Red Scare Essay

I have chosen to speak for myself on this issue where I am being accused of certain ?un-American? activities. I must tell you these so called ?un-american? activities being bestowed on me are completely false. I am quite simply a screen writer. Since nineteen forty-eight, I have been writing for NBC. To this day, I am one of the screenwriters behind the anthology ?Studio One? which airs on CBS. I moved to New York from Oklahoma with dreams of being a well-known screen writter and possibly becoming a director myself. In Oklahoma, I lived in a small Christian town with my family. Since moving to New York City, I have become aquainted with many people. However, none of these people associate or perform these so called ?un-American? activities. These ?un-american? activities I am being accused of consist of me having part in are communistic activites. I am in no way, shape, or form a communist. Allow me to inform you the true definition of communism. Communism is a social structure in which classes are abolished and property is commonly controlled. Political philosophy and social movement are also commonly controlled in the interest of the social structure that I previously mentioned. Was America not formed with the idea that everyone is entitled to their own thoughts? Are those individual thoughts not what made America what it is today? Is America not based on the idea of complete equality? What makes the communistic idea of equality different than that our founding fathers? idea of equality? Karl Marx was a man who in the nineteenth century believed that communism would be the final stage in society. He believed the society would only be achieved through a revolution where the working class tried to overcome the power-holding aristorcrats. This would only be possible after a transitional stage where the productive forces would be over turned leading to a superabundance of goods and services. “Pure communism” ,defined by Karl Marx, is a government style defined by a classless, stateless ,and oppression-free society where decisions on what to produce and what policies to pursue are made democratically, allowing every member of society to participate in the decision-making process in both the political and economic spheres of life. Is this not the style of government America has been striving to become? Throughought my time here in New York, I have only associated myself with people who share my beliefs such as equality among people and an oppresion-free society. The Committee of Un-american Activities have attempted to spin my beliefs and the beliefs of my associates to be communistic beliefs. So you,good people, must delve deep within yourselves and see how your own American beliefs are the same as mine. I have been asked to speak on many different radio stations. The prosecution will attempt to lead you to believe I spoken with alleged communistic interests during my time on the radio. This information is completely false. When I have spoken on the radio, I have mentioned equality among all people. Does succeeded that make me a communist? The idea of equality is one of the top American beliefs. Therefore, does me speaking on the issue of complete equality a communist or an American? Clearly, it makes me an American who believes total equality, achieved in the begging by the abolishment of classes, is an American belief worth discussing!

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