Red Wine Essay

Red vino is a sort of favorite drinks in the universe. it produced by ruddy. blue or violet grapes. When people celebrate and doing a toast to their friends. a cup of ruddy vino is necessary and besides it is the best pick than the other vinos. non merely because it has a long history. but besides it is healthily for people. R. Curtis Ellison. M. D. said: ” Moderate intoxicant ingestion. particularly moderate ruddy vino ingestion. is associated with much lower hazard of bosom disease and shot. prima causes of decease in the United States. ” ( Lewis Perdue. 2004. p1 ) .

Ernest Hemingway said: “Wine is the most civilised thing in the universe. ” ( Ernest Hemingway. 2004. p1 ) . Due to it is produced by grapes without other additives. ruddy vino go a sort of natural and nutritionary drinks. It includes three major foods which are the care of human life and activities: vitamins. protein and sugar. In the alcoholic drinks. it besides contains the higher minerals. in other words. it is better for our castanetss. The PH of ruddy vino is between 2 to 2. 5 and that is similar with stomachic juice of human-being.

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However. ruddy vino besides contains a certain proportion of intoxicant. it can non imbibe excessively much. otherwise it will damage the body’s immune system. increasing chances for malignant neoplastic disease. ( Harmonizing to: Youjia Hand. 2008. p1 ) . All in all. organize R. Curtis Ellison. M. D. Words. a small ruddy vino could assist people construct a strong defense mechanism for the disease. For modern people. imbibing ruddy vino. which is a symbol of wealth and enjoy. Because of its history. a bottle of ruddy vino. people would be 100s yuan and even 1000000s yuan.

Since hundred-thousand old ages ago. worlds begin to doing ruddy vino. and the ruddy wine civilization distributing so far. In ancient Egypt. peculiarly in the countries of the Nile Valley. from the digging of the grave. the archeologists found Ancient Egyptians used oil or vino loaded earth clayware. in Greece there is an ancient cave. the archeologists discovered that there is a alleviation about 2nd century BC on the wall which is a landscape of Apollo and Victoria presented the grape to the God. ( Harmonizing to: WineChina. 2004. p1 ) .

What a long history it has! Red vino is the gift from nature. its history every bit far as humans` civilisation. its nutritions every bit better as chemical pills. When people doing a toast of ruddy vino. either the history monetary value or the wellness. both as the gift to their friends. Mention: Lewis Perdue ( 2004 ) .

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