Rapid Response to Natural Disasters Essay

RapidResponse [ c1 ]

One of the most of import characteristics of logistic support direction is a speedy response following a natural catastrophe. With the recent betterment of information engineering, the logistical operation has been able to be conducted on clip and the bringing of the needed stuffs to the victims has been more efficient than of all time. A rapid response towards the natural catastrophe is important in order to minimise the harm being done and besides cut down the figure of lives lost, particularly in the wake, which could be due to miss of medical coverage or deficient nutrient or H2O. This is why transit method such as land, air and H2O conveyance is the most of import before, during and after the catastrophes struck. In supplying a rapid response towards a catastrophe, there come certain challenges with it such as [ 1 ] ;

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  1. Relocating critical equipment and trade goods when a catastrophe warning is given
    1. Relocating [ c2 ] the critical equipment and trade goods demands to be carefully structured and planned as it needs to as far off as possible from the catastrophe location, to be wholly safe from its consequence radius. But it needs to be every bit near as possible to the catastrophe in order to supply a speedy alleviation to those who are affected by the catastrophe.
    2. ( suggestion – buat appraisal tentang catastrophe consequence radius, and set off from that radius )
  2. Emptying programs
    1. If [ c3 ] a catastrophe struck a state in all of a sudden, the people will all be still in the location and confronting the catastrophe as it happens. This sort of state of affairs will necessitate a perfect emptying program as it involves a monolithic pandemonium and hard to acquire things done in order. A helter-skelter state of affairs is an already severely struck location will do farther harm and an increasing figure of loss as it hastens the procedure of delivering the people and supplying an effectual catastrophe assistance.
    2. ( suggestion – preparation and educating people about evacuating safely and in order. Rehearsal )
  3. Uncluttering way for the motion of people and stuffs after the catastrophe
    1. Related [ c4 ] to the emptying programs is the way or route being used to travel the people out of the catastrophe country, as it might non be as in good status as it were earlier. It might be congested with traffic of the people wanted to acquire out of the country, or full of debriss from the devastations of the edifices and installations, or being filled with mudslides or submerged in floodwater. These are the jobs faced when a catastrophe alleviation operation is seeking to supply a rapid response towards a catastrophe.
    2. ( suggestion – )
  4. Method and processs in the motion of casualties
    1. As [ c5 ] a catastrophe struck, it usually causes a batch of casualties, with most of them affecting major hurts that may take to decease. As rapid response is taking towards cut downing the figure of decease, it requires a proper direction in footings of the method and processs of covering with the casualties. Not all forces involved in the catastrophe assistance alleviation operation are good trained with the processs as it besides involves voluntaries from around the universe. Though their purpose is good, it may besides rush the procedure and therefore the attempt of seeking to supply rapid response in lessened.
    2. ( suggestion – provide more preparation for volunteering organic structures around the universe of a standard operating process and methods being used )
  5. Bringing in deliverance and fix squad, together with their installations and equipment
    1. ( suggestion –


In the event of a catastrophe, the resources needed as portion of a alleviation operation must be transported to the affected country every bit rapidly as possible to go to to the casualties and besides cut down the figure of decease and prevent farther amendss to that country. But supplying the sum of conveyance for all that in such a short clip is a large challenge as portion of the logistic support group. It is cardinal to utilize whatever transit left in the affected country, particularly as bigger and better conveyance from exterior is being delayed with the path being cut off as a consequence of the catastrophe. And acquiring the cooperation from the bureaus, companies or any organisation with any method of transit is besides a challenge as it might affect financess, assets and other affairs that need clip to be coordinated.

( suggestion – semua Negara kena trade siap2 with local organisations, bureaus or companies as portion of their ain catastrophe program )

( suggestion – create a networking system between all bureaus and organisations for cooperation in footings of transit to increase the efficiency of the alleviation operations )

Coordination and Collaborations

Covering with the event of a natural catastrophe, it is difficult for the affected state to manage the affair on its ain, as their system is crippled and the organisation is in pandemonium. This is why it will necessitate aid and support from other state, particularly their adjacent states or member states of a regional organisation. During a catastrophe alleviation, portion of the logistic affair is traveling and administering the trade goods in as short clip as possible to the victims, and this usually involves immense transit coordination and is a really expensive affair. And certain procedures or processs are excessively complex to be used in such a critical clip where everything needs to be done in such a short infinite of clip.

( suggestion – more elaborate cooperation between member states of any organisation must be made ( OIC, NAM, etc. ) , non concentrating merely on regional organisation. Better coordination brings better procedure standardisation – better cooperation and better consequences )

( suggestion – information sharing on the critical demands, so easier to coord )

Undestanding Environments

For the alliance or regional organisation, a catastrophe alleviation operation largely involves working in a really different environment and besides limited to several restraints. For illustration, in a catastrophe that involves struggles, the distribution and transit of goods might non be every bit smooth as it should be. Even with good conditioned roads and conveyance vehicles, they might me susceptible to onslaughts, ambuscades or mines. Their supply centre and alleviation workers might besides be marks for these onslaughts, which might halter the procedure of making out to the victims. Political state of affairs might besides present a job to the success of the alleviation operation as different groups tries to take advantage of distribution procedure in the name of their ain organisation for political additions. Though it has nil to make with the catastrophe alleviation operation organisation, it does halter the initial aim of presenting the goods every bit rapidly as possible to the right community.

( suggestion – local capablenesss must be identified, as the use of their capcities will supply benefits to the alleviation operation. must place mana proses yg boleh cepat, mana yg akan lambat. Siapa yg boleh tolong, siapa yg akan menyusahkan. )

Nutriment Support

Even though the initial support or alleviation is important in salvaging lives and minimising amendss, it needs to be sustained for a longer period of clip in order for it to be wholly working as it is supposed to be. Resupplies must be coordinated so that the right sum is delivered, as it might change from the initial measure and specifications, as accommodations on the trade goods are being made from clip to clip.

( suggestion – after having the initial support, local governments must work out the on accommodations and on supplying resupplies. Not wholly depending on supports from others merely. )



( suggestion – The facet of the logistic support that must be given the importance is the Packaging of trade goods. Managing equipment, find the majority of the unit bundle should be done accurately as to protect it from damaging. However, Storage and conveyance fortunes determine the strength of the bundle unit. For illustration medical specialties in fictile bottles survive unsmooth route conveyance. Other related facet that should be kept in head is Shelf-life Climate, Spoilage, Pest opposition ( FEMA, 2013, NDMA, 2010 ) .

Protecting Important Commissariats

After the episode of catastrophe large-scale, relief logistics require consistent and sustained supplies of critical and fast-moving merchandises such as fuel, oil, lubricators, tyres, and indispensable spare parts. In add-on, enlargement of an operation requires cargos of high value specializer equipment. The clip of catastrophe status is critical any demand may lift hence before during and after the catastrophe the protection, managing and proviso of the related supplies must be done carefully, such as ; Fuel import, refinement, and storage, Materials managing and storage at ports, Unloading and bagging equipment, container handling, and unafraid Storage, Handling and storage at Airport, Storage at developing regional landing fields, local assembly and unafraid wadding of tyres and spares parts ( UNDP, 2006 ; NDMA, 2010 ) .


Time taken to acquire clearance or permission will do hold.

Commercial landing fields & A ; ports might be damaged as a consequence from the catastrophe. So need to utilize unconventional ways such as military substructure as close point of entry. This will necessitate particular clearance & A ; requires more clip to acquire permissions

Security agreements should be reviewed every bit shortly as the catastrophe hits. Access to some paths and landing fields may be destructed to make the location or clearance and licenses may be needed by the logistic supply squads, particularly in exigencies. Hence, Arrangements should be made to obtain the relevant paperss before, instead than after, the oncoming of a catastrophe ( Iqbal et al. , 2007 ; UNDP, 2006 ) .


Kena trade dgn political influence, buang Masa & A ; tidak menjurus kepada onjektif asal nak reach out to victims

Org berebut2, pembahagian jadi tak adil

Distribution of merchandises to victims at the catastrophe location is distinguishable from conveyance and managing bulk bundle of trade goods. The assignment of distribution is normally decentralized to a distinguishable bureau. It includes the physical and non-physical transportation or distribution from their point of production to the point at which they made available to the victims. The effectivity of distribution systems depends mostly on how receivers are selected and identified in the first topographic point. Often this is a complex and extremely political activity, over which external implementing bureaus has merely limited influence ( UNDP, 2006 ) .


United Nation Development Program ( UNDP ) . ( 2006 ) .Logisticss: Disaster Management Training Program.New York.


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