Rain Forest Vocab.

Term Definition
Decomposers Organisms which break down dead organic matter.
Deforestation The process of clearing an area of trees and other vegetation.
Climate A region with specific weather conditions.
Endangered A plant or animal species that is close to becoming extinct.
Threatened Species of plants and animals that are likely to become endangered in the near future.
Emergent layer The top layer or "roof" of the rain forest and has full sun.
Canopy The 2nd highest layer of the rain forest. It has medium sized trees and lets little light pass through.
Understory The layer of vegetation in a forest below the canopy but above the ground and has filtered light.
Forest floor The darkest and wettest part of the rain forest.
Temperate Places where it is neither very hot nor very cold. Usually with warm summers and cool winters.
Tropical Around the middle of the world in the region called the Tropics, where it is very warm all year.
Epiphytes These plants grow along the branches of a tree.
Liana A thick, woody vine that grows up trees and acts as ladders for animals to climb.
Leaf litter Decayed leaves.

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