Reasons Why Teenagers Engage Themselves to Smoking Sample Essay

A. Research Problem:
Reason why adolescents age 13- 18 old ages old from different colleges and universities engage in coffin nail smoke despite its negative effects

B. Aims:
1. To garner information about teenage smoke
2. To carry on studies to both tobacco users and past tobacco users 3. To interview 8 smokers/past tobacco users for the research workers to be able to examine and acquire a much deeper stance about the grounds as to why adolescents smoke. These will be used to back up the study that was conducted. To place reasons/root causes why these adolescents engaged themselves in smoking 4. To create/make generalisations about young person smoke 5. To show to people the grounds as to why adolescents smoke and do them cognizant of the possible root causes.

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Reasons Why Teenagers Engage Themselves to Smoking Sample Essay
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C. Significance of the Survey:
This survey is for the research workers to place and analyse the grounds. and for the people to be cognizant like non-smokers why there are adolescents who smoke. This survey is of import because presents. the population of young person tobacco users is increasing. This is for the pupils of St. Paul Pasig to be familiar with the grounds why there are really people who smoke despite of its disadvantages to one’s wellness and to the environment every bit good. This survey may lend to the solutions about the smoke issues and jobs of today and somehow to do parents/school aware of these facts excessively for them to be able to forestall their kids into being engaged to smoking as it may merely convey unhealthy and negative effects to one’s organic structure. However this survey does non guarantee that one individual would non smoke or would halt smoke after being presented with the facts that will come from this survey.

D. Scope and Restrictions:
This survey aims to separate the grounds why there are people. peculiarly adolescents. who keep on smoking though they know that it is unsafe to one’s wellness. The research workers will be carry oning studies and interviews. 80 tobacco users and past tobacco users ( 40 tobacco users and 40 past tobacco users ) will be given a study while 8 more tobacco users will be interviewed to accomplish an in depth treatment about the grounds they’ll be giving ; the 8 tobacco users to be interviewed are from the 40 tobacco users surveyed. The research workers are besides merely traveling to carry on studies to random adolescents of the age mentioned above and merely from the said topographic points. 40 past tobacco users are to be surveyed because the research workers would desire to compare their grounds with the tobacco users. Their replies will merely be used to back up the replies of the tobacco users. The interview will take topographic point in the school the respondents are from to guarantee safety for both parties. The interview will besides be done for the research workers to be able to examine on the said research job. The failing of this research is that some people who will be given the studies might non reply the inquiries decently ; hence. the research workers will non merely concentrate on the replies given by the respondents but besides on the interview to be conducted. The research workers are besides to utilize their reappraisal of related literature and surveies to back up their thesis.

E. Definition of Footings:
1. Teenagers/Youth – those who started smoking at the age scope of 13-18 old ages old 2. Cool – State in which adolescents feel in front among their equals 3. Research workers – the pupils who are the writers of this thesis 4. Young person Smoking – people who smoke under the age of 18

5. Smokers – tobacco users who started smoking at the age scope of 13-18 6. Past Smokers – those who started smoking at around 13-18 but who already stopped


I. Reasons
Many young person nowadays engage in coffin nail smoke. Their grounds as to why they do so are about all the same. Harmonizing to Dr. Christine Williams of the American Health Foundation in Valhalla. New York ; kids who have parents who smoke are more likely to smoke every bit good as they get bigger. Williams besides states that parents who do non desire their kids to smoke must discontinue themselves. “Children learn what they live. it’s non plenty for parents to state. ‘do what I say and non what I do’ . ” Williams said. She besides believes that advertizements play a really strong function in act uponing the kids. ( Filipino Journal. November 20. 1998 ) “Parents are the individual most of import influence on their children’s determination to smoke. imbibe. or utilize drugs. yet many parents do non to the full understand the extent of their influence. ” ( Philip Morris USA. n. d. ) Kids do understand that smoke is unsafe. but many of them seek it anyhow out of wonder. low self-esteem. equal force per unit area. the demand to set up their ain independent individualities. and to arise against their parents. ( Rodrigo-Cuenca. M. . Philippine Star. p. E-1. August 5. 2003 )

Harmonizing to the book. Peddling Poison: The Tobacco Industry and Kids. Many immature people have the false feeling that the consequence of smoke and other baccy usage are jobs they will merely hold to confront much later in life. Many young person who start smoking think they can discontinue the wont easy. ( Snell. C. . 2005 ) Another ground is related to physical visual aspect. Prof. Arthur Crisp of St. George’s Hospital in London says. “We found important links between smoking and concerns about experiencing fat among school misss 11 to 18 old ages old. ” A bulk of the misss said that they smoked to maintain the lbs ( kgs ) away. This is because misss this age get down to acquire witting of what they look like. One in four admitted that it reduced their appetency for feeding and that they smoked alternatively of eating. ( Filipino Star. August 8. 1998. p. 14 )

II. Effectss
Tobacco fume has serious effects on one’s wellness. Tobacco smoke raises the hazard of bosom disease. malignant neoplastic disease. and other illnesss. It besides weakens your immune system. doing tobacco users much more susceptible to respiratory and lung unwellnesss. It besides affects the map of macrophages in the lung tissue doing the lungs hardly able to destruct diseases and viruses come ining the system. ( Reader’s Digest: Strengthen Your Immune System. 2002 ) Nicotine is the active ingredient of baccy. Peoples who smoke baccy develop a physiological dependence to nicotine. “Research has shown that nicotine increases the flow of the neurotransmitter Dopastat in the encephalon. making enjoyable feelings and a craving to maintain in the blood stream degrees of nicotine that will keep these feelings. ” ( The Columbia Encyclopedia. Sixth Edition. 2007 ) Cigarette smoke is extremely habit-forming. those who say they will discontinue happen it difficult to make so. Although several believe they can halt before they get to the age wherein serious jobs may happen due to their dependence in smoke. ( Smoking. Drinking. and Drug Use in Young Adulthood: The Impacts of New Freedoms and New Responsibilities. 1997. p. 50 )

In the 2007 Global Youth Tobacco Survey. consequences show that 86. 1 per centum among current tobacco users already wanted to discontinue the wont. while 87. 1 per centum have tried to halt during the past twelvemonth of 2007. ( Filipino Star. August 31. 2007. p. 1 ) Harmonizing to the Surgeon General’s Advisory Committee on Health. appointed by the U. S. Public Health Service. tobacco users are at hazard of holding lung malignant neoplastic disease and other diseases like shot. cardiovascular disease. emphysema ( a imperfect disease that normally occurs in concurrence with chronic bronchitis ) . and clogging pneumonic disease. Secondhand tobacco users on the other manus. could besides hold the hazard of acquiring a bosom disease and respiratory jobs if exposed to smoke. It is possible for pregnant adult females to hold a Fetal amendss and for their kids to hold lung disease and asthma if they were exposed to smoke during gestation. ( The Columbia Encyclopedia. Sixth Edition. 2007 ) Smokers refer to smoke as. “An insidious slow signifier of suicide” . Smoke does non merely give us several diseases but it can besides shorten 1s life. It was said that. about 5 ? proceedingss of our lives are loss per coffin nail. For every whiff of coffin nail. energy and income are being consumed. ( High Anxieties: Cultural Surveies in Addiction. 2002. p. 119 )

So far. the research workers already know the most common grounds as to why adolescents smoke. based on literary beginnings. These are: peer force per unit area. when one is influenced or encouraged to smoke by friends or one is prosecuting in smoke because their parents do so and they think it’s alright ; wonder. low self-pride. when you have non much assurance on ego ; and to lose weight.


The research workers will be utilizing the designs interview and study. The study will be conducted to 40 tobacco users and 40 past tobacco users. The study is indispensable for the research workers to be able to come up with a general decision as to why adolescents smoke. The interview will be used to back up the grounds found in the studies answered by the participants. These methodological analysiss are of import for the completion of the thesis. Sampling processs used were Purposive and Convenience Sampling. The group used Purposive Sampling for the study because they have demands that the participants should run into to be in this survey. Convenience Sampling for the interview design because the interviewee and the interviewer should hold the same free clip so that there won’t be any struggles with their agendas. Time Frame

The group didn’t spend a batch of money except the bookbinding “part” . The studies were given to their friends and the friends of their sister/brother. In that manner. they don’t have to travel to different topographic points to carry on studies. Same as for the interview. …… . The interviewees will be 8 tobacco users that range in ages 13-18 old ages old. These interviewees will be from the 40 tobacco users surveyed. The interviewees’ names and replies will be kept confidential for their ain “privacy” . During the continuance of the interview. a picture footage will be done for the research workers to be able to further analyze the qualitative information gathered through the actions. facial looks. etc. of the interviewee.

The followers are the inquiries found in the study questionnaire: A. for the Smoker:
1. How did you foremost come to cognize about smoke?
a. Media. advertizements. etc.
B. Friends
c. Family
d. Environment ( e. g. School. Neighborhood. etc. )
e. Others: __________________
2. Make your parents smoke? Y / N
3. Make you hold siblings/cousins who smoke? Y / N
4. Who/What are the factors that influenced you to get down smoke?

a. Media
B. Peer
c. Family
d. Weight-loss
e. Increase sex entreaty
f. Relieve stress/anxiety
g. It’s cool
h. Others: Please stipulate. _______________

5. What do you get/like from smoking?
a. Relieves Stress
B. Keeps the lbs off
c. I’m more confident
d. It’s merriment.
e. Others: ________________

6. Are you cognizant of the negative effects ( e. g. bosom complaints. malignant neoplastic disease. lung complaints. etc. ) it could give you? a. Yes
B. No
7. Are you besides aware of the negative effects it could do the environment? ( e. g. planetary heating. pollution. etc. ) a. Yes
B. No
8. Make you hold any programs of discontinuing? Y / N
Why/Why non? _______________________________________________________________________________

B. for the Past Smoker:
1. Are you to the full cognizant of its negative effects both to you and to the environment? a. Yes
B. No
2. Why did you prosecute in smoke in the first topographic point?
a. Peer force per unit area
b. Parental influence
c. Self-esteem/ Boost assurance
d. I merely think it’s cool
e. “Benefits” please specify:
• Weight loss/management
• Relieve stress/ anxiousness
• Social position
• Others: ____________________

3. Why did you Stop smoke?
a. I realized it’s bad for my wellness
B. It makes me look unpleasant ( dark lips. xanthous dentition. etc. ) c. I realized that it’s non cool
d. My parents told me to halt
e. My friends told me to halt
f. Others: ____________________________________
4. If given a opportunity. would you still want to travel back to smoke?
a. Yes. Why? _________________________________
B. No. Why? __________________________________

The followers are the inquiries found in the interview agenda: Pre- interview Questions:
Name. Age. Age they started smoking Interview Questions:
1. What grounds made you want to get down smoke? What are the benefits of smoking give you? 2. Make your parents smoke? Do you have relations and friends who besides smoke? 3. Have you been influenced by these people or it’s merely your pick that you want to get down smoke? 4. If so. are you cognizant of the effects that it will give you? Are you non afraid about these effects that will make to your organic structure? Why? 5. If given a opportunity. would you take to discontinue smoke or still go on to smoke? Why?


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