Reading as a Hobby Essay

To be able to read means to be able to recognise the letters, symbols and other typographicalmarks and to be able to interpret them correctly so as to understand the written massage. Simple,isn’t it? In this modern country of ours, at least half the total population is able to read. But then, how many poeple actually do read? To answer this question, let us begin with these questions: how many teenagers and adolescents do we find spending time in libraries and bookstores? The International Book Fair is held annually. What kind of turnout do we see?

What number of copies were soldof local and international best-seller in our counry? How long did it take to sell that number of copies? Undoubtedly, even if no exact figures could be arrived at – and regardless of any numbers you could come up with – the answers would most likely lie somehwere between pitiful and pathetic! Rading is not just not the average young person’s (or even adult’s) idea of a pleasant pastime! Many would, instead, prefer to hang out in groups at shopping malls, watch movies, play video games or chat over Internet chat-rooms.

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Reading as a Hobby Essay
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That done with,we now come to the next question:why should we read? READING is a good habit as it empowers the reader with all kinds of information and facts. Some people might claim that they read the dailies without fail and that was enough READING. Unfortunately,this is not true. READING the newspapers daily is good routine, but the newspapers do not and cannot provide everything. There are many other things besides that we have to know. This is where libraries and bookshops come in.

Libraries and large bookshops carry thousands tittles on just about every subject on the face of the earth! These are also the places where the latest books on latest discoveries can be found and not in newspapers. I think though, that parents have to play a crucial role in developing the minds of the young and nurturing the READING habit. The READING habit that was cultivated at a young age bears the best fruits. Parents can get their young children pictures books and nursery rhymes to start off the habit.

Even in some primary schools, pupils are encouraged to read books and sometimes they are asked to write a simple book review on the books they have read. READING also helps pupils to get through thie examination. Additional facts and information can be found in reference books at the school library or the NATIONAL Library. Besides READING for knowledge, it can also be a fun pastime. There are thousands of story books, novels,magazines and comics for our READING pleasure but not a sex comics,magazines or so on.


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