Racial Profiling in Airports Essay

What is racial profiling? Racial profiling is a form racism that focuses on
certainracial groups. Since 9/11 there have been certain groups of people
thathave been focused on while in airports. Random searches do work;
racialprofiling helps identify people who know attacked the U.S., and keep
peoplesafe. On the other hand, there are people who would disagree with
thesearguments. They would say that racial profiling is ineffective,
randomsearches do not work, and is discriminatory. Racial profiling is the
mosteffective tool that is used to prevent another attack; however, racial
profilingshould only be used as a security measure only in airports.

Racial profiling in airports is effective because random searches do work.

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Racial Profiling in Airports Essay
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Random searches work because they have the potential to stop not only
foreignterrorists but also domestic terrorists from attacking airports.

With the attacks on September 11, random searches can be used to screen
morepeople who have intentions of harming innocent people. “Understanding
thenature of the threat is the first step in the process of determining
thebest way to mitigate it” (Pistole1of 4). In the same way random
searcheshelps and makes sure that passengers, planes, and airports will
protectedfrom any terrorist attacks or bombers. In a sense random searches
aregood because it can stop a potential terrorist attack and it will make
passengersfeel safe at airports and while on airplanes.

Racial profiling helps identify people who know attacked the U.S. It is not
hardto see who attacked us on September 11; all of the evidence points to
theArab community. Spencer writes young Muslim Arab males are responsible
forthe overwhelming majority of terrorist violence around the world today
(1 of 3). Some of the recent attacks that were committed by Arabs are the
Madrid train bombers in March 2004, London bombers in 2005. These groups of
peopleare able to do this on a mass scale we need racial profiling more
thanever. These people are willing to unthinkable acts to get their
messageacross not matter how much the cost is even if it means that it
willcost them their lives and the lives of others. If we are to learn from
this, we need to profile any and everybody that fits the description of the
peoplewho flew planes into buildings that killed thousands of Americans.

How long do we have to wait until profiling can become a securitymeasure
inairports, maybe until there is another terrorist attack?

Keeping people safe is another reason for racial profiling. We need racial
profilingto stop these Muslim Arabs from committing terrorist attacks
usingairplanes. They are responsible for all of the hijackings that took
placeon September 11th. All are willing to kill Americans even if it means
sacrificingthemselves. Last but not least many lived in America for a long
time. In order to keep these people in check, airports need the latest
technology, “Body scanners such as advanced imaging technology (AIT)
machines” (Ott1 of 5). This machine is capable of giving the screener an
imageof a person’s body without them having to take all of their clothes
off. It shows that the person has no weapons in or around their body that
couldcause harm to others. Since 9/11 cockpit doors have become more
securedthat hijackers or anybody else for that matter can get inside and
takethe plane over. U.S. Marshalls are now on planes to make people feel
saferand to diffuse any situation that occurs if one was to come up.

Furthermore the one tool that can keep people safe is each other. If every
bodykeeps an eye open for suspicious activity it will make it easier for
authoritiesto keep all of us safe in airports. Not only will these
securitymeasures and procedures help cut down on attacks, but also
drasticallyimprove airport security.

Racial profiling is ineffective because it only focuses on certain group of
peopleinstead ofevery body. To think that all terrorist look a certain
wayare more likely to be terrorist. A terrorist could beany bodyin the
worldthat has a plot to blow something up.Kleinerwrites, “It is the
positionof this note that racial profiling is wrong because it is both
ineffectivein ensuring security and constitutionally unlawful” (112). If
lawenforcement spent all of their time on a group of people who may look
liketerrorist then they have less time to get the actual people who are
tryingto cause harm. The terrorist that hijacked those planes on September
11th were of Middle Eastern descent, but all terrorist and bombers do not
fitthis description of young Arab men. Now that most Arabs are being
targetedit gives others who feel the need to get a point across and blow
somethingup. Homegrown terrorist are now becoming the new group that wants
tocause harm. A number of these terrorists could be young, old, white or
blackand people would never know the difference. The time spent just
profilingArabs could be used in a more productive way in catching the
terroristwho do have something planned in the future. For the people who
saythat racial profiling their opinion terrorist do not have to look like
aterrorist to be one.

People who do not support racial profiling in airports say random searches
donot work. Random searches do not work because they are not meant to
catchanyone. If we randomly check every body that was going through
securitycheck points it would take hours and many people would miss their
flights. This would be a good thing because people would feel more secure
thatthere is no threat on the plane that can potentially harm them. The
majorityof these people would not fit the profile of a terrorist. In fact
itdiminishes security because it wastes so much time and effort on people
whoare obviously no threat. Most people would feel that by doing random
searchesit would be a violation of their rights. The use of racial
profiling, the terrorist have scared us into giving up our own rights. By
givinginto the terrorists they have succeeded into changing are ways.

Racial profiling in airports can also be discriminatory. The group that was
involvedwith September 11th was of Arab background. These are the groups
ofpeople who need to be stopped at all check pointsthrough outthe
airport. Not to say that all terrorist attacks have been done by these
groupof people, but many may say that this is some type stereotype or an
actof racial discrimination. However these people are not American
citizens. They are foreigners who do not have the citizenship of this
country;therefore, theycan notbe discriminated against. But most people
whofit this profile are innocent and others are completely guilty. Still
peoplewould say this is racial profiling. This is why we do not need
racialprofiling in airports because it is not fair to the people who are
nottrying to be a terrorist.

Racial profiling is a tool that is being used to keep potential terrorist
attacksfrom happening. The main focus of racial profiling is to target one
specificgroup for a particular situation that their race may be a part of.

In public opinion some would say that racial profiling is something that is
neededonly at airports because of the attacks that occurred on September 11
th.It helps to keep those who look like potential terrorist from trying to
doit again. On the other hand people who do not support racial profiling
maysay that it is mostly a waste of time and resources. Most people that
gothrough airports on a daily basis do not fit the profile or come off as
athreat as a terrorist. But in today’s world would it be better to be safe


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