Rachel's Crayfish review November 16

Term Definition
molting When an animal sheds its exoskeleton because it is increasing in size.
regeneration the process a crayfish goes through to replace a lost body part
scavenger an animal that hunts and eats dead plants on animals
exoskeleton the outer hard protective covering that supports the crayfish arthropod
swimmerets small limbs underneath a crayfish abdomen that move water to help breathing
enviroment all the physical conditions that a living thing needs to survive
stimulus An action that causes a response
An example of stimulus When we tapped the crayfish on the back with an eraser
response How an animal reacts to a stimulus
An example of response The crayfish moved when it was tapped
Crayfish senses sight, smell, touch, taste
which sense is the crayfish missing? hearing
why do crayfish molt? Crayfish molt because their bodies get bigger
How do crayfish protect themselves from predators? Crayfish attack with pincers and quickly swim backwards. They get into a defensive posture (stand high on walking legs) or hide.
Why can crayfish stay out of the water for long periods of time? Crayfish can track water under their carapace which keeps their gills moist.
What is the difference between a male and female crayfish The female crayfish has one more set of swimmerets.

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