Realism And Idealism In Education Essay

Realism can be defined as a philosophical position that asserts the existence of an objective order of reality and the possibility of human beings gaining knowledge about this reality. Many teachers support the philosophy of realism and it is seen that the realist curriculum is highly valued in the field of present educational system. Realism believes that in order to teach students effectively, an overall curriculum is of utmost importance.

According to Gutted, the Realism’s educational goals Involve litigation of human rationality thorough the organized bodies of knowledge and should frame their choices rationally and should be encouraged to define themselves accordingly. Under the realism philosophy of education, teachers must offer adequate teaching materials to the students based on their developmental levels. The curriculum is usually based by keeping in mind the readiness, maturity and previous learning of the student. The realistic teacher can be the model of an Ideal teacher in today’s educational system.

The realist teacher should command a variety f methods that may include lecture, discussions or experiments and should always use appropriate methods suitable to the learner’s background. Under the Idealist approach one must be clear on the purpose of learning. An idealist teacher is not concerned primarily with turning out students with specific technical or occupational skills, but they try to give the students an inner understanding of the world In which they live.

The curriculum revolves around broad concepts rather than specific skills. Students in elementary and Pre School are encouraged to develop habits of understanding, patience and tolerance. They are Imbibed with the notion that such habits along with hard work will assist them later when they undertake more substantial studies. Well, this does not mean that students cannot learn some important ideas at any age, but the early years of education make the students develop the ability to understand more In-depth work at a later point in their education.

Teachers having idealistic views discourage taking of notes so that the students can concentrate more on the basic ideas. Teachers Hereford use such methods as projects, supplemental activity. Library research and artwork. This illustrates the idealist’s desire to show unity of knowledge and their dislike for random and isolated activities. Idealists believe that true education occurs only within the individual self.

Well, the teachers cannot get Inside the students’ mind, but they can provide materials and activities that influence learning and the response of the learner to these materials and activities constitutes what is called education. Teachers however must realize that they cannot always be present when earning occurs and therefore should encourage students in such a way that learning continues even when the teacher is not present.

The idealist emphasizes the Importance of the teacher who should not only understand the various stages of learning but must also have constant concern about the ultimate purpose of education. In idealism, teachers who are philosophically oriented are preferred so Tanat teen can assert students In choosing Important materials Tort studies. In elastic philosophy, teachers should infuse the students with a desire to improve their thinking in the deepest possible way.

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Realism And Idealism In Education Essay
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