Racial Profiling Essay

Name Period Teacher Due date Racial Discrimination The law enforcements Job is to protect the citizens from individuals who violate the laws but it should be unlawful to use racial profiling to get the individuals who violate the law. Benjamin Todd Jealous states that racial profiling affects innocent individuals who are targeted and mistreated by our law enforcements which is supposed to help and protect the community.

I agree with Jealous stating our society shouldn’t let innocent individuals get targeted and mistreated because its racial profiling and it houldn’t be allowed in our law enforcement Our society can’t let innocent people get targeted by the law enforcement for a crime they didn’t commit. As stated by Bob Herbert in Jim Crow Policing “rather than a legitimate crime-fighting tool, these stops are a despicable, racially oriented tool of harassment. ” I agree with him because these stops are Just used to discriminate against the person because of their skin color.

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As Jealous stated “they shouldn’t get punished for the past actions of those who ook and sound like them. This is very true because they even if they look the part doesn’t mean they have committed a crime, they could be the nicest person ever. The minorities that get stopped also get mistreated and they only get mistreated because they look a certain way. As stated by Bob Herbert on Jim Crow Policing “these encounters with the police are degrading and often frightening and the real number of people harassed is undoubtedly higher then numbers reported by the police. Some people argue that they use racial profiling to help stop a lot of crimes but the people who get mistreated start losing the trust of their law enforcement. The community will start to fear the law enforcement because they mistreat their suspects and members of the community. Racial profiling shouldn’t be allowed in our law enforcement because it isn’t necessary; the cops shouldn’t stop people cause of their skin color and mistreat them.

As stated by Bob Herbert “the police department nsists that these stops of innocent people-which are unconstitutional, by the way- help fight crime. ” The cops also make up excuses for why they did stopped them such as saying they are doing furtive moments or for wearing crime related clothing. Overall, I agree with Jealous because innocent people need to stop being targeted by the police, the police should also stop mistreating the innocent minorities they stop, and because this racial profiling has no place in our law enforcements or our communities Racial Profiling By JkfwkeJfhwefwef


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