Rain Man Essay

Introduction This paper deals with rain man movie to critique the most interesting character in it Raymond, his behavior, his language and what the problem he suffer. Charlie is a young and businessman who sells expensive cars for a living. One day he receives word his father died, that a man he had never spoken with him since along years, Charlie get back to his childhood home to get a care of his father’s property, suddenly he surprised all of his dad’s $3,000,000 estate was left to an unnamed man in a ‘trust’ .

After investigating, Charlie discovered that the trust man was who lived in a home for the mentally disabled near his childhood house. When he discovered this institution with his girlfriend, Susanna, Charlie makes a nearly unbelievable discovery: The person to whom the trust is an autistic person his name Raymond Babbitt and he is Charlie’s older brother. Charley had never known he had a brother, as his parents had never told him he had a brother. In his confusion, he became anger and greed, Charlie decides to take Raymond back with him.

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Raymond may be not prepared to leave the Ohio institution he has lived in his all life, but Charlie is decided to take what he thinks is his share of his father’s estate. So, Charlie decides to fight for legal custody of his brother, as a way of being able to get to the $3,000,000 that his father had left for his brother. In their journey back to Los Angeles, Raymond nearly drives Charlie crazy with the maddening characteristics that are a function of his autism While, Raymond has a profound influence on Charlie, and so Charlie finally grows to love and accept his brother exactly as he is.

I chose this character Raymond because he is interesting, suffering from psychology problem that we can call it autism and he showed us how these people are have a special capacity to do unordinary skill, some time their mind work such as the computer. Furthermore, there are four main characters in the movie, Charlie, Raymond Susanna and Dr Burner. Autism: People who are autistic are believed to suffer from an abnormal psychological state in which they have a severely limited understanding of reality.

Perhaps more importantly, it is believed they have little understanding of their own emotions, or the emotions of other people. There is a wide range of autism that exists. Some people are so autistic they can almost do nothing for themselves, and are completely dependent on others for their everyday needs. There are other autistics that are considered “high functioning,” and thus are able to do much on their own, although they may still be better off living in institutions that care for the mentally disabled.

Still other autistics are what are called “idiot savants,” in that they have the ordinary limitations of most autistics, but they also have special mental skills that are reflective of pure genius. For example, in the case of Raymond, he appears to have both the memory and basic math abilities of a computer, not a person. Autism is a neurological disorder that affects a child’s ability to communicate, understand language, play, and relate to others. A diagnosis of autistic disorder is made when an individual displays 6 or more of 12 symptoms listed across three major areas: social interaction, communication, and behavior.

Some psychologists and psychiatrists go by the “Mind-Blindness” theory, which basically asserts that an autistic person can’t, by nature, understand what another person is going through or what another person might be thinking. According to the theory, autistic people only consider their own feelings and thoughts when responding to the world and choosing how to behave in it. If we get back to the movie we will find Raymond didn’t care to his emotion or other people emotion, Raymond didn’t know the money concept. I noticed in the movie Raymond did not go outside on a rainy day and did not leave the hotel.

He gave no weight to the fact that his brother is in a hurry, and is unaffected by his brother’s assurance that the rain won’t harm him. Raymond is incapable of caring about or even considering his brother’s case. He can’t change his reality and his rules for life; despite the distress his refusal to leave the hotel is causing another person. Furthermore, he didn’t care about his behavior or other people behavior, we saw him when he opened the door while Charlie and Susanna were sleeping and he didn’t know what is that mean to him or to the other people.

On other hand, we observed Raymond with out feeling and emotion that he describe the objects physically, I noticed that when Susanna met him and she tries to teach him the kissing after she kissed him, when she ask him what are you feel Raymond told her it was wet. While Raymond has a special mental skill but he unable to represent any of it to the world, He can compile baseball statistics, memorized dinner menus, and become disturbed when anything upset his own schedule. He can lso count 246 toothpicks in a second, memorize a page of telephone numbers in a minute and calculate the square root of any numbers, but nobody knows what he is thinking? Raymond insists underwear had to come from K-Mart in Cincinnati, and breakfast must always be the same each day. It seems routine was Raymond’s way of dealing with the world. So Charlie use unusual his brother skill to win at card to solve his problem. Raymond he can’t change his routine we notice that he very accurate with his appointment for dinner, watching TV, and reading his book.

Raymond scared from aircraft because he believes it very dangerous, easy to crash and he had information about all their accident. Furthermore, Raymond failed in interaction with people we notice that when he met the lady in the club while his brother gave the chance to talk with her but he failed and she leave him alone. Raymond when his brother used him to win at card he couldn’t give enough attention to the play . So all these sight show us he has neurological problem. Raymond didn’t show us aggressive behavior in the movie.

He was friendly, live in his world and he didn’t care about anybody. On other hand, Raymond used his language and simple language. More His answer was yeah with his doctor, he didn’t have self-confidence so he was hesitated and muttered when he speak not sure. Some time he imitates the same word and deal with number, no eyes contact during his conversation with people. I felt a certain love for Raymond. He doesn’t show loveable or pitiful as a mental patient. Not as the common people are, he is uninflected, unmoved, uncomprehending.

He straight does everything without wheeling and dealing. He doesn’t think to impose because he lives in his own world. Therefore, Charlie could feel secure, relax and simple with him. No need to be wary of Raymond. In my opinion, Rain Man is the real man because no cheat, no jealousness, no evil appear in his mind. So I could believe that Charlie was beginning to love him, because that was the same feeling I have, Charlie had taken a trust relationship with Raymond. Through deeply thinking, Rain Man teaches me that the society needs trust; the relationship needs trust.

Furthermore, I think he used this language and follow this behavior to teach us the autistic people not aggressive people whom they live in their world and some of them have a special mental skill can help the ordinary people to solve their problem and they are not dangerous but very friendly people we can deal with them in easy way. On other hand, he used the language poor control pitch volume and intonation to tell us they have psychology state or some time designate as “social disability” that they can use their language as they live in their world.


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