Recruitment and selection Essay

Recruitment and selection- Theory vs. Practice The recruitment and selection process of Cargill PLC (Retail Sector) when compared with the theory party of HRM we do find quit a few difference in them. The difference can be applied in both areas which are the executive level and the non executive level. However, up to a certain point in the recruitment and selection process, the firm follows the theory more in the processes. Identify Vacancy and Evaluate Need This stage the company uses a common set of rule on how to identify the vacancies in the company.

When compared with the theoretical side we find that Cargill follows he common set of rules. First the ensure the find in the required vacancy in the company in each department has the theory explains but in a simpler way for both the executive level and the non executive level. The main difference which cargills follows is when there is a vacancy they have to be approved by the Managing Director and Deputy Chairman through the Deputy General Manager in the early stage itself Job Description . hen we look at the Job description part depending on the vacancy in the department the Job description is been done by the employs in the specific department. This is only conducted after the approval by the Managing Director and Deputy Chairman, when compared with the theory we don’t see a major difference in the stage. We were not given all detail on how the information for the Job analyis and description was obtain but most of the information was been obtain by the employs who work in each department.

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The step in Job analyzed is not been followed here most of the steps are been skipped special step 2 and 3. Recruitment Plan Cargills mainly goes for ousting the employs then internal recruitment. They focus more on advertising through newspaper and also recruiting through internet even hought there are many more methods these are the two what Cargill forces mainly on. When talking about advertising the mainly advertise through media such has newspapers and also they have a few employment agencies. They main form of testing which they conduct is mental, intelligence and personality test.

Selecting and Testing Review Applicants and Develop Short List The review applicants and develop short list will be conducted after the first interview Conduct Interviews There will be two interviews conducted by the panel Select Hire Depending on the final Judgment the right candidate will be hired Finalize Recruitment The duties and the responsibilities will be reviewed at this point. Accor01ng to tne carglll’s recrultlng process, tney nave a sllgnt cnange In tnelr process comparing to the theory.

First they review the applicants and the develop list after they conduct their first interview whereas, in theory it shows that it should be done before the interviews were conducted. In Cargill’s there will be two interviews conducted by the panel. Once the candidates get through the interviews the Judges will inform the selected candidate for the finalize recruitment where the andidate will be given the duties and the responsibilities and will be explained to he/she as its described in the Job description and the interview.

In the interviews the mainly follow panel interview method. The first interview which is mainly with Senior Human Resources Manager, and on occasion the Group Human Resources Manager for non exclusive level and for the exclusive level it with the Divisional Head and the Group HR manager. And the final interview are been done by another panel. All selection are done after the interview depending on the candidates performance and he performance are been measured by their validity in the interview.

The do collect a few required document for the candidate this to ensure to follow the law to make sure the company avoid the legal danger. In Cargill’s they do follow the theoretical side a lot in most of the stages even though not all step are been followed when it come to practices. This can have major effect in the company which can led them with selection the wrong employ to the company they should include more testing methods more interview style in order to understand the candidate more better.


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