Reaction to Physician Assisted Suicide Essay

Reaction to Physician Assisted Suicide I believe that the reason physician assisted suicide is such a controversial issue is because people don’t make wills that tell hospitals what they want to be done with their body in case certain unfortunate things are to happen to them. This leaves their families arguing amongst each other and the hospitals on what is the right thing to do for the patient. Personally, I don’t believe that somebody should be on life support if they can’t even feel,think, or eat on their own.

All it is, is torchering their body by making it stay in one position at all times. For example, the Terri Schiavo case in Florida, she was on a feeding tube for about 15 years because her family believed that she was still conscious of what was going on and was still in a good state of mind. When the autopsy was done on her brain, the damage was worse than anyone had ever imagined and Schiavo had technically been dead for almost 15 years since the time of her accident.

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Reaction to Physician Assisted Suicide Essay
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If Schiavo had made a will covering everything including what to be done with her body if something like this was to happen, it would have saved her husband and family tons of stress, time, and money. I for one, would prefer to be taken off any life support if I was to be in a situation in which I was constantly in pain or not able to do basic functions for myself such as talk, eat,breath, or go to the bathroom. Thats not living a life and therefore physician assisted suicide should be legal in all 50 states because having a body laying in a hospital bed for years upon years isn’t helping anyone, not even the patient or family.


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