Randle Report Essay

The Randle Report, by Kevin D. Randle explores UFO research in the1990’s. In
reading his book I have gained much knowledge of how to determine whether
information submitted as proof of extraterrestrial existence is valid or bogus,
and the truth (from a scientificstandpoint) about several famous unidentified
phenomenoms. Much information is submitted to substantiate extraterrestrial
existence. This information comes in many forms but the most common are: video,
photography, and sworn testimony. Once this information is introduced UFO
researchers have to test the authenticity of the information. In 1995 aman named
Ray Santilli claimed to have authentic footage of the allegedRoswell alien
autopsy. Although it was very interesting, it was most definitly a hoax. This
conclusion came after the data from many tests (performed by unbiased scientists
and experts in their respected fields) showed that many things in the film and
the actual film did not correlateas they should have. In the film there were
instruments that hadn’t been invented yet and the film was unlike any from
that time period. We as humans have always had a facination with visual
displays. In 1987 Ed Walters produced several polaroid photographs, several of
which were published in several national newspapers and magazines. Once again
these photographs were very appealing to the American public but were proved to
be not generic either. Mr. Walters was not only unable to recreate his
photographs but after he moved from the residence where he claimed to have taken
the photographs at the next tennant to reside in that home found a model of a
flying saucer that seems to be the same one that appeared in his photographs.

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