be mailed to philly

Abolition-American anti bondage society ( 1833 )
-Sojourner Truth
-“Aren’t I a adult female? ”

William Lloyd garrison- Pro-Abolitionist
-“The Liberator”
Immediate. Non-Compensated Abolition

Free Blacks in the South
-Black Slave Owners
-Richards Family_ Had sugar Plantations- 150 slaves-lousiana -Antoine Dubuclet- Louisiana-had about 150 slaves-before civil war. was wealthiest black in the South


Emancipation Proclamation- Abe says “if slaves of Confederacy are non freed by 1863. they will go free. ” Doesn’t really do anything. but makes clear of his aim. With terminal of civil war. 4 million slaves are “technically” freed


13th amendment- Ends bondage in the U. S. and its districts 14th amendment- grants citizenship to inkinesss ( merely work forces )
15th amendment- Black work forces have the right to vote

Southern Backlash

Economic Backlash
-Sharecropping ( outlawed in 1900 )
-Tenant Farming
-Vagrancy Laws

The Great Migrations: Traveling out of the South
* Post civil war migration
* Industral Revoltion Migration ( 1880 )
* WWI Migration ( 1911-1930 )

* One million African Americans move back north

* Black establishments:

– businesess
-Madame C. J. Walker- first African American millionaire -Harlem Renaissance

WWII Migration ( 1939 )
* Tuskegee Airmen
* 91st Infantry Division
* 2 million African Americans move north

Civil Rights
* The civil rights act of 1964
* The vote rights act ( 1965 )

Irish in the United states

* Who comes?
* Anchor immigrant
* Chain migration
* Lean-tos
* Tenement edifices

1st cultural group to of all time hold Torahs against their in-migration. Besides. they are the first people who were banned from coming to America.

Chinese in China.
* Silk route
* Divisions within china- topography. Family divisions
* Guadong or Canton state
Push factors
* Government- Qing dynasty
* Overpopulation
* Imperialistm-box rebellion ( 1899-1901 )
* Weather- period of drouth. followed by period of flood-Tsunami
* War and rebellion
* Chinese in the USA
* Pull Factors-Gold rush- Gum saan
* 300. 000 came to America

Chinese in America
* Chinatown. san fransisco
* Work:
* Gold miners-foreign miner’s revenue enhancement
* Domestics
Despite the fact that they took low rewards. one hebdomads wage in America was still 2 months wage in China.

Bachelor society
The six companes
* Yan Wo company
* Tongs- involved in organized offense. normally members aren’t involved with 6 companies * Criminals
* Vice territory

5 chief causes of anti-chinese sentiment
-Vice territories
-religion ( miss a church construction )
-yellow hazard
-labor differences
* Dennis Kearney
* Denver public violence of 1880- 1 chnese killed
* Rock Springs Massacre of 1885-28 Chineses killed

The Chinese inquiry of 1867
( how do we halt Chinese in-migration )

-naturalization act of 1870- gov makes usre everyone knows about it ( Chinese buzzword be citizens ) -chinese exclusion act of 1882- ( authorities keeps this quiet. helps acquire Chinese out of state ) 8. 031 Chinese lawfully entered u. s. the twelvemonth before this act. afterwords. 10 were allowed in

-scott act of 1888- Chinese labourers that leave the U. s. temporarily are non allow back in -Chae Chan Ping v. US 1889. takes this to supreme tribunal. but tribunal sides with u. s.

overseas telegram act of 1922
* Anxiety of about white misss get marrieding inkinesss
* Women acquire right to vote in 1920


ANGEL ISALND9 ( like ellis island. but merely for Chinese immigrants

Paper Sons ( 1906 )


* Sephardic Jews
* The Spanish Inquisition
* “Auto de fe”-act of religion. a supplication to demo people your dedicated to Christianity. a manner to turn out you converted * Alhambra Decree- if your one of these converted people. so gtfo of Spain ( edict of ejection ) * Formative Wave in-migration

* New Amsterdam
* 3. 000

German JEWS

* German Jew
* First moving ridge ( 1830s )
* Religious freedom
* 30. 000
* peddlers- about all male German Jews do this- travelling. selling things people need. High quality. low monetary values * reformed Judaism-alternative to being Orthodox. heped Jews blend in
* affluent went to mid west. rest went to metropoliss i. e. Boston. NY


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