Reasons Behind Joining the Military Essay

There are a lot of graduates fresh out of high schools that make the decision to use the military. There are some people that join the military because that is a fast and easy choice for them. The military gives everyone a wide variety of options. College for instance, the military allows you to serve your country and still have time to attend college and get a degree if you choose to do that. People that choose to join the military get the option to go to college anytime they feel during their military career. The military pays for part or all the tuition. The military has four different branches, Air Force, Army, Navy, and Marines.

Each branch offers different trades. Air Force for example, teaches people to fly, have mechanical skills, computer skills, etc. The military provides benefits for all members. Whether they are active duty, reserve, National Guard, veteran, or a retiree, there are benefits provided for them. For many people that just come out of high school and decide they do not want to go to college, they cannot be on their parents’ insurance. So naturally it is appealing for people to see the option of having insurance not only for themselves, but also it will cover their whole family.

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Reasons Behind Joining the Military Essay
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A lot of people consider this a big comfort knowing they are doing everything they can as well as making sure their families are protected. Many people want to explore the world and see everything that is out there for them to grasp in their minds. One problem that a lot of people run into when they realize they want to travel is they do not have the money for it. Maybe they cannot leave their job because they do not have the vacation time. This is another thing that the military offers that is a big attention grabber to many people’s eye.

The United States has military bases set up all over the world; there are some that we may not even know about. With bases located all around the world our military service men and women see so many parts of the world. If one wanted to travel around the world and not have to pay anything to do it, then the military is the way to go. When people realize that they can travel the world with the military, and have many career options to choose from, they realize that by joining military they would have the opportunity to travel the world doing a job they love.

For some people that have a reason they do not want to go to college right out of high school is because they may be tired of going school. When people look at the economy today, it is tough to get a job that they would want to make a career of without some kind of college credits or even a degree. That is one thing that the military can offer to anyone that does not necessarily want to take that destination in their life. First, they will go to the branch of their choice and attend their boot camp and learning the foundation of the basic knowledge recruits will need to know.

Recruits then go to a school, also called A school, but it is a lot faster than taking the time you would to go to college. It is very similar to fast track classes they offer at college except you will go to school for about a month, learning everything you will need to know about your selected job. Once the recruits graduate from A-School it is time for them to deploy to their first duty station and that is where they begin their career.

When the service members reach the end of their contract to the military it is the members decision on whether or not they will extend that contract and continue their work for the military, or end their military career and start back life in the civilian world, looking for a similar career. Education is one of the greatest benefits of serving in the military. As an active member, veteran, or family member, you have special opportunities that can help provide money for school. The military knows that education is very important and they want to provide it for you, but at your convenience.

A military member has the choice to take college classes during their term or after their service is over. There are many money programs that are offered to military members including the G. I. Bill. With the incentive of not having to go to college, or going to college at their convenience, having your education paid for is a big eye catcher to anyone that may have financial problems. For some people it may not be for the money, it may not even be for the benefits that are offered to them and their whole family. To those special people it is for the pride and the honor that they proudly served their country.

Brave men and women that enlist into the military are the reason why this country is the way it is today. There are a lot of families that the military is a sentimental possession that is passed down through generations. Even though they are offered all the good things like travel, education, a job, and even the competitive pay rates, they just take those things as extras to the honor and pride they have for serving their country and making it a better place. As some see it as a family tradition there is also a fair share of those that see this opportunity as a duty that they owe back to the country.

To some they feel like they are paying their “tithes” as a United States citizen. The military knows that not everyone is the military type, or even the fact that not everyone just wants to be a part of the military just because they want to. That is what gives them the determination and the drive for them to have created these such enticing offers to give to anyone that is willing to take the challenge. Even though this may not be the right path for everyone, it definitely opens up a lot of doors for a whole bunch of people that are looking for a change.

People can join the military for many of reasons, whether it is a decision made because it is all they know or the fact that it is an opportunity of a lifetime. So whether people join because they feel the need for discipline in their life or just want a break from the life they have been living, all of these incentives will make or break the deal between the people thinking about joining the military. Most of all, no matter what their reason is as to why they join, they join knowing that they are going to make a difference in this world and will make lasting effects on many people’s lives.


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