Radio Dj Essay

An “Easy” Job By: JQ LEE Edited by: Mariam Abbas 23 Aug 2010 ANKASAPURI: Taylor’s Communication students got to see the behind-the-scenes occupation of a Radio DJ during their class trip to Angkasapuri’s RTM Radio and Television station on August 18. Being a Radio DJ may seem easy and fun but each career has its challenges and many had underestimated a Radio DJ’s job prior to the trip. Possessing a good voice and a quirky personality is not enough qualification for a Radio DJ, but the X- factor also includes having sufficient general knowledge.

K. Sugumaran, Senior Marketing Manager of Minnal Fm said “You have to be friendly, fluent in a specific language and well-educated. Most of our DJs have a degree”. He explained that every radio DJ that works in RTM is required to go through a procedure of interviews, which includes a voice test, written test and face-to-face interview. “The purpose of a written test is to see how well-versed you are, not only about the radio industry but generally everything,” said Sugumaran, who has been in the industry for 37 years.

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Besides having general knowledge, a Radio DJ will have to be able to work independently because most of the time DJs will have to host the station alone. Double-D, a Traxx Fm DJ and an Engineering Degree holder was found with his hands full as he was working alone for that morning segment. Being a DJ has its rewards though, as Double-D says “Producers will be there to supervise but I have full control of my radio program; from content to music and even guests. ”


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