Reasons People Speed Essay

Reasons People Speed Drivers are supposed to abide by the speed limit while driving, but they often exceed it for several reasons. The reasons seem to serious sometimes, but most cases, they seem to funny and ridiculous. Some people go over speed because they are late for work or private appointment. Furthermore, other people do over speed because of their physiological emergency. Every speeding has completely diverse reasons under specific driving circumstances. First, people do over speed intentionally. Most drivers try to believe their car has the best performance, so they want to test it.

In early morning of the weekends, we can find these kinds of cars which race in highway with high engine sound. Also, drivers exceed the speed limit to maintain a traffic stream in highway. If divers are in line of stream in highway, they should maintain a proper distance and follow in front of their car. Maybe, this is safe driving in highway even though it is speeding. Moreover, people try to refresh through speeding. Many people feel free when they drive fast in empty, straight highway. Nowadays, getting more and more people visit speedway and enjoy driving as much as possible because of this reason.

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Reasons People Speed Essay
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Second, people do it unintentionally. Sometimes, they don’t know they are speeding. If people go to an unfamiliar place, they don’t know the speed limit of the streets or highways. Some local roads have different speed limit every each blocks, so if someone who visit here first, they do mistake unexceptionally. In addition, drivers are confused by different measure of speedometer of vehicles they drive. For instance, the speedometer of the U. S cars show “miles” not “kilometers”, so drivers should be careful when they drive an U. S car in Canada.

Because they easy to over speed if they don’t understand the difference of measurement. And rarely happen, drivers lose control because of malfunction of vehicles. This case might be cause to fatal traffic accidents, so lots of motor companies are monitoring and doing voluntarily recall services for the models which are reported unidentified problems. Finally, some people cannot help speeding legitimately. Police officers usually go over speed in emergency situation. Similarly, 911 agents go over speed most of the times with loud noise.

The speeding of these people, government officers, is protected by law. If they pass through the road with high speed, other vehicles should pull over to make them easy to speed up. Besides, ambulance drivers go over speed when they carry or need to pick up urgent patients. There are so many reasons to go over speed whether people do it intentionally or unintentionally, legitimately or illegitimately. But most drivers should follow the speed limit, even though government officers, whatever the reasons are because speeding is still occupying the most dominant portion of traffic accidents in Canada.


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